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6 ways UNICEF helped change lives in 2017
28 December 2017 with video

How mothers and community leaders tackled malnutrition in Mali
18 December 2017

How girls built a library in the Gaza Strip
18 December 2017

How visiting nurses help prevent child deaths in Kazakhstan
14 December 2017

Surviving HIV: Preventing mother-to-child transmission in Burundi
07 December 2017

The search for Lesotho’s most vulnerable families
27 November 2017

The heroes keeping the water flowing for families in eastern Ukraine
20 November 2017

How toilets are saving lives and money in Afghanistan
16 November 2017

A warmer winter for refugee children in Serbia
14 November 2017

Making childbirth safer in South Sudan
08 November 2017

Mothers fight malnutrition in Burkina Faso, one child at a time
08 November 2017

Striving for uninterrupted learning for every child in Mali
07 November 2017

Investing in better care during babies' first days is saving lives in Kyrgyzstan
02 November 2017

Mobile medical teams provide a lifeline for children in Yemen
15 October 2017

Hurricane Maria aftermath: Children's education on hold in Dominica
11 October 2017

Stolen childhood: Gang violence in El Salvador
06 October 2017

Rohingya refugee crisis: Children trapped in limbo and deprived of their basic rights
27 September 2017 with video

Agents of change: Children in Lesotho bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities
26 September 2017

‘The night the sea rose’: Families from Barbuda and Cuba reflect on surviving Hurricane Irma
22 September 2017

Communities make children’s early learning possible in Timor-Leste
22 September 2017

The long and dangerous path to school in eastern Ukraine
20 September 2017

Ending child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone
18 September 2017

UNICEF Executive Board session closes emphasizing strong partnerships for every child
17 September 2017

Cash assistance helps Syrian children with disabilities to pursue their dreams
13 September 2017

Antiguans and Barbudans unite to recover from Hurricane Irma’s destruction
12 September 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, families flee the ravaged island of Barbuda ahead of the next storm
08 September 2017

In one of El Salvador’s most dangerous neighbourhoods, a father creates a brighter future for his children
07 September 2017

Nepalese communities confront flood aftermath
06 September 2017

How a boy and inclusive education changed an entire community in Serbia
29 August 2017

Clean water changes lives in a town in South Sudan
25 August 2017

4 things you need to know about water and famine
24 August 2017

Child-friendly spaces offer respite for Raqqa’s displaced children
22 August 2017

Africa's first humanitarian drone corridor launched in Malawi
22 August 2017

Gaza children face acute water and sanitation crisis
18 August 2017

Floods affect millions in Bangladesh, India and Nepal
18 August 2017

Mobilizing communities to fight a severe cholera outbreak in South Sudan
17 August 2017

Back to school: Afghan teenager in Serbia aims to fulfil her dreams
15 August 2017

A Syrian doctor’s determination in the face of violence and displacement
14 August 2017

Children under attack in Yemen: Hameed’s story
11 August 2017

In Turkey, country-wide vaccinations help Syrian refugee children stay healthy
09 August 2017

A champion for breastfeeding in Côte d'Ivoire
07 August 2017

A father from the start: Promoting early childhood development in Cuba
02 August 2017

In east Aleppo, clinics on wheels keep children healthy
01 August 2017

How promoting breastfeeding helped a village in Mali drastically reduce child stunting
31 July 2017

The Dominican Republic’s invisible children
27 July 2017

In search of safety: South Sudanese children travel alone to reach refugee camps in Darfur
26 July 2017

Poverty drives child labour in Gaza
20 July 2017

Families in despair as cholera outbreak spreads across Yemen
18 July 2017

Landmines pose the latest threat to children in Raqqa
11 July 2017

Fathya and the army of volunteers combating cholera in Yemen
05 July 2017

UNICEF Ethiopia and Somalia join forces to reach severely malnourished children with life-saving treatment
30 June 2017

Thousands of community health workers bring lifesaving services to mother and baby in rural Sierra Leone
29 June 2017

Falling through the cracks: Yemen’s forgotten children in a cholera crisis
23 June 2017

In Angola, a refugee centre offers new hope for a boy who lost his family
20 June 2017

Annual Session of UNICEF Executive Board closes with focus on field visits and equity
19 June 2017 with video

Meet a health surveillance assistant with a heart to serve in Malawi
15 June 2017 with video

Lives improved, lives saved: UNICEF Executive Board reflects on progress made and challenges ahead
14 June 2017 with video

Violence and displacement stalk children in Raqqa
08 June 2017

Fighting famine in Aweil, South Sudan, as acute malnutrition rates continue to rise
07 June 2017

Palestinian children with disabilities are determined to learn
02 June 2017

Using data to improve education in Angola
31 May 2017

In Kyrgyzstan, girls lift shroud of shame on menstruation
24 May 2017

One year on: a community in Darfur built from the ashes
24 May 2017

Children of Yemen are in the grip of the second cholera outbreak in six months
22 May 2017

Myanmar children in a Kachin camp hope for peace
19 May 2017

A new life after spending teen years in Myanmar army
18 May 2017

Broken sanctuary: attacks on schools in Myanmar
18 May 2017

"Some days I just have to listen": A family therapist works with Syrian refugees in Turkey
12 May 2017

A Syrian physician brings personal experience to polio immunization campaign
10 May 2017

Water, sanitation and hygiene: the basics of infection control in Sierra Leone
08 May 2017

In El Salvador, a teenager worries about raising her child in a climate of violence
04 May 2017

In Yemen, a young girl overcomes adversity to excel in school
01 May 2017

Displaced Syrian mothers confront hardship with determination
27 April 2017

In Romania, a teacher’s care helps shape her students’ future
26 April 2017

In Namibia, a new mother brings early childhood development to her community
25 April 2017

Malawi hunger crisis forces teenage girls to sell sex
20 April 2017

In Cuba, getting children back into classrooms after Hurricane Matthew
20 April 2017

In Damascus, water cuts and crumbling sewage systems pose serious health risks
13 April 2017

Scoring goals for peace in Iraq
11 April 2017

Healing emotional wounds from conflict in eastern Ukraine
06 April 2017

In Sierra Leone, new hospital facilities help save mothers' lives
05 April 2017

UNICEF seawater desalination plant helps head off Gaza water crisis
04 April 2017

Innovative cash transfer programme supports Syrian children with disabilities
03 April 2017

In Kenya, severe drought threatens to leave 4 million food insecure
30 March 2017

Unsung heroes: Vaccinators climb mountains to save children’s lives in Yemen
27 March 2017

Fighting famine in a race against time
27 March 2017

Hundreds of thousands affected by devastating floods in Peru
25 March 2017

Amid conflict and food insecurity in Yemen, a young girl fights for her life
22 March 2017

Meet the teenagers in Brazil’s urban centres who are taking charge of their future
22 March 2017

Averting famine and saving lives in South Sudan
20 March 2017

A place called home: looking after Syrian children who have lost their families
18 March 2017

Sirens and bomb shelters: Going to school in eastern Ukraine
14 March 2017

Basement schools provide safety and vital continuity for Syrian children under siege
14 March 2017

Nyankena’s story: Fighting malnutrition and hoping for a peaceful future in South Sudan
13 March 2017

“Wherever we went, death followed us”: A Syrian family’s tragedy
09 March 2017

Response and prevention: battling cholera in Haiti
09 March 2017

In Mali, preschool and super parents help young children flourish
06 March 2017

Vitamin enriched flour to help prevent birth defects in Kyrgyzstan
03 March 2017

A look inside Belize’s first child-friendly family court
02 March 2017

The dual threat of Boko Haram and malnutrition in north-east Nigeria
24 February 2017

Helping Sierra Leone’s newborns survive and grow
21 February 2017

In Yemen, fighting to survive in a country plagued by malnutrition
13 February 2017

Social aid brings renewed hope to families in Romania
10 February 2017

In Kenya, a mother leads the movement to stop FGM in her community
09 February 2017

Results for children: UNICEF Executive Board adopts road map to the Strategic Plan, 2018–2021
09 February 2017

UNICEF approach key to achieving results for children and building peace
08 February 2017 with video

Two Syrian sisters back in school after losing three years of education
08 February 2017

Working with children to build peace in Palestinian communities
06 February 2017

Children left vulnerable after heavy fighting in Ukraine
03 February 2017

What you need to know about female genital mutilation
02 February 2017

In Yemen, conflict and poverty exacerbate child malnutrition
30 January 2017

School helps children in eastern Ukraine cope with stress of armed conflict
25 January 2017

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon at risk of child labour, missing out on education
23 January 2017

Pursuing education in the face of the Syrian conflict: Manar’s story
20 January 2017

Syrian children forced to quit school, marry early to survive
19 January 2017

Child protection services in Cuba: Jorge's story
18 January 2017

Achieving justice for child victims of sexual violence in Sierra Leone
13 January 2017

How a new app streamlines care for vulnerable families in Romania
13 January 2017

Syrian children suffer as taps run dry in Damascus
12 January 2017

2016 in review: UNICEF’s impact in five of the most dangerous crises
11 January 2017 with video

