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How mothers and community leaders tackled malnutrition in Mali
18 December 2017

How girls built a library in the Gaza Strip
18 December 2017

How visiting nurses help prevent child deaths in Kazakhstan
14 December 2017

Surviving HIV: Preventing mother-to-child transmission in Burundi
07 December 2017

The search for Lesotho’s most vulnerable families
27 November 2017

The heroes keeping the water flowing for families in eastern Ukraine
20 November 2017

How toilets are saving lives and money in Afghanistan
16 November 2017

A warmer winter for refugee children in Serbia
14 November 2017

Making childbirth safer in South Sudan
08 November 2017

Mothers fight malnutrition in Burkina Faso, one child at a time
08 November 2017

Striving for uninterrupted learning for every child in Mali
07 November 2017

Investing in better care during babies' first days is saving lives in Kyrgyzstan
02 November 2017

Mobile medical teams provide a lifeline for children in Yemen
15 October 2017

Hurricane Maria aftermath: Children's education on hold in Dominica
11 October 2017

Stolen childhood: Gang violence in El Salvador
06 October 2017

Rohingya crisis
27 September 2017 with video

Agents of change: Children in Lesotho bring improved sanitation from classrooms to communities
26 September 2017

‘The night the sea rose’: Families from Barbuda and Cuba reflect on surviving Hurricane Irma
22 September 2017

Communities make children’s early learning possible in Timor-Leste
22 September 2017

The long and dangerous path to school in eastern Ukraine
20 September 2017

Ending child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone
18 September 2017

UNICEF Executive Board session closes emphasizing strong partnerships for every child
17 September 2017

Cash assistance helps Syrian children with disabilities to pursue their dreams
13 September 2017

Antiguans and Barbudans unite to recover from Hurricane Irma’s destruction
12 September 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, families flee the ravaged island of Barbuda ahead of the next storm
08 September 2017

In one of El Salvador’s most dangerous neighbourhoods, a father creates a brighter future for his children
07 September 2017

Nepalese communities confront flood aftermath
06 September 2017

How a boy and inclusive education changed an entire community in Serbia
29 August 2017

Clean water changes lives in a town in South Sudan
25 August 2017

4 things you need to know about water and famine
24 August 2017

Child-friendly spaces offer respite for Raqqa’s displaced children
22 August 2017

Africa's first humanitarian drone corridor launched in Malawi
22 August 2017

Gaza children face acute water and sanitation crisis
18 August 2017

Floods affect millions in Bangladesh, India and Nepal
18 August 2017

Mobilizing communities to fight a severe cholera outbreak in South Sudan
17 August 2017

Back to school: Afghan teenager in Serbia aims to fulfil her dreams
15 August 2017

A Syrian doctor’s determination in the face of violence and displacement
14 August 2017

Children under attack in Yemen: Hameed’s story
11 August 2017

In Turkey, country-wide vaccinations help Syrian refugee children stay healthy
09 August 2017

A champion for breastfeeding in Côte d'Ivoire
07 August 2017

A father from the start: Promoting early childhood development in Cuba
02 August 2017

In east Aleppo, clinics on wheels keep children healthy
01 August 2017

How promoting breastfeeding helped a village in Mali drastically reduce child stunting
31 July 2017

The Dominican Republic’s invisible children
27 July 2017

In search of safety: South Sudanese children travel alone to reach refugee camps in Darfur
26 July 2017

Poverty drives child labour in Gaza
20 July 2017

Families in despair as cholera outbreak spreads across Yemen
18 July 2017

Landmines pose the latest threat to children in Raqqa
11 July 2017

Fathya and the army of volunteers combating cholera in Yemen
05 July 2017

UNICEF Ethiopia and Somalia join forces to reach severely malnourished children with life-saving treatment
30 June 2017

Thousands of community health workers bring lifesaving services to mother and baby in rural Sierra Leone
29 June 2017

Falling through the cracks: Yemen’s forgotten children in a cholera crisis
23 June 2017

In Angola, a refugee centre offers new hope for a boy who lost his family
20 June 2017

Annual Session of UNICEF Executive Board closes with focus on field visits and equity
19 June 2017 with video

Meet a health surveillance assistant with a heart to serve in Malawi
15 June 2017 with video

Lives improved, lives saved: UNICEF Executive Board reflects on progress made and challenges ahead
14 June 2017 with video

Violence and displacement stalk children in Raqqa
08 June 2017

Fighting famine in Aweil, South Sudan, as acute malnutrition rates continue to rise
07 June 2017

