Register me and you will open lots of doors

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The “Register me and you’ll open many doors” campaign aims to promote knowledge, exchange of ideas and generate debate within a range of sectors about the importance of obtaining birth certificates in a timely manner for newborn babies. It also strives to start a process of social mobilisation aimed at bringing about the broadest possible participation of all the national actors in pursuit of creating favourable conditions for registering undocumented children.

It is sponsored by the National Commission for the Right to a Name and a Nationality, which includes the National Children’s Council (CONANI), the Central Electoral Board (JCE), the Ministries of Education and Health, CEDAIL, World Vision, Plan International and UNICEF.

Its target audience consists of community organisations, housewives’ associations, human rights committees, parents and friends of the school associations, non-governmental organisations, professional associations (doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers) public hospitals and private clinics.

It also includes local municipal authorities and mayors, high school students, communications media, government entities and children and adolescents.

Campaign phases:
The first phase, which was accompanied by World Vision, campaigned in the areas of Guarícanos, Sabana Perdida, Villa Altagracia, El Seibo, Fundación, the bateys (Barahona), Los Ríos,  Las Clavellinas, Galván, El Salado (Bahoruco), Jimaní, Postrer Río, La Descubierta, El Limón (Independencia), Río Limpio, Pedro Santana, Pashutico, Guayajayuco (Elías Piña), Restauración and Loma de Cabrera (Dajabón).

Work during this phase concentrated on the educational process and on mobilising local protection networks for children and adolescents’ rights, parents, teachers, civil registry officials and mayors, and journalists, using leaflets, flyers and posters. In addition, information broadcasts by television channels and radio stations enabled the campaign to reach the general public.
The second phase, which is currently under way, aims to reach most of the municipalities in the country. As part of the dissemination and work at community level, training will be provided for young people, volunteers and health service personnel about the correct use of the campaign’s educational materials. The radio and television campaign will be broadcast from as many national stations as possible, with the support of the First Lady’s Office.

Two posters, an explanatory leaflet, a gatefold leaflet and a flier have been produced, with the slogan “Register me and you’ll open many doors”.

Using a comic strip format, the educational leaflet outlines the steps needed for getting a birth certificate, an essential document in everyone’s life. The leaflet includes basic information about getting the document for a newborn baby and for over-16s. It is an ideal tool for use with community groups.

The gatefold leaflet is laid out in a very simple style, listing the four basic steps for obtaining a birth certificate for both timely and late registration. It is aimed at fathers, mothers and guardians.

The fliers and the posters are general information materials and are distributed to schools, hospitals, courthouses, family affairs chambers in judicial departments, and other places.






Campaign Resources

All the educational and audio-visual campaign resources are only available in Spanish.

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