Mother of three in Georgia struggles to make ends meet
10 January 2017

Hurricane Matthew three months on: Life for Haiti's children
09 January 2017

Fun relief for children in north-east Nigeria
30 December 2016

Children displaced from east Aleppo: distressed, injured, alone
29 December 2016

After years of conflict, schools reopen and hope returns to Fallujah
21 December 2016

In Nigeria, newly accessible areas reveal scale of crisis
21 December 2016

From shoemaker to student: Aleppo teenager goes back to school
19 December 2016

In Guinea-Bissau, teenagers sing the praises of handwashing
15 December 2016 with video

Children design the school of their dreams in the Gaza Strip
14 December 2016

400,000 children in north-east Nigeria at risk of severe acute malnutrition
13 December 2016

Winter is the latest threat to children in conflict-ridden Aleppo
12 December 2016

Measles outbreak poses new threat to children in Somalia
12 December 2016

Social services in Romania give a young mother a helping hand
08 December 2016

In the face of Hurricane Matthew, disaster risk reduction saves lives in Cuba
06 December 2016

In Kyrgyzstan, promoting community care for children with disabilities
01 December 2016

World AIDS Day 2017: Global AIDS targets won't be met unless progress accelerates
30 November 2016 with video

Foster families in Haiti: One girl’s story
29 November 2016

Underground amusement park gives Syrian children chance to play
25 November 2016

Georgia’s children with disabilities struggle against stigmatization
23 November 2016

PrEP: Testing new solutions for better outcomes in HIV prevention
23 November 2016

From Boko Haram captive to children's teacher: Femi's inspiring story
22 November 2016

For one child education is solution to Yemen violence
22 November 2016

Youth are key actors for peace in Burundi
21 November 2016

SMS reporting saves lives in Sierra Leone
21 November 2016

Nigeria’s ‘Iron Lady’ of water and sanitation
18 November 2016

Syrian families flee fighting in Raqqa area, as humanitarian needs increase
17 November 2016

Modu’s big dreams: Back to school in north-east Nigeria
17 November 2016

Back to school in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
16 November 2016

First UNICEF-led interagency aid convoy reaches Mosul
15 November 2016

Unconditional cash grants are a lifeline for a mother in Yemen
15 November 2016

Water cuts add to the daily challenge of survival for Aleppo’s children
13 November 2016

From troubled past to bright future: A new start for vulnerable adolescents in Kosovo
10 November 2016

Small Grants initiative brings new ideas to life in eastern Ukraine
09 November 2016

Combatting severe acute malnutrition in Phnom Penh’s vulnerable communities
08 November 2016

Iraqi families flee Mosul, seeking refuge across the Syrian border
07 November 2016

Working with communities to curb malnutrition in Sierra Leone
03 November 2016

Learning without limits: Inclusive education gives children room to grow in Cuba
02 November 2016

School in a cave gives Syrian children a safe learning environment
01 November 2016

In Angola, keeping yellow fever cases at zero
31 October 2016

Displaced children in Iraq tell their stories
26 October 2016

Community kindergartens address preschool education gap in Kyrgyzstan
25 October 2016

The fight against cholera in Yemen
24 October 2016

In Cambodia, bringing essential care to children and mothers in remote communities
24 October 2016

Yearning for a better future in the Syrian Arab Republic
21 October 2016

Protecting children from violations and abuse in Gaza
21 October 2016

Meet the uprooted children and families of Borno State, Nigeria
19 October 2016

In eastern Aleppo, going to school is a challenge
14 October 2016

Living in peace: Community engagement for child protection in Rakhine State
12 October 2016

Helping communities in Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew
11 October 2016

In South Africa, Techno Girl opens doors in science and technology
10 October 2016

A day in the life of a teacher in Ethiopia
04 October 2016

In Yemen, a mother’s determination keeps her children in school
03 October 2016

Community leaders unite against malnutrition in Burundi
30 September 2016

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, protecting and empowering children with albinism in schools
26 September 2016

What next for Nigeria’s children?
22 September 2016

Preventing measles and rubella in Namibia's remote communities
20 September 2016

Executive Board reflects on results achieved in 2016, with an eye towards Agenda 2030
18 September 2016

Executive Board session opens with Executive Director’s call for a focus on results
15 September 2016 with video

A healthy start for babies born in displacement camps in Iraq
15 September 2016

From sitting on the floor to the top of the class in Yemen
15 September 2016

With 10 new stations, radio reach expands in rural Guinea
14 September 2016

In Namibia, ‘Little Bugs’ brings early childhood development to the desert
12 September 2016

In Greece, a family split apart by border closures in desperate bid to reunite
06 September 2016

Life returns to parts of conflict-ridden Borno
30 August 2016

When cleanliness nears godliness in Bhutan
29 August 2016

The miracle of Dzawandai, Cameroon
23 August 2016

Education under fire: Schools in Aleppo damaged in renewed fighting
18 August 2016

'Xô Zika!' Children on the front line of Zika virus vector control in Campina Grande, Brazil
18 August 2016

A race against time to stop the spread of polio in Nigeria
17 August 2016

In Ghana, including all children in the classroom
16 August 2016

Transforming the lives of Indonesian children with early childhood education
11 August 2016

A day in the life of a community midwife in Yemen
10 August 2016

Preparing for the deluge, a camp in Iraq is quickly built from scratch
09 August 2016

Averting a major health crisis in Yemen’s capital city
03 August 2016

In Guinea-Bissau, exclusive breastfeeding protects the lives of infants and mothers
02 August 2016

Children in Aleppo threatened by new intense fighting and denial of life-saving aid
02 August 2016

In South Sudan, child malnutrition worsens as conflict hinders response
01 August 2016

In drought-stricken Ethiopia, stopping measles in its tracks
28 July 2016

Safe havens: Burundi’s re-education centres protect formerly detained children
27 July 2016

Syrian children’s courage for education offers hope amid grim realities
25 July 2016

Back to school after fighting in Yemen’s conflict
22 July 2016

Supporting children distressed by fighting in South Sudan
21 July 2016

In Ghana, a long overdue ‘place of convenience’ for an entire community
20 July 2016

In Sierra Leone, saving lives with early infant diagnosis of HIV
19 July 2016

In Tanzania, child protection systems keep children safe from harm
18 July 2016

“Camps have become a way of life” for families fleeing violence in South Sudan
16 July 2016

In Bangladesh, children bear the brunt of Cyclone Roanu
08 July 2016

In Serbia, building confidence through music
07 July 2016

Fighting malnutrition in Pakistan with a helping hand from children abroad
07 July 2016

Escaping violence in South Sudan: Lives uprooted, families torn apart
06 July 2016

In Vanuatu, children with disabilities recover and thrive one year after the cyclone
05 July 2016

In North Darfur, Child Friendly Spaces bring happiness and stability in the shadow of conflict
05 July 2016

For internally displaced in South Darfur, finding water is a new challenge
05 July 2016

In Kosovo, a second chance for vulnerable children
30 June 2016

A seven-year ordeal: A street child’s experience in Burundi
28 June 2016

Cash assistance helps Syrian children in Iraq catch up on education
27 June 2016

In Angola, mosquito nets keep malaria out
20 June 2016

Families welcome vaccination campaign in Yemen
20 June 2016

Giving every child a fair chance: UNICEF Executive Board concludes with a look back on programmes in Argentina and Côte d’Ivoire
17 June 2016 with video

Marching with mobiles in Guinea
15 June 2016

What works and what can be done better: UNICEF Executive Board reflects on lessons learned from the first two years of its Strategic Plan
15 June 2016 with video

The long road to safety in Serbia
13 June 2016

From inside Darayya: UNICEF on first humanitarian convoys to enter besieged Syrian city in four years
07 June 2016

Solar pumps bring safe water to families in Myanmar
03 June 2016

It’s good to talk: Technology for children in China and Indonesia
02 June 2016

Teenagers help their peers stay safe online in Asia-Pacific
01 June 2016

Learning for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo
26 May 2016

Safe from harm: Tackling online child sexual abuse in the Philippines
26 May 2016

Making strides to improve maternal health in Sierra Leone
25 May 2016

‘WASHComs’ drive change in northern Nigeria
24 May 2016

In Timor-Leste’s remote communities, parents and children learn together
23 May 2016

In Cuba, celebrating differences through inclusive football
16 May 2016

Youth lead by example in Burundi
13 May 2016

Saving lives during childbirth in rural Liberia
11 May 2016

Signs of recovery amid the siege in Madaya
09 May 2016

In Yemen, US$100 can save a life
05 May 2016

In Ecuador, struggling to meet basic needs after the earthquake
03 May 2016

A second chance at schooling for pregnant teenagers in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone
27 April 2016

In Sierra Leone, clean water returns to a rural school
25 April 2016

A child-headed household perseveres a year after the Nepal earthquake
21 April 2016

In Nepal, growing up at the epicentre
21 April 2016

After the earthquake, schoolchildren in Nepal adjust to a new reality
20 April 2016

A head start in Timor-Leste
20 April 2016

For female health workers in India, a new digital tool puts data at their fingertips
19 April 2016

