Since 1952, UNICEF, through its Programme of Cooperation, works closely with the Dominican Government and other allies in order to guarantee the fulfilment and promotion of the rights of all children and adolescents in the country.


Support in regular and emergency situations for essential health, nutrition, water and sanitation programmes, and for young child and maternal care at the family, community and policy levels.


To improve the quality and coverage of early education and the primary and secondary school learning; to reduce the secondary school dropout rate and to ensure an inclusive education system.

Child Protection

Strengthening capacities and responses to prevent and protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse, neglect and the effects of conflict.

Knowledge Management

Putting children at the centre of policy, legislative and budgetary provisions in order to carry out advocacy work in the best interests of children.

HIV/AIDS and Children

Emphasis on care and services for children orphaned and vulnerable by HIV/AIDS; promoting expanded access to treatment for children and women and preventing infections among children and adolescents.

Preventing and Responding to Emergencies

UNICEF´s role in emergencies is to protect children and women, ensure the rigorous application of international standards covering their rights and provide them with assistance. 


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