Can peer-to-peer approaches help unconnected girls benefit from digital solutions?

Insights from peer-to-peer programmes

Young girls gathered around a mobil device to learn


This evidence brief explores the opportunity for using peer-to-peer approaches to reach girls with limited or no access to mobile phones with an educational digital platform. The primary objective was to determine whether these approaches could be employed with the Oky menstruation education app to improve the knowledge and skills of unconnected girls living in remote areas. A desk review of programmes that use peer-to-peer strategies alongside digital tools yielded valuable insights.

These findings have played a significant role in shaping the development of the Oky peer-to-peer programme, which was piloted in Indonesia and is now planned for implementation in other deployment countries. Learnings from this peer-to-peer investigation are shared in this brief in the hope they may help other initiatives increase participation of girls in digital and contribute to narrowing of the gender digital divide.

Two girls using a mobile device
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