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UNICEF and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

How can you support UNICEF?

Funding for the programme of cooperation

Good Will Embassadors and personalities support UNICEF


How can you support UNICEF?

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Have you ever thought about becoming a UNICEF partner in defending the rights of Dominican children and adolescents?

When you make a contribution to programmes supported by UNICEF, you’re helping children and adolescents all over the country.

There are several ways of helping to guarantee every child or adolescent’s right to develop, learn, grow up without violence, protect themselves from HIV and/or AIDS and be treated as a top priority in public policies.

You can choose the best way of making a personal contribution to our programmes through monthly or one-off donations, by purchasing cards and gifts or other actions conducted in partnership with institutions and companies that are committed to defending and guaranteeing the rights of Dominican children.

UNICEF also offers companies the opportunity to join our select group of corporate partners. With the knowledge, credibility and influence acquired over more than six decades of existence, UNICEF helps its corporate partners obtain more effective and sustainable results in the sphere of children and adolescence through their social responsibility agendas.

Why donate to UNICEF?

How are our programmes funded?

How does UNICEF DR fund its Programme of Cooperation?

How can I contribute as an individual?
Make a donation
Wills and Legacies
Buy UNICEF gifts or cards.

UNICEF and its commitment to CSR
How to contribute as a UNICEF partner company?
Why become a partner company?
I want to become a partner!
Dominican companies in partnership with UNICEF
Goodwill ambassadors and celebrities supporting UNICEF
Work Placements with UNICEF
We currently have two openings for recruiting interns
• Area of Communication (for final year social communication students)
• Documentation Centre (for final year students of library science or related masters or diplomas)
For more details of requirements and terms of references for these vacancies, please contact us!





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