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Fun relief for children in north-east Nigeria
30 December 2016

Children displaced from east Aleppo: distressed, injured, alone
29 December 2016

After years of conflict, schools reopen and hope returns to Fallujah
21 December 2016

In Nigeria, newly accessible areas reveal scale of crisis
21 December 2016

From shoemaker to student: Aleppo teenager goes back to school
19 December 2016

In Guinea-Bissau, teenagers sing the praises of handwashing
15 December 2016 with video

Children design the school of their dreams in the Gaza Strip
14 December 2016

400,000 children in north-east Nigeria at risk of severe acute malnutrition
13 December 2016

Winter is the latest threat to children in conflict-ridden Aleppo
12 December 2016

Measles outbreak poses new threat to children in Somalia
12 December 2016

Social services in Romania give a young mother a helping hand
08 December 2016

In the face of Hurricane Matthew, disaster risk reduction saves lives in Cuba
06 December 2016

In Kyrgyzstan, promoting community care for children with disabilities
01 December 2016

Foster families in Haiti: One girl’s story
29 November 2016

Underground amusement park gives Syrian children chance to play
25 November 2016

Georgia’s children with disabilities struggle against stigmatization
23 November 2016

PrEP: Testing new solutions for better outcomes in HIV prevention
23 November 2016

From Boko Haram captive to children's teacher: Femi's inspiring story
22 November 2016

Youth are key actors for peace in Burundi
21 November 2016

SMS reporting saves lives in Sierra Leone
21 November 2016

Nigeria’s ‘Iron Lady’ of water and sanitation
18 November 2016

Syrian families flee fighting in Raqqa area, as humanitarian needs increase
17 November 2016

Modu’s big dreams: Back to school in north-east Nigeria
17 November 2016

Back to school in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
16 November 2016

First UNICEF-led interagency aid convoy reaches Mosul
15 November 2016

Unconditional cash grants are a lifeline for a mother in Yemen
15 November 2016

Water cuts add to the daily challenge of survival for Aleppo’s children
13 November 2016

From troubled past to bright future: A new start for vulnerable adolescents in Kosovo
10 November 2016

Small Grants initiative brings new ideas to life in eastern Ukraine
09 November 2016

Combatting severe acute malnutrition in Phnom Penh’s vulnerable communities
08 November 2016

Iraqi families flee Mosul, seeking refuge across the Syrian border
07 November 2016

Working with communities to curb malnutrition in Sierra Leone
03 November 2016

Learning without limits: Inclusive education gives children room to grow in Cuba
02 November 2016

School in a cave gives Syrian children a safe learning environment
01 November 2016

In Angola, keeping yellow fever cases at zero
31 October 2016

Displaced children in Iraq tell their stories
26 October 2016

Community kindergartens address preschool education gap in Kyrgyzstan
25 October 2016

The fight against cholera in Yemen
24 October 2016

In Cambodia, bringing essential care to children and mothers in remote communities
24 October 2016

Yearning for a better future in the Syrian Arab Republic
21 October 2016

Protecting children from violations and abuse in Gaza
21 October 2016

Meet the uprooted children and families of Borno State, Nigeria
19 October 2016

In eastern Aleppo, going to school is a challenge
14 October 2016

Living in peace: Community engagement for child protection in Rakhine State
12 October 2016

Helping communities in Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew
11 October 2016

In South Africa, Techno Girl opens doors in science and technology
10 October 2016

A day in the life of a teacher in Ethiopia
04 October 2016

In Yemen, a mother’s determination keeps her children in school
03 October 2016

Community leaders unite against malnutrition in Burundi
30 September 2016

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, protecting and empowering children with albinism in schools
26 September 2016

What next for Nigeria’s children?
22 September 2016

Preventing measles and rubella in Namibia's remote communities
20 September 2016

Executive Board reflects on results achieved in 2016, with an eye towards Agenda 2030
18 September 2016

Executive Board session opens with Executive Director’s call for a focus on results
15 September 2016 with video

A healthy start for babies born in displacement camps in Iraq
15 September 2016

From sitting on the floor to the top of the class in Yemen
15 September 2016

With 10 new stations, radio reach expands in rural Guinea
14 September 2016

In Namibia, ‘Little Bugs’ brings early childhood development to the desert
12 September 2016

Life returns to parts of conflict-ridden Borno
30 August 2016

When cleanliness nears godliness in Bhutan
29 August 2016

The miracle of Dzawandai, Cameroon
23 August 2016

Education under fire: Schools in Aleppo damaged in renewed fighting
18 August 2016

'Xô Zika!' Children on the front line of Zika virus vector control in Campina Grande, Brazil
18 August 2016

A race against time to stop the spread of polio in Nigeria
17 August 2016

In Ghana, including all children in the classroom
16 August 2016

Transforming the lives of Indonesian children with early childhood education
11 August 2016

A day in the life of a community midwife in Yemen
10 August 2016

Preparing for the deluge, a camp in Iraq is quickly built from scratch
09 August 2016

Averting a major health crisis in Yemen’s capital city
03 August 2016

In Guinea-Bissau, exclusive breastfeeding protects the lives of infants and mothers
02 August 2016

Children in Aleppo threatened by new intense fighting and denial of life-saving aid
02 August 2016

In South Sudan, child malnutrition worsens as conflict hinders response
01 August 2016

