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Swim Across the Continents recieves support from Papua

© UN/Papua/Pedro Guerra/2010

The Governor-General of the Island of Papua New Guinea, Sir Paul Matane, received yesterday afternoon at his residence of Port Moresby to Marcos Diaz, who starts his SWIM ACROSS THE CONTINENTS in this nation of the Pacific.

The Dominican athlete was accompanied by the Dominican Ambassador in India, Mr. Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, who coordinated the encounter by the corresponding Diplomatic channels.

The chief executive of Papua New Guinea was interested in the project of the Dominican athlete, and mentioned to be committed with Millennium Development Goals supported by the UN.

Swim Across the Continents is focused in promoting the importance of accomplishing these eight objectives in all the nations of the world. The Governor was also very thankful for the promotion that his country will receive and content for having chosen Papua New Guinea as the starting point. Also, admired the promotion that his country will have in all the corners of the world where this event will be promoted.

On the other hand Dominican Ambassador, Hans Dannenberg Castellanos transmitted a greeting from the Dominican President, Leonel  Fernandez, the Chancellor Carlos Morales Troncoso and the whole of the Dominican nation.

Papua New Guinea and Dominican Republic are both part of the regional block of the ACP (Africa / the Caribbean and Pacific),as well as the SMALL ISLAND STATES of the United Nations.

Sir Paul Matane is author of more than 40 books and a very admired person in Papua New Guinea. Said tha hopes to formalize the Diplomatic relations between Papua New Guinea and Dominican Republic to strengthen the bows of friendship that has initiated Marcos Diaz with its project , and to continue uniting to the Caribbean with the Pacific, with majors diplomatic, commercial and cultural interchanges.



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