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Make the difference with UNICEF cards and gifts!

Through the sale of greeting cards and gifts, UNICEF makes permanent changes in the lives of children all over the world. With your support and our global presence we can provide millions of children with medical attention as well as other services to improve their lives, at any time, including emergencies.

The Collection of Cards and Gifts 2008 include an exquisite mixture of flashy traditional and contemporary designs of cards, and innovative ideas for gifts, carefully selected to satisfy each of your needs.

The profit derived from the sale of these products is used to support UNICEF Programme of Cooperation in the country.  The 2008 Campaign aims at contributing to provide children with their Birth Cerificates.  The statistics show that 22% of children born in the last five years lack this important document which prevents their entrance to the educative system, delaying their development opportunities.

Likewise, UNICEF supports HIV/AIDS prevention, especially among children and adolescents, and also promotes the creation of protective environments against child abuse, mistreat and exploitation.  The child right to survival, to reach an integral development, and to receive family care, since first childhood, is also promoted.

Your purchase will make a great difference this Christmas because it will produce real benefits to Dominican children. With each UNICEF card you send, you will be sending out a message of life.





UNICEF Cards & Gifts 2008 Collection

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