In drought-stricken Ethiopia, stopping measles in its tracks
28 July 2016

Safe havens: Burundi’s re-education centres protect formerly detained children
27 July 2016

Syrian children’s courage for education offers hope amid grim realities
25 July 2016

Back to school after fighting in Yemen’s conflict
22 July 2016

Supporting children distressed by fighting in South Sudan
21 July 2016

In Ghana, a long overdue ‘place of convenience’ for an entire community
20 July 2016

In Sierra Leone, saving lives with early infant diagnosis of HIV
19 July 2016

In Tanzania, child protection systems keep children safe from harm
18 July 2016

“Camps have become a way of life” for families fleeing violence in South Sudan
16 July 2016

In Bangladesh, children bear the brunt of Cyclone Roanu
08 July 2016

In Serbia, building confidence through music
07 July 2016

Fighting malnutrition in Pakistan with a helping hand from children abroad
07 July 2016

Escaping violence in South Sudan: Lives uprooted, families torn apart
06 July 2016

In Vanuatu, children with disabilities recover and thrive one year after the cyclone
05 July 2016

In North Darfur, Child Friendly Spaces bring happiness and stability in the shadow of conflict
05 July 2016

For internally displaced in South Darfur, finding water is a new challenge
05 July 2016

In Kosovo, a second chance for vulnerable children
30 June 2016

A seven-year ordeal: A street child’s experience in Burundi
28 June 2016

Cash assistance helps Syrian children in Iraq catch up on education
27 June 2016

In Angola, mosquito nets keep malaria out
20 June 2016

Families welcome vaccination campaign in Yemen
20 June 2016

Giving every child a fair chance: UNICEF Executive Board concludes with a look back on programmes in Argentina and Côte d’Ivoire
17 June 2016 with video

Marching with mobiles in Guinea
15 June 2016

What works and what can be done better: UNICEF Executive Board reflects on lessons learned from the first two years of its Strategic Plan
15 June 2016 with video

The long road to safety in Serbia
13 June 2016

From inside Darayya: UNICEF on first humanitarian convoys to enter besieged Syrian city in four years
07 June 2016

Solar pumps bring safe water to families in Myanmar
03 June 2016

It’s good to talk: Technology for children in China and Indonesia
02 June 2016

Teenagers help their peers stay safe online in Asia-Pacific
01 June 2016

Learning for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo
26 May 2016

Safe from harm: Tackling online child sexual abuse in the Philippines
26 May 2016

Making strides to improve maternal health in Sierra Leone
25 May 2016

‘WASHComs’ drive change in northern Nigeria
24 May 2016

In Timor-Leste’s remote communities, parents and children learn together
23 May 2016

In Cuba, celebrating differences through inclusive football
16 May 2016

Youth lead by example in Burundi
13 May 2016

Saving lives during childbirth in rural Liberia
11 May 2016

Signs of recovery amid the siege in Madaya
09 May 2016

In Yemen, US$100 can save a life
05 May 2016

In Ecuador, struggling to meet basic needs after the earthquake
03 May 2016

A second chance at schooling for pregnant teenagers in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone
27 April 2016

In Sierra Leone, clean water returns to a rural school
25 April 2016

A child-headed household perseveres a year after the Nepal earthquake
21 April 2016

In Nepal, growing up at the epicentre
21 April 2016

After the earthquake, schoolchildren in Nepal adjust to a new reality
20 April 2016

A head start in Timor-Leste
20 April 2016

For female health workers in India, a new digital tool puts data at their fingertips
19 April 2016

In South Sudan, a bumpy start to a joyful family reunion
18 April 2016

Boosting birth registration in Pakistan with mobile phones
15 April 2016

Helping children cope with violence in Yemen
14 April 2016

Clubs, books and tape: The low-tech solutions saving children’s lives in Sierra Leone
13 April 2016

A Syrian boy’s journey to Germany
12 April 2016

A harrowing escape from Boko Haram in Nigeria
11 April 2016

In Madaya, permanent scars met with glimmers of hope
07 April 2016

The midwife of Mukalla, Yemen
22 March 2016

Children carry the keys to the homes they fled, in Jebel Marra, Sudan
22 March 2016

Learning reaches displaced and refugee children in the Niger
22 March 2016

Bringing warmth to refugee families sheltering in Lebanon
03 March 2016

Children and cricket team up for a cleaner India
03 March 2016

Families look to rebuild, in the wake of the cyclone that ravaged Fiji
03 March 2016

UNICEF delivers urgent aid to besieged communities in the Syrian Arab Republic
26 February 2016

Mothers take on malnutrition in Burundi
23 February 2016

Children resume exams in South Sudan
23 February 2016

Air pollution is endangering children’s health in Mongolia
23 February 2016

Giving up guns to tend goats gives children hope in South Sudan
11 February 2016

Syrian children cultivate some happiness, at a communal shelter
02 February 2016

On the beat with a community health worker in Sierra Leone
27 January 2016

In Yemen, a young Messi from Sana’a
25 January 2016

An effort to keep girls in school and out of marriage, in Sierra Leone
22 January 2016

In rural Lesotho, reaching communities with basic services
20 January 2016

In Yemen, a classroom called home
18 January 2016

In Swaziland, a rape victim finds a safe space for recovery
15 January 2016

In Pakistan, cultivating young entrepreneurs
14 January 2016

In Nigeria, a family reunion and a new school
13 January 2016



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