In South Sudan, a bumpy start to a joyful family reunion
18 April 2016

Boosting birth registration in Pakistan with mobile phones
15 April 2016

Helping children cope with violence in Yemen
14 April 2016

Clubs, books and tape: The low-tech solutions saving children’s lives in Sierra Leone
13 April 2016

A Syrian boy’s journey to Germany
12 April 2016

A harrowing escape from Boko Haram in Nigeria
11 April 2016

In Madaya, permanent scars met with glimmers of hope
07 April 2016

The midwife of Mukalla, Yemen
22 March 2016

Children carry the keys to the homes they fled, in Jebel Marra, Sudan
22 March 2016

Learning reaches displaced and refugee children in the Niger
22 March 2016

Bringing warmth to refugee families sheltering in Lebanon
03 March 2016

Children and cricket team up for a cleaner India
03 March 2016

Families look to rebuild, in the wake of the cyclone that ravaged Fiji
03 March 2016

UNICEF delivers urgent aid to besieged communities in the Syrian Arab Republic
26 February 2016

Mothers take on malnutrition in Burundi
23 February 2016

Children resume exams in South Sudan
23 February 2016

Air pollution is endangering children’s health in Mongolia
23 February 2016

Giving up guns to tend goats gives children hope in South Sudan
11 February 2016

Syrian children cultivate some happiness, at a communal shelter
02 February 2016

On the beat with a community health worker in Sierra Leone
27 January 2016

In Yemen, a young Messi from Sana’a
25 January 2016

An effort to keep girls in school and out of marriage, in Sierra Leone
22 January 2016

In rural Lesotho, reaching communities with basic services
20 January 2016

In Yemen, a classroom called home
18 January 2016

In Swaziland, a rape victim finds a safe space for recovery
15 January 2016

In Pakistan, cultivating young entrepreneurs
14 January 2016

In Nigeria, a family reunion and a new school
13 January 2016

A lifeline for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone
31 December 2015

Sharing cherished memories provides vital comfort for Syrian children
31 December 2015

Stolen childhoods: In Burundi, growing up amid violence
17 December 2015

The quiet crisis of Central America’s unaccompanied migrant children
16 December 2015 with video

In Mali, learning again after a lengthy absence
14 December 2015

Caring for malnourished children in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone
11 December 2015

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a rush to contain measles
09 December 2015

Bringing books to children in Thailand’s remote mountain districts
08 December 2015

Keys to reducing child mortality in Sudan
04 December 2015

Helping refugees and migrants weather the Balkan winter
02 December 2015

A young Iraqi uses talent and compassion to face an unfair life
30 November 2015

Growing up too fast in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone
25 November 2015

In Chad, girls’ dreams robbed by marriage
20 November 2015

In Myanmar, uniting for children’s health and nutrition
19 November 2015

In Afghanistan, mending spirits and providing warmth
18 November 2015

In Burundi, starting again from scratch
17 November 2015

Taking the steps for a birth certificate, in the Democratic Republic of Congo
12 November 2015

Energy equity for vulnerable children in Burundi
11 November 2015

In Iraq, taking steps to stamp out cholera
09 November 2015

In Sierra Leone, preventing Ebola with a laugh
06 November 2015

Refugee children on the shores of Europe
05 November 2015 with video

In Côte d’Ivoire, young reporters connect with their community
04 November 2015

In Pakistan, reconstruction and resilience in earthquake’s aftermath
04 November 2015

In Guinea, helping children find joy after a great loss
02 November 2015

Child-friendly spaces aid recovery in Iraq
30 October 2015

A partnership to raise prosperity and protect children in rural Pakistan
29 October 2015

In Sudan, mothers learn how to keep their children healthy
27 October 2015

In Yemen, helping teachers help children
23 October 2015

Providing care and protection, in Ebola times and beyond
19 October 2015

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a partnership to save children from malnutrition
14 October 2015

Caught in Europe’s refugee crisis, children caring for themselves and each other
13 October 2015

In Sierra Leone, working with communities to curb teenage pregnancies
07 October 2015

Reaching out to ensure vaccination for children in Timor-Leste
06 October 2015

In Sierra Leone, fighting Ebola on two wheels
01 October 2015

Education offers hope to thousands of boys and girls displaced in Sudan
30 September 2015

In Cameroon, far from home, but nurtured by a family
29 September 2015

In Yemen, eager to learn, despite the fighting
27 September 2015

In South Sudan, clean water at last
24 September 2015

A community centre in eastern Ukraine offers respite for vulnerable families
24 September 2015

Clean water for returnees in the Democratic Republic of Congo
18 September 2015

“If I don’t help these children, who will?”
17 September 2015

In Iraq, building a team on the field and off
16 September 2015

In a Malian village, a simple wish for clean water
15 September 2015

The struggle to reach Syrian children with quality nutrition
08 September 2015

In Myanmar, the power of education to build a joint future
04 September 2015

Staying safe in Ebola quarantine without Mum or Dad
28 August 2015

In Haiti’s cholera crisis, getting from despair to hope
28 August 2015

In Ethiopia, a partnership to improve nutrition
24 August 2015

Providing access to clean water in Myanmar’s Rakhine state
21 August 2015

Repeated migrations and increasing vulnerability in Burundi
20 August 2015

In Ukraine, life can change in a minute
19 August 2015 with video

In the ruins of a Syrian city, a woman’s courage endures
18 August 2015

In Sierra Leone, hope and challenges as quarantine camp closes
14 August 2015

“They call me teacher”: Promoting better health in the midst of Yemen’s crisis
13 August 2015

For Burundian children in Tanzania, a safe place for learning
12 August 2015

Field diary: Gardenias grow in the shattered city of Homs
10 August 2015

In Chad, health care for mothers and babies around the clock
07 August 2015

In Tanzania, using mobile technology to reunite families
06 August 2015

In Yemen, mobile health teams help save lives and prevent illness
05 August 2015

In Sierra Leone, addressing Ebola’s impact on birth registration
31 July 2015

In Sierra Leone, beating the drum against Ebola
30 July 2015

Iraq: “I couldn’t imagine that we were finally united.”
30 July 2015

In Nepal, a partnership for improving child and maternal nutrition
28 July 2015

Finding safe shelter in Burundi
27 July 2015

In Nepal, escaping an uncertain fate
24 July 2015

From fighter to builder: A successful reintegration in the Democratic Republic of Congo
23 July 2015

Clean water transforms a shelter for displaced Syrian families
22 July 2015

In Pakistan, countering malnutrition among the most vulnerable
20 July 2015

In eastern Ukraine, water shortage puts babies and mothers at risk
16 July 2015

In a refugee camp, education is the only hope
15 July 2015

In Burundi, refugee movements exacerbate food insecurity
14 July 2015

In Guinea, radio helps schoolchildren catch up on learning
10 July 2015

Yemen’s marginalized children caught in the middle of conflict
08 July 2015

The children living in Gaza’s rubble
08 July 2015

A job and a bicycle: A refugee boy’s struggle to survive in Lebanon
02 July 2015

In Burundi, quick action to contain cholera
01 July 2015

In Bangladesh, a partnership to prevent malnutrition
01 July 2015

Malnutrition a growing risk for Burundian refugee children in the United Republic of Tanzania
23 June 2015

UNICEF Executive Board concludes with a presentation of field visits to Madagascar and Malaysia
19 June 2015 with video

UNICEF Executive Board reaffirms commitment to giving every child a fair chance in life
17 June 2015 with video

Nutrition support for a Congolese community and the refugees it has taken in
11 June 2015

In Nepal, a safe haven for homeless mothers and newborns
10 June 2015

In Iraq, getting water to go uphill
09 June 2015

Burundian children cross to safety, and back again
05 June 2015

In eastern Ukraine, mobile psychologists bring relief to children
04 June 2015

In Nepal, twin sisters who survived two earthquakes try to regain their lives
04 June 2015

In Nepal, Ramita can smile again
01 June 2015

A nurse and a family kit help save children’s lives
29 May 2015

A rush to help Burundi’s refugee children in Tanzania
28 May 2015

In Sierra Leone, supporting Ebola survivors on the road to recovery
26 May 2015

Preventing malaria in South Sudan, one net at a time
22 May 2015

Soap and a toothbrush, a welcome relief in Nepal
21 May 2015

In Yemen, a mother struggles to keep her children alive
20 May 2015

In Guinea, reaching out to root out Ebola
19 May 2015

In Chad, making quality education a reality for a million children
18 May 2015

In Namibia, reaching rural communities with good health practices
14 May 2015

Out of school in Nepal’s remote villages, children chase leopards instead
11 May 2015

Among Iraq’s displaced, creating safe spaces for children
11 May 2015

"Please stop this war": Yemeni children hope for end to conflict
06 May 2015

In Nepal, psychosocial counselling goes on the radio
04 May 2015

In Malawi, asking “What does water mean to you?”
01 May 2015

“When will we get our homes back?”: Children in Nepal cope with earthquake’s aftermath
30 April 2015

In Burundi, inclusive learning builds a path to achievement
28 April 2015

In Sierra Leone, two Ebola survivors share a common bond – and a future together
23 April 2015

Fighting malaria and maternal mortality, in the Democratic Republic of Congo
22 April 2015

