Funding Compendium 2020

Analyses of contributions from public and private sector resource partners to UNICEF

A Woman holding her baby at a health center in Kinshasa, DR Congo


UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. We rely on the commitment of our partners to bring life-saving support to children and their families.

The Funding Compendium 2020 contains financial information on contributions to UNICEF from public and private sector resource partners. It outlines the various funding streams to UNICEF, including Regular Resources, thematic, earmarked, and emergencies.

In 2020, UNICEF’s overall income was $7.2 billion. Regular Resources were central to UNICEF’s ability to achieve a sustainable impact for children globally. Together with our partners, we made a remarkable difference to the situation of children worldwide.


  • 30.5 million live births were delivered in health facilities.
  • Over 48 million out-of-school children participated in early learning, primary or secondary education.
  • 6 million adolescent girls received prevention and care interventions to address child marriage. 
  • 17 million additional people gained access to safe drinking water.
  • Over 130 million children and young people were reached by.


In 2021, UNICEF will continue to rely on your flexible and predictable funding to reverse the impact of the pandemic and get us back on track to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals for every child and young person, everywhere.

A Woman holding her baby at a health center in Kinshasa, DR Congo
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