Palestinian children with disabilities are determined to learn
02 June 2017

Using data to improve education in Angola
31 May 2017

In Kyrgyzstan, girls lift shroud of shame on menstruation
24 May 2017

One year on: a community in Darfur built from the ashes
24 May 2017

Children of Yemen are in the grip of the second cholera outbreak in six months
22 May 2017

Myanmar children in a Kachin camp hope for peace
19 May 2017

A new life after spending teen years in Myanmar army
18 May 2017

Broken sanctuary: attacks on schools in Myanmar
18 May 2017

"Some days I just have to listen": A family therapist works with Syrian refugees in Turkey
12 May 2017

A Syrian physician brings personal experience to polio immunization campaign
10 May 2017

Water, sanitation and hygiene: the basics of infection control in Sierra Leone
08 May 2017

In El Salvador, a teenager worries about raising her child in a climate of violence
04 May 2017

In Yemen, a young girl overcomes adversity to excel in school
01 May 2017

Displaced Syrian mothers confront hardship with determination
27 April 2017

In Romania, a teacher’s care helps shape her students’ future
26 April 2017

In Namibia, a new mother brings early childhood development to her community
25 April 2017

Malawi hunger crisis forces teenage girls to sell sex
20 April 2017

In Cuba, getting children back into classrooms after Hurricane Matthew
20 April 2017

In Damascus, water cuts and crumbling sewage systems pose serious health risks
13 April 2017

Scoring goals for peace in Iraq
11 April 2017

Healing emotional wounds from conflict in eastern Ukraine
06 April 2017

In Sierra Leone, new hospital facilities help save mothers' lives
05 April 2017

UNICEF seawater desalination plant helps head off Gaza water crisis
04 April 2017

Innovative cash transfer programme supports Syrian children with disabilities
03 April 2017

In Kenya, severe drought threatens to leave 4 million food insecure
30 March 2017

Unsung heroes: Vaccinators climb mountains to save children’s lives in Yemen
27 March 2017

Hundreds of thousands affected by devastating floods in Peru
25 March 2017

Amid conflict and food insecurity in Yemen, a young girl fights for her life
22 March 2017

Meet the teenagers in Brazil’s urban centres who are taking charge of their future
22 March 2017

Averting famine and saving lives in South Sudan
20 March 2017

A place called home: looking after Syrian children who have lost their families
18 March 2017

Sirens and bomb shelters: Going to school in eastern Ukraine
14 March 2017

Basement schools provide safety and vital continuity for Syrian children under siege
14 March 2017

Nyankena’s story: Fighting malnutrition and hoping for a peaceful future in South Sudan
13 March 2017

“Wherever we went, death followed us”: A Syrian family’s tragedy
09 March 2017

Response and prevention: battling cholera in Haiti
09 March 2017

In Mali, preschool and super parents help young children flourish
06 March 2017

Vitamin enriched flour to help prevent birth defects in Kyrgyzstan
03 March 2017

A look inside Belize’s first child-friendly family court
02 March 2017

The dual threat of Boko Haram and malnutrition in north-east Nigeria
24 February 2017

Helping Sierra Leone’s newborns survive and grow
21 February 2017

In Yemen, fighting to survive in a country plagued by malnutrition
13 February 2017

Social aid brings renewed hope to families in Romania
10 February 2017

In Kenya, a mother leads the movement to stop FGM in her community
09 February 2017

Results for children: UNICEF Executive Board adopts road map to the Strategic Plan, 2018–2021
09 February 2017

UNICEF approach key to achieving results for children and building peace
08 February 2017 with video

Two Syrian sisters back in school after losing three years of education
08 February 2017

Working with children to build peace in Palestinian communities
06 February 2017

Children left vulnerable after heavy fighting in Ukraine
03 February 2017

What you need to know about female genital mutilation
02 February 2017

In Yemen, conflict and poverty exacerbate child malnutrition
30 January 2017

School helps children in eastern Ukraine cope with stress of armed conflict
25 January 2017

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon at risk of child labour, missing out on education
23 January 2017

Pursuing education in the face of the Syrian conflict: Manar’s story
20 January 2017

Syrian children forced to quit school, marry early to survive
19 January 2017

Child protection services in Cuba: Jorge's story
18 January 2017

Achieving justice for child victims of sexual violence in Sierra Leone
13 January 2017

How a new app streamlines care for vulnerable families in Romania
13 January 2017

Syrian children suffer as taps run dry in Damascus
12 January 2017

Mother of three in Georgia struggles to make ends meet
10 January 2017

Hurricane Matthew three months on: Life for Haiti's children
09 January 2017

World AIDS Day 2017: Global AIDS targets won't be met unless progress accelerates
30 November 2016 with video

For one child education is solution to Yemen violence
22 November 2016



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