In Burundi, bringing the fight against child killers closer to home
20 April 2015

A partnership to help vaccinate children against measles in Pakistan
17 April 2015

In Burundi, a one-stop shop for children living on the street
16 April 2015

In Pakistan, a vaccinator’s resolve
15 April 2015

In Sierra Leone, hopes of saving the school year
13 April 2015

Nourishing newborns in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone
07 April 2015

Education amid conflict in Nigeria
07 April 2015

Measures to safeguard schools in Ebola-hit Liberia point to need for continued vigilance
30 March 2015

A community bores deep for water, in Democratic Republic of the Congo
20 March 2015

The SMS reporting revolution takes on Ebola, in Sierra Leone
09 March 2015

Life is too expensive for families living in extreme poverty in Madagascar
04 March 2015

Surviving together, in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone
03 March 2015

In Burundi, new beginnings for conflict-affected communities
27 February 2015

Six months after ceasefire, children of Gaza are trapped in trauma
26 February 2015 with video

Protecting children exploited for sex, in Thailand – and Asia-Pacific
24 February 2015

In Sierra Leone, Ebola survivors begin to find acceptance
23 February 2015

In South Sudan, a school reopens, but risks remain
20 February 2015

In Madagascar, young people in the service of community and environment
19 February 2015 with video

In Lebanon, mobile medical units provide life-saving care
17 February 2015 with video

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, martial arts help children get away from fighting
11 February 2015 with video

A safe burial for an Ebola victim in Liberia
09 February 2015

In Benin, a new life for Solange
06 February 2015

After a devastating year for children, UNICEF Executive Board considers increasing the emergency fund
04 February 2015

Willing to fail: Innovating for positive change
03 February 2015

In Malawi, ramping up health and nutrition support for flooding’s youngest victims
29 January 2015

Social mobilizers empower ‘hotspot’ communities to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
28 January 2015

After dodging bullets in school, Yemeni children hope for a safer future
28 January 2015

In South Sudan, a long way back to freedom
27 January 2015

In the misery of Malawi’s floods, finding a way forward
25 January 2015

In Haiti, 15 new schools bring better learning to remote areas
22 January 2015 with video

Angélique Kidjo shows support for out-of-school children in Benin
16 January 2015

Koranic schools in Nigeria join the drive for universal education
16 January 2015

In Nigeria, a partnership for improved sanitation, hygiene and safe water
15 January 2015

Hunting Ebola virus in Liberia
09 January 2015

Côte d’Ivoire redoubles its efforts to prevent malaria
06 January 2015

After Ebola – a boy's return to life, and his community, in Sierra Leone
30 December 2014

From cocoa field to classroom, in Côte d’Ivoire
26 December 2014

After the tsunami – a Thai fishing village, 10 years on
22 December 2014

In Haiti, a long walk for education
19 December 2014

Survivors fighting against Ebola in Sierra Leone
19 December 2014

“We left everything behind”: A young girl in Chad recalls the night she fled
18 December 2014 with video

In South Sudan, breaking down barriers to girls' education
11 December 2014

An invisible emergency in Ukraine
11 December 2014

Well prepared, children and families weather the storm in Quezon City, Philippines
10 December 2014

A teacher’s turf: Community outreach in the fight against Ebola
05 December 2014

In Pakistan, a skilled birth attendant delivers health and safety for mothers and children
03 December 2014 with video

Giving exposure to child rights in Mali
01 December 2014

Podcast #95 – Hearing a solution: Student creates technology to help people with visual impairments learn science
25 November 2014

Young Chadians express their views on violence
24 November 2014

In Nigeria, combining nutritional support and birth registration under one roof
21 November 2014

In Sierra Leone, bringing isolation closer to home
20 November 2014

A taste of hope in South Sudan
12 November 2014

In Mali, united against Ebola – a transporter’s pledge
11 November 2014

In Mali, using play to help treat malnutrition
07 November 2014 with video

One year on, children affected by Typhoon Haiyan share images of hope
06 November 2014

In Sri Lanka, education strives for “a big win for everyone”
04 November 2014 with video

In Sierra Leone, vaccinations another casualty of Ebola
03 November 2014

In Mongolia, bringing attention to the plight of child jockeys
31 October 2014

After fleeing violence, Iraq’s displaced children face a deadly winter
29 October 2014 with video

In Mali, keeping ahead of Ebola
27 October 2014

In northern Nigeria, a little cash goes a long way towards getting girls to school
24 October 2014

In Sierra Leone, getting back to school – on the airwaves
21 October 2014

In Tanzania, empowering girls, fighting HIV
20 October 2014

In Burkina Faso, sowing the seeds for a sustainable future
17 October 2014 with video

Surviving Ebola in Sierra Leone – a child’s story
16 October 2014

In Nigeria, texting to prevent Ebola
13 October 2014

In South Sudan, a single mother’s fight to survive
10 October 2014

Podcast #94 – Day of the Girl 2014 – Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the cycle of violence
09 October 2014

In Côte d’Ivoire, Ebola knocking on the door
08 October 2014 with video

Finding a way to stop child recruitment in Afghanistan
07 October 2014

Children dance for peace in Chad
03 October 2014 with video

In Nigeria, battling the stigma of Ebola
30 September 2014

Overcoming loss in the rubble of Gaza
29 September 2014 with video

New supplies bring hope to Syrian schools
26 September 2014

Sustaining the commitment to preventing a lost generation of Syrian children
24 September 2014 with video

Protecting vulnerable children through government support for families
23 September 2014

In Egypt, preschool brings a sense of normalcy to Syrian refugee children
22 September 2014

In Nigeria, social mobilizers fight Ebola – and misinformation
17 September 2014

In Gaza, children go back to school after a devastating summer
16 September 2014 with video

UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection
12 September 2014

In Cameroon, struggling to address a polio outbreak
11 September 2014

UNICEF Executive Board puts focus on record number of children living in emergencies
09 September 2014 with video

Treating the hidden wounds of Gaza's children
08 September 2014

Displaced in northern Iraq, a mother protects her children
05 September 2014

In Ghana, an effort to abolish violent discipline in schools
03 September 2014

Finding a safe space for learning in a country beset by violence
20 August 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, simple and sustainable solutions for rural communities’ water needs
19 August 2014

In Niger, help for children living on the streets
18 August 2014 with video

In Nigeria, a message for maternal and child health
15 August 2014

A young girl dreams, despite adversity
14 August 2014 with video

In a country in conflict, a single hospital for children
12 August 2014 with video

A long path to recovery for children in Gaza
05 August 2014

A partnership provides life-saving treatment in Mali
05 August 2014 with video

In South Sudan, response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements
01 August 2014

No safe place for children in Gaza
28 July 2014

Vaccination campaign to reach most vulnerable children in Lebanon
23 July 2014

Amid the crowds sheltering in a school, a displaced Iraqi girl dreams of home
22 July 2014

Young health volunteer tackles HIV among adolescents in Brazil
17 July 2014

Adolescent girl club in Sierra Leone tackles teenage pregnancy and engenders independence
15 July 2014 with video

Children bear the brunt of renewed fighting in Gaza
14 July 2014

Mia Farrow talks about the tremendous loss suffered by children and women displaced in the Central African Republic
07 July 2014 with audio and video

A Malian refugee girl in Niger chooses school over marriage
01 July 2014 with video

“We were forced to kill,” recalls child released from armed forces in Chad
30 June 2014

Crowds turn up for polio vaccinations in Nigeria’s north-east
27 June 2014

In South Sudan, educating children in crisis
24 June 2014

Adolescent theatre builds peace in Sierra Leone
23 June 2014 with video

Podcast #92 – More funding needed to keep the promise of education
23 June 2014

In Indonesia, building new traditions for a healthier future
19 June 2014 with video

In Chad, seeing reality through children’s eyes
17 June 2014 with video

In Nigeria, bringing the message of education for all
13 June 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, getting children out of the gold mines
11 June 2014 with video

A bright future for girls: UNICEF Executive Board focuses on achieving gender equality
09 June 2014 with video

Podcast #91 – Innovations in peacebuilding: How technology is changing the way we see the world and respond to violent conflict
06 June 2014

Measuring results: UNICEF Executive Board discusses progress for children
05 June 2014

UNICEF Executive Board puts spotlight on Africa’s children
03 June 2014 with video

In Kenya, protecting against a silent killer
02 June 2014 with video

In Swaziland, child victims of abuse find a shoulder to cry on
27 May 2014

In rural China, an innovative solution to reaching to vulnerable children
23 May 2014

In the fight against malnutrition, knowledge is power
16 May 2014 with video

Partnering for better nutrition in rural fishing communities in the Philippines
15 May 2014 with video

A joint effort to reach Mali's malnourished children
14 May 2014 with video

Afghan villagers struggle to cope with landslides, floods and an uncertain future
13 May 2014 with video

European Union and UNICEF join forces against child malnutrition in the Philippines
12 May 2014 with video

In the Philippines, trying to move on after a typhoon's devastation
07 May 2014 with video

In Bolivia, working towards a brighter future for children
06 May 2014

With conflict raging in South Sudan, recruitment of children into armed groups is on the rise
05 May 2014

