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UNICEF receives donation for promoting education in Haiti

Recently VICINI, its administered and associated companies, and the INICIA Foundation handed UNICEF’s Dominican Republic office a major donation to be spent on aid programmes in Haiti, with special emphasis on the education sector.

In February, the INICIA Foundation made a significant contribution of US$250,000 to UNICEF, and at the end of March it added RD$120,116 and US$28,669, funds raised and paid into bank accounts opened by the INICIA Foundation in the BHD, León and Popular Banks, to be spent on the aid programme that was set up after the Haitian tragedy.

During the event, INICIA president Amelia Vicini thanked the thousands of people, in the country as well as overseas, who had expressed their solidarity with the Haitian cause by channelling their support through the accounts opened by the INICIA Foundation.

The funds that were raised were substantially increased by INICIA to a total of one million dollars, of which US$250,000 was handed over to UNICEF for educational programmes for Haitian children whose schools were affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

Meanwhile, Mr. Aguilar, interim UNICEF Representative in the country thanked Vicini and the INICIA Foundation for this initiative of donating their own funds and others contributed by thousands of Dominicans through these bank accounts.

He also said that the funds would be spent on ensuring that thousands of Haitian children received their right to education.

Together with the Haitian government, UNICEF is promoting teaching spaces and has committed to supplying educational and recreational materials so that 200,000 children may return to school on April 1st.

This donation is part of a set of initiatives established by VICINI, its administered and associated companies, and the INICIA Foundation, in solidarity with the recovery and reconstruction of Haiti.

The handover of the donation took place during an event held at the VICINI offices, which was also attended by Miguel Santos and Claudia Amarante from the INICIA Foundation, VICINI’s Corporate Communications Director Eduardo Valcárcel, UNICEF consultant on private sector alliances Lidia Pereira, and UNICEF Communications Officer Patricia García, among others.

Santo Domingo, 7th April 2010



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