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In recognition of the great importance of the communication media’s work across the country, and as a way of facilitating access to a range of information about the work of the organisation and its partners, our Press Centre section compiles the most recent Press Releases issued by UNICEF-Santo Domingo (available only in Spanish), as well as speeches (Spanish)  made by the Representative at recent events and activities.

From the Representative’s Desk is a section with comments, reflections and short articles written by Tad Palac, UNICEF’s Representative in Santo Domingo, which cover a range of issues related to the projects that make up the current UNICEF-Dominican Government Programme of Cooperation 2007-2011.

It also includes personal contacts and other ways of accessing information about UNICEF’s work in Latin America and worldwide.

For information about publications produced by our office and/or Communications and Social Mobilisation Campaigns run by UNICEF and our partners, please refer to our Resources section. (See lower menu bar).



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