Lost and alone: One girl's nightmare amid the violence of South Sudan
02 May 2014

In the Syrian Arab Republic, mobile teams extend the reach of vaccination effort
01 May 2014 with video

Layers of loss: An interview with photojournalist Kate Holt on South Sudan
30 April 2014 with video

Displaced by violence, children in the Central African Republic face another threat: malnutrition
28 April 2014 with video

Lives depend on it: Fighting malaria in Chad
25 April 2014 with video

In Kabul, an all-out effort to stop the spread of polio
24 April 2014 with video

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition in South Sudan
23 April 2014

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom visits Syrian children in Jordan
22 April 2014

Routine immunization aims to save children's lives in Central African Republic
21 April 2014

"We try to make the violence disappear": The challenge of teaching amid conflict
17 April 2014 with video

Broken by Typhoon Haiyan, the cold chain gets up and running again
11 April 2014 with video

“They killed my dear brother”: Civilians caught in the conflict in the Central African Republic
09 April 2014

Syrian children with disabilities are back to learning, at Homs school club
07 April 2014 with video

Families displaced by violence remain hopeful that peace will return to the Central African Republic
03 April 2014

Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families
24 March 2014

Children displaced by violence in the Central African Republic face great risks
21 March 2014 with video

Young reporters take to the air, in the United Republic of Tanzania
20 March 2014

Indonesia: In one girl’s recovery, an island’s triumph over malaria
19 March 2014 with video

Foot soldiers in Haiti’s fight against cholera
18 March 2014 with video

In the Sudan, a transformed school transforms children – and their community
17 March 2014

Refugee children determined to keep learning, as Syrian conflict reaches three-year mark
14 March 2014

Children cannot afford to face another year of Syrian conflict, says Executive Director on visit with displaced families in Homs
14 March 2014 with video

Podcast #90 – Education is key to building resilience in the Syrian Arab Republic
13 March 2014

Health care for children and women in remotest Afghanistan
12 March 2014 with video

Penetrating the remotest areas of Haiti to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus
07 March 2014

Delivering mosquito nets to protect displaced children from malaria in the Central African Republic
05 March 2014 with video

In areas of Indonesia hit hard by the 2004 tsunami, investment in children’s resilience yields long-term results
04 March 2014

Podcast #89: Investing in education through public–private partnerships
03 March 2014

For Jericho and other children, a space for recovery
27 February 2014 with video

Kenya intensifies efforts to fight polio
26 February 2014 with video

After fleeing 600 days of siege, a Syrian family has nowhere to go
25 February 2014

Malnutrition a silent threat emerging among Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
24 February 2014 with video

In the Central African Republic, remote villages in the grip of crisis
21 February 2014 with video

A community in Yemen transforms its school – and its environs
20 February 2014

Bangladesh stages massive measles–rubella immunization campaign
18 February 2014

Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan
14 February 2014

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham meets young survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in visit to Philippines
14 February 2014 with video

In the harsh Afghan winter, barely getting by
12 February 2014 with video

In Guinea, renouncing the family tradition of female genital mutilation
12 February 2014

Putting aid into action: UNICEF Executive Board focuses on strengthening programmes, procedures and planning
10 February 2014 with video

Field diary: Convoy of emergency supplies reaches Syrian families in conflict-ravaged district
10 February 2014

In Sudan, taking a stand against female genital cutting
07 February 2014

Three months on, back to Tacloban, and back to school
07 February 2014

The future of aid: UNICEF Executive Board addresses funding and partnerships
06 February 2014 with video

Study in South Africa looks at reality and myths of cyberbullying
06 February 2014

At opening session of UNICEF Executive Board, child protection takes centre stage
04 February 2014 with video

Hassan's story: "We all have dreams"
30 January 2014

In Bangladesh, learning why children stop learning
28 January 2014

In the United Republic of Tanzania, a new solution for birth registration
27 January 2014

An influx of returnees raises humanitarian needs in Chad
24 January 2014

Abdel-Hamid’s story: Life in an informal settlement in Lebanon
24 January 2014

Emergency health kits reach strained medical facilities in the Philippines
22 January 2014 with video

After floods in Gaza, critical supplies help children recover and return to school
21 January 2014

Podcast #88: Shining a light through education
20 January 2014

A fresh solution to Gaza's water crisis
14 January 2014

Field Diary: Children caught in violence in the Central African Republic
13 January 2014

Emergency intervention to support children’s health in the Central African Republic
10 January 2014 with video

Bringing learning to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
10 January 2014 with video

In the Philippines, children ring in the new school year
08 January 2014 with video

In South Sudan’s capital, critical aid reaches conflict-displaced families
08 January 2014

In Lebanon, a Syrian-Palestinian refugee girl looks for her path
06 January 2014 with video

No lost generation – we must act now
06 January 2014 with video

Field diary: Delivering aid to Syrian families in rural Idleb
06 January 2014

In Chad, vaccine takes a long journey to save a life
03 January 2014 with video

Child club helps Nepalese children find their voice
03 January 2014 with video

In Mali, HIV/AIDS remains shrouded in silence
31 December 2013

A mother flees in search of safety, again – this time in Chad
30 December 2013

Podcast #87: Building a peaceful society through education
30 December 2013

How Haiti combats cholera
27 December 2013

For one Palestinian girl, confidence is found in education and activities
26 December 2013

Schoolchildren in Kenya take the fight against polio into their communities
24 December 2013 with video

Mothers in Nigeria participate in biannual event for maternal and child health
23 December 2013

Christmas in Tacloban: Ruins and hope
20 December 2013 with video

Polio immunization effort aims to reach all Syrian children
19 December 2013

Syrian refugees in Lebanon brace against the coming winter
19 December 2013 with video

Vital UNICEF supplies airlifted to Syrian Arab Republic
18 December 2013 with video

Giving displaced children in Afghanistan an education, and an opportunity
18 December 2013 with video

In Somaliland, volunteer vaccinators help contain the threat of polio
17 December 2013 with video

In Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, a boy finds solace in caring for birds
17 December 2013 with video

Youth filmmaking: Big screens, big experiences
16 December 2013 with video

Safe spaces for new mothers and their babies, as recovery from Typhoon Haiyan continues in the Philippines
16 December 2013

In Chad, fighting a nutrition crisis is far from simple
12 December 2013 with video

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director visits programmes supporting Palestinian children
12 December 2013

Mothers in the Niger are screening their children for malnutrition and disease
12 December 2013 with video

Community health workers in Côte d'Ivoire play a vital role in preventing new HIV infections among children – and in keeping their mothers healthy
11 December 2013 with video

Displaced families struggle to rebuild their lives after Typhoon Haiyan
11 December 2013 with video

In Niger, birth registration takes a big step forward
10 December 2013 with video

World-renowned Magnum photographers zoom in on child rights in Mozambique
09 December 2013

Child-friendly centre provides relief to typhoon-affected children in Tacloban City
06 December 2013

A Syrian girl is born in northern Iraq
06 December 2013

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, helping reach zero new HIV infections by reaching HIV-positive expectant mothers
06 December 2013 with video

Wise Up programme uses theatre to raise awareness among youth in Botswana about HIV/AIDS
05 December 2013 with video

In the Philippines, schools gradually reopening after Typhoon Haiyan
05 December 2013 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry: Put the spotlight on children and amplify the voices of youth
04 December 2013 with video

As winter sets in, essential supplies arrive for Syrian refugee children in Iraq
04 December 2013

In Côte d’Ivoire, ensuring adolescents living with HIV have the care and support they need
04 December 2013 with video

Rebuilding a life – and returning to school – after Typhoon Haiyan
02 December 2013 with video

Upgrades in care save the lives of mothers and newborns in Somalia
29 November 2013 with video

In Tacloban, vaccination campaign takes aim at deadly diseases
27 November 2013 with video

In Iraq, meeting the needs of Syrian refugees living with disabilities
27 November 2013

Around the world, echoing the call to #ENDviolence against children
26 November 2013 with video

In Guinea, one girl’s story of violence reveals a commonplace nightmare
26 November 2013

In Tacloban’s evacuation centres, covering basic needs is critical
25 November 2013

Philippines field diary: Amid endless challenges, a day of inspiration in Tacloban
22 November 2013

Field diary: A visit to Jordan’s borderlands
22 November 2013

In Tacloban, creating an oasis where children can be children, and safe
21 November 2013

School clubs help conflict-affected Syrian children access remedial education
21 November 2013

On Universal Children's Day, young activist receives EU's top human rights award
20 November 2013 with video

Malawi’s Option B+ programme is helping to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV
20 November 2013 with video

In Kenya, a child helpline proves a lifeline for a young victim of rape, and her family
20 November 2013 with video

A milestone in the effort to eradicate polio in Afghanistan
19 November 2013 with video

In South Africa, centre works with vulnerable adolescents to prevent HIV/AIDS infection
19 November 2013 with video

Podcast #86: Peacebuilding through early childhood education
18 November 2013

Supplies rushed to families in Tacloban, Philippines
16 November 2013

Breast milk banks are a sound investment in the health of Brazil's premature babies
15 November 2013 with video

