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Funding for the programme of cooperation

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UNICEF’s technical and financial cooperation with the Dominican Government and Dominican society receives funding from several sources. The regular resources are UNICEF’s own funds that are assigned to all the countries that have programmes of cooperation, following a number of criteria including: the population of children under the age of five, the mortality rate among under-fives and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.

This calculation methodology means that as a particular country improves its economic development and children’s living conditions, the amount of regular resources it is assigned is reduced. The regular resources assigned to the Dominican Republic are used in the implementation of programme activities and in covering the operational costs of the Programme of Cooperation.

UNICEF also receives financial support from several donors for additional resources and specific projects, in the framework of the strategies defined in the programmes of cooperation, and based on technical proposals.

The UNICEF National Committees active in most industrialised countries, are an important source of regular as well as additional financial resources. These committees organise a range of fundraising campaigns and activities such as artistic shows and sporting events to raise funds for UNICEF’s programmes.

The UNICEF National Committees that have provided most support for the Dominican Republic in the last four years are Germany, Spain, United States and Finland.

Governments and multilateral funding agencies also support UNICEF with regular resources, as well as specific initiatives. The governments of Japan, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States have provided significant support for UNICEF’s initiatives in the Dominican Republic.

In Latin America, including the Dominican Republic, UNICEF has been building partnerships with the private sector, whose support for activities aimed at fulfilling children and adolescent rights has been increasing progressively.

The sale of greeting cards and other items also contributes to UNICEF’s funds in the Dominican Republic.

Raising additional funds is essential for the fulfilment of UNICEF’s mission in the country. With this aim, a partnership strategy that links promotion of children’s and adolescents’ rights, UNICEF’s contribution to the fulfilment of these rights and the resources needed to achieve these goals has been conceived.


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