Our partners and allies


Our partners and allies

Creating a world and a country fit for children to live in requires the creation of alliances involving all the governments, individuals and organisations that share the United Nations’ values and respect for the rights of the child. To achieve the country programme’s goals and objectives, UNICEF-Santo Domingo works and builds alliances with a wide range of partners and allies.

The main partners are the government and state bodies that are responsible for the planning and implementation of the programme of cooperation, together with other allies. UNICEF-Santo Domingo also works with non-governmental organisations - NGOs - and civil society organisations that support or carry out specific activities in the programme of cooperation.

As part of the United Nations System, UNICEF works together and coordinates its activities with all the system’s agencies working in the country. The process of formulating the United Nations System cooperation framework (UNDAF), carried out between the government and the UNS, constitutes the strategic framework for this joint work. UNICEF also works in conjunction with other multilateral agencies (and bilateral agencies) with the aim of coordinating the support provided to certain sectors.

In order to implement the country programme, UNICEF-Santo Domingo receives funds from several Governments and in some cases provides technical cooperation for the implementation of activities with these countries’ bilateral cooperation agencies.

The UNICEF National Committees are a network of organisations established in industrialised countries to support UNICEF’s work worldwide and to raise funds. In some cases the committees support specific projects in certain countries, such as in the case of the Dominican Republic.

Other allies and partners include churches, the communications media, the commercial/private sector and educational institutions.



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