In Turkey, new shoes for Syrian refugee children
15 November 2013

“Where is my copybook and where is my pen?”
14 November 2013 with video

In Lebanon, protecting hundreds of thousands of children against polio
13 November 2013 with video

Mia Farrow visits torn community in the Central African Republic
13 November 2013 with video

Typhoon Haiyan diary: Mud and ruin in Tacloban
13 November 2013

Typhoon Haiyan diary: Emergency aid makes it way to hardest hit areas
12 November 2013 with video

Typhoon Haiyan diary: “There is nowhere to go”
11 November 2013 with video

Programme provides a full courseload for pastoralist girls in Somalia
08 November 2013 with video

United Republic of Tanzania: Zanzibar fights a hidden hunger with iodized salt
07 November 2013

Government and UNICEF provide support and training for Syrian teachers in Turkey's refugee camps
07 November 2013

In a country in conflict, bringing peace to children's minds
06 November 2013

Podcast #85: Changing the world for girls
06 November 2013

Immunization campaign in Nigeria mobilizes a nation for child survival, village by village
06 November 2013 with video

In Guinea, groups of mothers work together to keep girls in school
05 November 2013

In Jordan, polio vaccination campaign focuses on Syrian refugee children
05 November 2013 with video

Syrian refugee boys snatch a glimpse of normality through football tournament in Sulimaniyah, Iraq
04 November 2013

Despite conflict and displacement, half a million children vaccinated, and counting
04 November 2013

Visiting Lebanon, UNICEF Director pledges continued support for Syrian refugee children
01 November 2013 with video

In Ethiopian villages, improving water and nutrition lays groundwork for a better future
01 November 2013 with video

In Turkey, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov plays for early childhood education
31 October 2013

Water for one million Afghan schoolchildren
30 October 2013 with video

Voices of Youth takes digital mapping project to the next level
30 October 2013

New programme in Iraq aims to bring education, and hope, to children in prison
30 October 2013

A Syrian refugee girl says yes to school, no to early marriage
29 October 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Director meets with displaced families during immunization campaign in the Syrian Arab Republic
29 October 2013 with video

Innovative approaches improve maternal and child health care in Madhya Pradesh, India
29 October 2013 with video

A vaccination campaign hopes to reach 2.4 million children in the Syrian Arab Republic
28 October 2013

Capturing water fit for drink, in Bangladesh
25 October 2013

Emergency school supplies promote learning amid an education crisis, in the Syrian Arab Republic
25 October 2013

Big steps towards an open-defecation-free Nepal
25 October 2013

A photography workshop gives Roma and Serbian children a snapshot of diversity
24 October 2013

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow says it's past time for polio to end
24 October 2013 with video

In northern Iraq, 12-year-old Dima finds a glimmer of hope in a tent school for Syrian refugees
24 October 2013 with video

On the front lines of polio eradication in Afghanistan
23 October 2013 with video

Continuing studies amid continuing unrest, in the Syrian Arab Republic
23 October 2013

After fleeing violence and looting, a teacher returns to school
22 October 2013 with video

Podcast #84: Let us learn, everywhere – towards equality in education
22 October 2013

Melissa Kasoke raises her voice for girls' education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
21 October 2013

Searching for creative solutions in humanitarian action
21 October 2013 with video

Field diary: Two Syrian refugees in Iraq’s Kawergosk camp at risk of becoming 'lost schoolgirls'
21 October 2013

Young Ugandan Leila Nassanga is a university student, a youth leader – and a U-Reporter
18 October 2013

A fellowship programme in the Niger gives rural girls access to secondary education
18 October 2013

In Malaysia, a preschool teacher goes the extra mile
17 October 2013 with video

Health volunteers help mothers and their newborn babies in Kawergosk refugee camp, Iraq
17 October 2013 with video

In Uganda, seeking to improve birth registration across Africa
16 October 2013 with video

Secondary education critical so Syrian youth won't feel lost, stresses UNICEF Iraq's Maulid Warfa
16 October 2013

Super child health agents are helping Brazil reduce preventable child deaths
16 October 2013 with video

Syrian field diary: 400,000 caught in latest upsurge of conflict
14 October 2013

Schools in the Niger try a new approach to bring more girls into classrooms
14 October 2013 with video

A mentoring programme opens new career paths for girls in South Africa
11 October 2013 with video

Two girls in Niger escape the violence of their circumstances
11 October 2013 with video

Podcast #83: Girls who code can change the world - towards gender parity in computing fields
10 October 2013

In Bangladesh, children learn how to swim - and how to survive
09 October 2013 with video

International Day of the Girl Child 2013: Innovate to ensure all girls are educated for the twenty-first century
09 October 2013

A Syrian mother sheltering in Iraqi Kurdistan wants just two things for her young daughters - peace, and to return home
09 October 2013

Simple solutions to keep girls in school in Bangladesh
09 October 2013 with video

An Afghan community comes together to ensure girls' education
08 October 2013 with video

Nourishing the children of M'bera refugee camp, Mauritania
08 October 2013 with video

Small LED device piloted to empower women and power rural communities in Burundi
07 October 2013 with video

In Brazil, a doctor's decades-long fight for child survival still going strong
07 October 2013

European Union officials take to social media, spread message to #ENDviolence against children
07 October 2013

Evaluating the impact of P.L.A.Y. in Haiti
07 October 2013 with video

On International Day of the Girl Child, a spotlight on innovation
07 October 2013 with video

Podcast #82: Mariam Khalique, a teacher of Malala Yousafzai’s, is building futures under extreme circumstances
04 October 2013

Amid an uncertain future, Syrian children attend a newly opened school in Iraq's Baherka refugee camp
04 October 2013

New schools in new camps in Kurdistan Region of Iraq bring new hopes for Syrian refugees
04 October 2013

Go-2-School campaign aims to put one million children in the classroom
03 October 2013 with video

Using photography to advocate for children: UNICEF images from 1990-2013
03 October 2013 with video

Helping youth associated with gangs create a better future for themselves – and their communities
02 October 2013 with video

Youth filmmakers to present their work at international awards ceremony
02 October 2013

Experts debate solutions needed to #ENDviolence against children
01 October 2013 with video

Kenya study looks at the growing community of young Internet users
30 September 2013

Event calls for more leadership and better coordination of funds to achieve global education goals
27 September 2013 with video

Faith-based organizations form alliance for children's right to safe water and sanitation
26 September 2013 with video

Early Childhood Peace Consortium launched at UNICEF
25 September 2013 with video

At Education Cannot Wait event, global leaders stress need to fund education - especially in emergencies
25 September 2013 with video

For Syrian children, education needs are urgent, and urgently underfunded
24 September 2013 with video

Plan calls for funds to support education for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
23 September 2013 with video

Field diary: Two children of Kawergosk refugee camp, Iraqi Kurdistan
20 September 2013

Millennium Development Goals a major focus, at United Nations General Assembly
19 September 2013

Much-needed support in face of huge needs in Dara'a, Syrian Arab Republic
18 September 2013

Kurdish students help prepare Syrian refugee children's return to school in northern Iraq
17 September 2013 with video

Mix of old and new helps cut child deaths in Uganda
16 September 2013 with video

In Brazil, social mothers support mother - and baby
13 September 2013 with video

In Ethiopia, a far-reaching health worker programme has helped reduce child mortality across the country
12 September 2013 with video

Students promote learning in Za'atari Camp, Jordan
12 September 2013 with video

Delivering essential newborn and maternal care to three upazilas in Bangladesh
11 September 2013 with video

A health worker on the front line of reducing child mortality in Brazil
10 September 2013 with video

Helping displaced Syrian children cope with conflict
10 September 2013

In Central African Republic, going door to door to beat malnutrition
05 September 2013

Going door to door to get children back to school
03 September 2013

In Mongolia, back to school, back to better water and sanitation facilities
30 August 2013

Second regular session of UNICEF Executive Board to open on 3 September
30 August 2013

US basketball star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF
29 August 2013

UNICEF officer says Syrian children need us today
29 August 2013 with video

Mapping a city's risks, Haiti youth learn about health and technology
28 August 2013 with video

In Argentina, indigenous children explore their world through photographs
27 August 2013

European Union top officials back #ENDviolence initiative
26 August 2013

It is time to sound the red siren against violence against girls and women in India
26 August 2013 with video

In Thailand, FC Barcelona stars Leo Messi and José Manuel Pinto champion the rights of children with disabilities
23 August 2013 with video

Aya – one child, one of one million Syrian refugee children
22 August 2013 with video

One family's struggle, echoing across a region
21 August 2013 with video

Continuing commitment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
19 August 2013

UNICEF Executive Board adopts strategic plan and integrated budget for 2014–2017
19 August 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Board places focus on children living with disabilities
19 August 2013 with video

"If something is wrong around you, if something is not working in your community, act"
16 August 2013

In Syria, a glimpse into the everyday dangers faced by humanitarian workers
16 August 2013

A UNICEF staff member in Sudan recalls a night caught in fierce fighting
16 August 2013

On World Humanitarian Day, aid workers talk about why they serve
16 August 2013 with video

In Ghana, changing the belief in violent discipline
14 August 2013

In Somalia, a major campaign to stop the spread of polio
14 August 2013 with video

