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Mid-Term Review (MTR): Dominican Republic Programme of Cooperation 2007-2011

Introduction and context
In the framework of the Programme of Cooperation between the Dominican Republic Government - UNICEF 2007-2011, the Government and UNICEF subscribed to the Country Programme Plan of Action (CPAP), which establishes the expected results, strategies and activities that will be implemented during the period lasting between 1 January 2007 and 31 December 2011. In this process it is planned, as well as annual review meetings with the main counterparts, the implementation of a Mid-Term Review (MTR) halfway through the cooperation period, in 2009. For this purpose, it is proposed to conduct a participative review process, with the active involvement of government institutions, civil society and cooperation agencies, especially the United Nations system.

Purpose of the MTR
The Mid-Term Review is a structured, rigorous and consensual process between the Dominican Republic Government and UNICEF dealing with the performance and relevance of the Country Programme. Its main purpose it to verify and evaluate its strategic contribution to the respect, protection and fulfilment of children and adolescents’ rights in the Dominican Republic, taking any necessary corrective measures for the second half of the Country Programme and making strategic recommendations for the second five-year cooperation cycle.

MTR Process
The Mid-Term Review consists of the following activities:

• Situation analysis of children and adolescents’ rights

• Participative review of the Country Programme: thematic and geographic

• Preparation of Studies and evaluations of specific programmes

• Mid-Term Management Review

• Mid-Term Review national synthesis workshop




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