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Training in Trade and Trafficking for Judges and Public Prosecutors

Santo Domingo.- In early January, the first training session in Trade and Trafficking in Persons was held for Dominican Prosecutors and Judges so that they may serve as multipliers for the rest of the officials who work in the justice system.

Thirty-five legal officials took part in this event, which was organised and monitored by the National Judiciary School and the National Public Prosecutors School, with the support of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

As academic institutions within the Justice system, the National Judiciary School and the National Public Prosecutors School are responsible for designing and implementing relevant and pertinent educational activities aimed at overcoming training deficiencies among the justice officials who manage this system’s jurisdictional and administrative functions.

The purpose of the session was to transmit theoretical knowledge and practical tools that make it possible to analyse violations of the victims’ human rights, the impunity of those responsible and of those who take part in the crimes outlined in the international regulations and in Law 137-03 on Illicit Trafficking of Migrants and Trade in Persons.

It also tackled the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime and complementary protocols: a) Against Illegal Trafficking in Migrants by Land, Sea and Air and b) To Prevent, Repress and Sanction the Trade in Persons, especially women and children and other regulatory dispositions, which serve as a basis for guaranteeing human rights.

The workshop was facilitated by Lourdes Margarita Barboza from Paraguay and Gloria Guzmán from Colombia as international teachers, and by Manuel Acosta and Jonathan Baro, National District Prosecutors, and by Juan Aníbal Rodríguez, President Judge of the Children and Adolescents’ Court of Appeal of the Judicial Department of Santiago de los Caballeros, as national teachers.

January 2011
Contribution by Dorina López




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