Trafficked into labour, a young girl tries to regain what she's lost
13 August 2013 with video

South African singer Zolani Mahalo hits the right notes on breastfeeding
12 August 2013

In rural Homs, reaching families displaced by conflict
12 August 2013

Podcast #80: On International Youth Day, young activists share their views on the role of education in building peace
12 August 2013 with audio

Celebrating nutrition achievements in Wolaita
09 August 2013 with video

Counsellors teach mothers the benefits of locally grown foods
09 August 2013 with video

In the aftermath of conflict, Mali's children remain at risk
07 August 2013

Namibian villagers grapple with the worst drought in three decades
07 August 2013 with audio and video

With passion and hope, health workers share a simple message: breastfeed
06 August 2013 with video

The young people at the vanguard of global change
06 August 2013 with video

Polio survivors strive for a polio-free Nigeria
06 August 2013 with video

Rapid route to reuniting Congolese refugee children in Uganda with their families
05 August 2013

Singer and actress Natalia Oreiro joins forces with UNICEF to promote breastfeeding
05 August 2013

The community-led sanitation revolution in Nigeria
05 August 2013 with video

Syrian children in Turkey build bridges to the future
02 August 2013

Global anti-violence initiative off to a successful start
01 August 2013 with video

Setting aside spaces for breastfeeding mothers throughout China
31 July 2013 with video

Promised in marriage, a young girl gets her childhood back
29 July 2013 with video

Grace Akallo comes back from the last place on earth
26 July 2013

In Haiti, emergency clinics help reduce maternal and neonatal deaths
25 July 2013 with video

Podcast #79: Two young activists on driving change
25 July 2013

Cash transfer programme provides support to victims of violence in Mali
25 July 2013 with video

Syrian field diary: Child witnesses to death and bloodshed
24 July 2013

Community-based treatment for malnutrition earns praise in northern Nigeria
23 July 2013 with video

UNICEF Ambassadors speak out for children in Mozambique
22 July 2013

New UNICEF report on female genital mutilation/cutting: Turning opposition into action
19 July 2013 with video

How do you provide water and sanitation to 50,000 people in the middle of the desert?
19 July 2013 with video

Polio outbreak in Somalia threatens to spread
18 July 2013

In Madagascar, 'back to school' means including those left out
18 July 2013 with video

Mobile kindergarten for nomadic Mongolian children
17 July 2013

In Yemen, a major campaign to immunize under-5s
16 July 2013 with video

Students walk a rough road to secondary education in Papua province, Indonesia
16 July 2013

They thought a bullet would silence us, but they failed, Malala Yousafzai tells United Nations Youth Assembly
12 July 2013

UNICEF celebrates a year of important firsts in 2012
12 July 2013 with video

In Turkey, teachers learn how to work better with their Syrian refugee pupils
11 July 2013

"Everything can change from an active mind"
09 July 2013 with video

UNICEF's first international photographer
08 July 2013 with video

In Domiz refugee camp, Iraq, a Syrian family makes the best of a terrible situation
05 July 2013

A humble Nigerian carpenter rethinks latrines
03 July 2013 with video

Reducing the prevalence of birth defects in Georgia
28 June 2013

Responding to the urgent needs of children in Central African Republic
28 June 2013 with video

In Kabul, Afghanistan - 1,000 classrooms, a world of difference
27 June 2013 with video

Protecting children, in Domiz refugee camp, Iraq
27 June 2013

A girl accused of witchcraft finds support, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
26 June 2013 with video

Podcast #77: Putting learning at the centre of education
26 June 2013 with audio

Campaign to prevent disease as temperatures rise at Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan
24 June 2013 with video

A new chapter of the Schools for Africa initiative offers new possibilties for the continent's children
21 June 2013 with video

At Security Council: A call for more action to end the violation of children's rights, in conflict
21 June 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Board reviews draft Strategic Plan, 2014–2017
19 June 2013

A voice from a Malian refugee camp in the Niger
19 June 2013 with video

UNHCR says forced global displacement at an 18-year high
19 June 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Board opens its annual session
18 June 2013 with video

A space for adolescents, in the midst of conflict-ravaged Homs, Syrian Arab Republic
18 June 2013

In Georgia, new emphasis on foster care and small group homes over large institutions
17 June 2013

A strike against chronic malnutrition in Burundi
17 June 2013 with video

Clinic seeks to improve care of HIV-positive children and young adults in Haiti
12 June 2013 with video

American singer and songwriter Katy Perry witnesses UNICEF’s efforts to fight chronic malnutrition in Madagascar
11 June 2013 with video

For Syrian children in Turkey, school brings choices and challenges
11 June 2013

Two years on, flood-affected communities in Pakistan find hope in schools
10 June 2013

In Bangladesh, a project to support parents of children with disabilities
06 June 2013

Members of UNICEF’s Executive Board look at the impact of the organization's work in Malawi
06 June 2013 with video

A perilous journey to school through Homs, Syrian Arab Rebublic
05 June 2013

School of Hope brings education to Malian children with hearing impairments
05 June 2013 with video

A young South African woman's path to making social change
04 June 2013 with video

New study brings violence against indigenous girls and women into focus
04 June 2013

In Viet Nam, a welcoming centre for children with disabilities helps provide new opportunities
03 June 2013 with video

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a wheelchair makes Meshak more mobile
03 June 2013 with video

In Jordan, refugee children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable
31 May 2013 with video

Amid Haiti's reconstruction, a chance for a more inclusive approach
31 May 2013 with video

Launch of report celebrates children's abilities
30 May 2013 with video

Two Ugandan children are - children, with support from their community
29 May 2013 with video

Syrian children with disabilities struggle with life in a refugee camp
28 May 2013

High in the hills of Ecuador, a boy with a genetic disorder dreams of flight
28 May 2013 with video

Emergency vaccination campaign protects children from measles in conflict-hit Bangui, Central African Republic
24 May 2013

In Mongolia, centre helps children with disabilities learn new skills
24 May 2013 with video

Vietnamese girl uses her talent and determination to inspire others
24 May 2013 with video

With a rising refugee population, a camp at risk of disease
22 May 2013

Health workers take a low-profile approach to help save lives
21 May 2013 with video

The next generation of Malawi's children stay HIV free with Option B+
20 May 2013 with video

In a refugee camp, getting more children in school and more schools for children
20 May 2013 with video

Tackling malnutrition in Uganda with homegrown solutions
17 May 2013 with video

Finding local solutions in a regional food crisis
16 May 2013

Podcast #75: UN Special Adviser says gender equality and girls' education critical in post-2015 goals
16 May 2013 with audio

UNICEF launches groundbreaking cholera toolkit
15 May 2013 with video

Lenny Kravitz asks for your help in saving children from preventable diseases
13 May 2013 with video

Back to school after Typhoon Bopha
13 May 2013 with video

A new pneumonia vaccine is launched to save thousands of children
10 May 2013 with video

Two drops for Mecca: Mother of polio-affected girl opens doors to vaccination
08 May 2013 with video

Executive Board members visit Bosnia and Herzegovina
07 May 2013 with video

Young people express creative views of disabilities for video contest
06 May 2013 with video

Solar power keeps vaccines cool in rural Haiti
02 May 2013 with video

Schools across Jordan provide hope for Syrian refugee children
02 May 2013 with video

In Ghana, community mobilizes against malnutrition
01 May 2013

UNICEF Executive Board visits Serbia
30 April 2013 with video

In Iraq, vaccination campaign reaches thousands of Syrian refugees
29 April 2013

Groundbreaking new vaccine will save lives in Somalia
29 April 2013 with video

Mobile health teams treat Syrian children and families where they shelter
26 April 2013

Podcast #74: Young people provide strategic advice on education issues
26 April 2013 with audio

In Jordan, Za'atari refugee camp hosts mass immunization campaign
25 April 2013 with video

Rwanda is first sub-Saharan African country to introduce dual measles and rubella vaccine
25 April 2013 with video

Severely malnourished children in Haiti thrive, with simple, affordable remedies
24 April 2013 with video

Nutrition campaign helps make Cambodia’s children strong, healthy and clever
24 April 2013

At a camp on the Syrian–Turkish border, talk of the past and present - and the future
23 April 2013 with video

People of Cyprus bring relief - and fun - to Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan
22 April 2013 with video

Mozambique rolls out new pneumococcal vaccine
22 April 2013

UNICEF supports Malians displaced by conflict
18 April 2013 with video

For young Syrian refugees in Jordan, photography is a record - and an outlet
18 April 2013 with video

UNICEF staff among TIME Magazine's annual list of 100 most influential people in the world
17 April 2013 with video

Reaching the fifth child in northern Viet Nam’s Lao Cai province
17 April 2013 with video

Local factory provides home-grown response to malnutrition in the Niger
17 April 2013 with video

Weekly boarding schools provide education and security for vulnerable children in Viet Nam
16 April 2013 with video

Fighting malnutrition in Bangladesh with education
16 April 2013 with video

Difference between life and death for children in Sindh province, Pakistan
15 April 2013 with video

UNICEF report reveals shocking cost of malnutrition and outlines unprecedented chance to defeat it
12 April 2013 with video

