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Why donate to UNICEF?

Eight reasons for donating to UNICEF’s programmes:

1. Building a better and fairer society depends on guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents.

UNICEF’s mission is to contribute to every child and adolescent in the Dominican Republic getting their rights comprehensively fulfilled, respected and protected, as established by Law 136-03 Code for the System of Protection and the Fundamental Rights of Children and Adolescents.
2. UNICEF is the main global reference point for knowledge about issues affecting children and adolescents and development work for their benefit.

This credibility has evolved as a result of a great deal of work and commitment, through the development and interchange of social technologies in the 191 countries where we have a presence.

3. UNICEF makes a direct contribution to improving the living conditions of children in high-risk situations through technical expertise and financial support.

These are actions that enable the development of good practice and methodologies for encouraging wide-ranging structural changes. These experiences are systematised and disseminated on a large scale by UNICEF when they are implemented through public policies.

In order for us to reach more people and take these good practices to other places we depend on voluntary contributions from people like you.

4.  As well as its international experience and global presence, UNICEF has in-depth knowledge of the real-life situations of Dominican children and adolescents. Since 1952, the year in which the first Basic Cooperation Agreement was signed, UNICEF has helped the Dominican Government, working actively for the fulfilment of children and adolescents’ rights.  More information about UNICEF in the Dominican Republic

5.  UNICEF always works in coordination with institutions and people who are committed and qualified to identify, design and put into practice actions that guarantee the rights of children and adolescents.

6. We work in partnership with universities, civil society, religious groups, governments, artists and celebrities, the media, the private sector, international organisations and people like you. We are certain that together we are stronger.

7. Your donation helps UNICEF in the Dominican Republic to carry out work like the installation of children’s integrated development centres, and promotion of children and adolescents’ participation in municipal councils.

8. By becoming a UNICEF donor you are joining a very special group: people who go beyond just wishing for a more egalitarian society by playing a social role.
You’ll receive regular information on how our resources are being used and how your donation is helping Dominican children. It is a reliable way for you to express your solidarity and to make a difference to the lives of Dominican children and adolescents.

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