An offensive against malnutrition in Guatemala
12 April 2013 with video

On-the-job training for disadvantaged youth in Thailand
11 April 2013 with video

New health centres and community outreach tackle Chad's nutrition crisis
11 April 2013 with video

Report Card 11 released by UNICEF charts the well-being of children in 29 rich countries
09 April 2013

Katy Perry sees strides in children's education, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene in Madagascar
08 April 2013 with video

In Mali, information about breastfeeding is saving children's lives
08 April 2013

With volunteers risking their safety, humanitarian work has become part of fabric of community in Homs, Syrian Arab Republic
08 April 2013

UNICEF and Adobe team up on digital festival to empower young people
05 April 2013

A cash transfer programme helps a village in the Niger back on its feet
05 April 2013 with video

A digital journey through UNICEF's dream for children
04 April 2013

Six months after the floods, life is slowly returning to normal in Sindh province, Pakistan
04 April 2013 with video

Revolutionary optimists bring their message to UNICEF
03 April 2013 with video

A place of sanctuary for children of Homs, Syrian Arab Republic
03 April 2013

Children's lives on hold, in the Syrian Arab Republic
02 April 2013

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a powerful ally in the fight to end polio: Part 3 - The owl approach
02 April 2013

Parliamentarians address the rights of children with disabilities
02 April 2013 with video

In Angola, sharing the recipe for happiness to end preventable child deaths
01 April 2013

Trauma facility established by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in South Sudan is lifeline for young victims
01 April 2013

In Guatemala, Executive Director welcomes steps towards greater focus on child protection systems
01 April 2013

Children's health suffering, medical care insufficient, at camp sheltering Syrians
28 March 2013 with video

In Chad, reaching refugees from the Central African Republic with polio vaccine
28 March 2013

In a relatively quiet region of Mali, programme targets malaria deaths
27 March 2013

Event seeks to ensure issue of violence against children on post-2015 development agenda
26 March 2013 with video

Months after Typhoon Bopha, children in the Philippines at risk of malnutrition
26 March 2013 with video

It is lunchtime, at Chiaquelane transit centre in Mozambique
25 March 2013

Children find a safe space to learn in conflict-torn Homs, Syrian Arab Republic
25 March 2013 with video

In makeshift settlements in Lebanon, UNICEF delivers essential supplies to Syrian refugee children
25 March 2013 with video

Taking clean water and hygiene awareness to rural Pakistan
22 March 2013

UNICEF Executive Director inspired by efforts to end malnutrition and stunting in Guatemala
21 March 2013 with video

A community in Haiti works to protect water sources and improve sanitation
21 March 2013

In Amazonian Peru, a simple, life-saving solution to waterborne illness
21 March 2013 with video

New mobile application helps speed up family reunification for Congolese child refugees in Uganda
19 March 2013 with video

As more and more Malian refugees arrive in Mauritania, UNICEF steps up relief efforts
19 March 2013

To school, not to the mines: Investing in primary education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
18 March 2013

In Pakistan, addressing the root causes of child labour
18 March 2013

Podcast #73: Girls advocate for girls' education and gender equality
15 March 2013

In Jordan, a thirteen-year-old Syrian refugee talks about how his thoughts have never left home
15 March 2013 with video

Risk is inclusive: Young Armenians portray disaster risk reduction through film
14 March 2013 with video

Hossam and Shimaa, both 12, talk about how crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic has torn their lives apart
13 March 2013

Burned in an attack and now in exile in Lebanon, Adnan is one of the children at the heart of the Syrian crisis
13 March 2013

In the Niger, quality care saves a Malian refugee baby's life
12 March 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Director visits school and clinic benefitting from essential supplies in Zimbabwe
11 March 2013 with video

Early intervention and quality education to end violence against girls
08 March 2013 with video

New UNICEF National Ambassadors for Malaysia Upin and Ipin call on boys to respect, love and care for girls and women
08 March 2013 with video

Violence against women impedes development
07 March 2013 with video

A student gets his youngest brother back from an armed group in the Central African Republic
06 March 2013

UNICEF Executive Director and President of UNICEF Executive Board visit youth programmes that strike at HIV/AIDS in Botswana - and beyond
05 March 2013

International effort responds to the needs of children in Rakhine State, Myanmar, across ethnic lines
05 March 2013

Vaccination campaign in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo seeks to halt measles in its tracks
04 March 2013 with video

Podcast #72: Khan Academy brings education to the wired masses
04 March 2013

Family Health Days bring Ugandans the routine medical care they need
04 March 2013 with video

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a powerful ally in the fight to end polio: Part 2 - The Trojan horses
01 March 2013

School helps Malian refugee children in the Niger return to normalcy
01 March 2013 with video

In Malawi, centres care for child victims of rape
28 February 2013

Women heads of household struggle to support and protect family, in crisis-torn Syrian Arab Republic
27 February 2013

Children make the news in Bangladesh
27 February 2013 with video

After winter break and heavy rains, back to school at Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan
27 February 2013 with video

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director visits children in an adult prison in Jamaica
26 February 2013

In Haiti, a model for preventing, controlling and treating cholera in slums and tent cities
26 February 2013 with video

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, helping children of the mines find a way out
26 February 2013 with video

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a powerful ally in the fight to end polio: Part 1 - Meeting the Elephant King
25 February 2013

Podcast #71: Ahmad Alhendawi, newly appointed UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, on his new role
22 February 2013 with audio

UNICEF officer takes part in recent mission delivering critical relief supplies to displaced people in northwestern Syria
22 February 2013

Addressing inequalities is not a choice - it's a moral and practical necessity, says UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake
21 February 2013

At the 8th annual Children’s Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, dignity was in focus
21 February 2013 with video

Striking at malnutrition and building resilience in flood-prone Bangladesh
19 February 2013 with video

Protecting separated and unaccompanied Syrian refugee children in Jordan
19 February 2013

Podcast #70: Towards education for all in Haiti
15 February 2013

Food aid helps Malian refugees in Niger get through difficult times and tackle alarming malnutrition rates
15 February 2013 with video

Risks for children and women are far from over, in Mali
15 February 2013

16-year-old Syrian refugee describes living in Akcakale camp in Turkey
14 February 2013 with video

UNICEF officer shares the story of one young girl in Tartous, Syrian Arab Republic
14 February 2013

Quick response to Cyclone Giovanna had 20,000 children back in the classroom in Madagascar
13 February 2013 with video

In remote, winter-blasted regions of Mongolia, inclusive education for children
13 February 2013 with video

Community-based approach addresses acute malnutrition in Somalia
12 February 2013 with video

Field diary: In Syrian Arab Republic, pockets of hope in a world of chaos
11 February 2013

Without birth registration, children are shut out of society altogether
11 February 2013 with video

Murder of polio workers remembered as UNICEF Executive Board wraps up first session of 2013
08 February 2013 with video

Member States announce their contributions to the UNICEF Executive Board
07 February 2013 with video

Know your rights! UNICEF and partners have developed an adolescent-friendly version of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
07 February 2013

Looking back to look forward, UNICEF Executive Board reviews progress and plans for the future
06 February 2013 with video

UNICEF Executive Board begins new year celebrating partnership with the World Bank
05 February 2013 with video

Support in Mauritania for thousands of refugees from conflict in Mali
05 February 2013

UNICEF's emergency officer, Konady Kone, assesses the conditions in Jordan's Za'atari refugee camp
01 February 2013 with video

Pakistani youngsters tell stories of hope through one-minute films
30 January 2013 with video

Refuge from the floodwaters in Gaza province, Mozambique
29 January 2013 with video

Finnish rock star and UNICEF National Ambassador Jyrki Linnankivi visits Nicaragua to meet victims of trafficking
29 January 2013

African Leadership for Child Survival meeting in Ethiopia charts map for reducing child deaths
28 January 2013 with video

Dire situation for children in the Syrian Arab Republic - even where there is no fighting
25 January 2013

UNICEF Executive Board chooses its Bureau for 2013
23 January 2013 with video

Investment in children - the best buy in global health
22 January 2013 with video

A determined mother saves her son from the clutches of malnutrition in Chad
18 January 2013

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow asks the world to step up for Syrian refugees
16 January 2013 with video

Syrian refugees share their stories with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow during her visit to Lebanon
14 January 2013 with video

Three years after the devastating earthquake, a survey sheds light on the current status of children and women in Haiti
14 January 2013 with video

In the Philippines, securing clean water in the aftermath of Typhoon Bopha
11 January 2013 with video

Haunted by violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children relieve their pain through art
11 January 2013 with video

In Chad, anatomy of a vaccination campaign
10 January 2013 with video

Back-breaking and life-threatening labour in the tunnels the only option, say teenagers in the State of Palestine
09 January 2013

Attacking chronic malnutrition in the poorest rural areas of Nepal
09 January 2013 with video

In Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, working with children who have lived through war
07 January 2013

In the Niger, a pilot programme seeks to protect children, from the community level
04 January 2013 with video

NBA stars fight polio in northern Kenya
03 January 2013 with video

In Jordan, a campaign to vaccinate against polio and measles reaches 132,000 children
02 January 2013



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