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A lifeline for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone
31 December 2015

Sharing cherished memories provides vital comfort for Syrian children
31 December 2015

Stolen childhoods: In Burundi, growing up amid violence
17 December 2015

The quiet crisis of Central America’s unaccompanied migrant children
16 December 2015 with video

In Mali, learning again after a lengthy absence
14 December 2015

Caring for malnourished children in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone
11 December 2015

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a rush to contain measles
09 December 2015

Bringing books to children in Thailand’s remote mountain districts
08 December 2015

Keys to reducing child mortality in Sudan
04 December 2015

Helping refugees and migrants weather the Balkan winter
02 December 2015

A young Iraqi uses talent and compassion to face an unfair life
30 November 2015

Growing up too fast in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone
25 November 2015

In Chad, girls’ dreams robbed by marriage
20 November 2015

In Myanmar, uniting for children’s health and nutrition
19 November 2015

In Afghanistan, mending spirits and providing warmth
18 November 2015

In Burundi, starting again from scratch
17 November 2015

Taking the steps for a birth certificate, in the Democratic Republic of Congo
12 November 2015

Energy equity for vulnerable children in Burundi
11 November 2015

In Iraq, taking steps to stamp out cholera
09 November 2015

In Sierra Leone, preventing Ebola with a laugh
06 November 2015

Refugee children on the shores of Europe
05 November 2015 with video

In Côte d’Ivoire, young reporters connect with their community
04 November 2015

In Pakistan, reconstruction and resilience in earthquake’s aftermath
04 November 2015

In Guinea, helping children find joy after a great loss
02 November 2015

Child-friendly spaces aid recovery in Iraq
30 October 2015

A partnership to raise prosperity and protect children in rural Pakistan
29 October 2015

In Sudan, mothers learn how to keep their children healthy
27 October 2015

In Yemen, helping teachers help children
23 October 2015

Providing care and protection, in Ebola times and beyond
19 October 2015

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a partnership to save children from malnutrition
14 October 2015

Caught in Europe’s refugee crisis, children caring for themselves and each other
13 October 2015

In Sierra Leone, working with communities to curb teenage pregnancies
07 October 2015

Reaching out to ensure vaccination for children in Timor-Leste
06 October 2015

In Sierra Leone, fighting Ebola on two wheels
01 October 2015

Education offers hope to thousands of boys and girls displaced in Sudan
30 September 2015

In Cameroon, far from home, but nurtured by a family
29 September 2015

In Yemen, eager to learn, despite the fighting
27 September 2015

In South Sudan, clean water at last
24 September 2015

A community centre in eastern Ukraine offers respite for vulnerable families
24 September 2015

Clean water for returnees in the Democratic Republic of Congo
18 September 2015

“If I don’t help these children, who will?”
17 September 2015

In Iraq, building a team on the field and off
16 September 2015

In a Malian village, a simple wish for clean water
15 September 2015

The struggle to reach Syrian children with quality nutrition
08 September 2015

In Myanmar, the power of education to build a joint future
04 September 2015

Staying safe in Ebola quarantine without Mum or Dad
28 August 2015

In Haiti’s cholera crisis, getting from despair to hope
28 August 2015

In Ethiopia, a partnership to improve nutrition
24 August 2015

Providing access to clean water in Myanmar’s Rakhine state
21 August 2015

Repeated migrations and increasing vulnerability in Burundi
20 August 2015

In Ukraine, life can change in a minute
19 August 2015 with video

In the ruins of a Syrian city, a woman’s courage endures
18 August 2015

In Sierra Leone, hope and challenges as quarantine camp closes
14 August 2015

“They call me teacher”: Promoting better health in the midst of Yemen’s crisis
13 August 2015

For Burundian children in Tanzania, a safe place for learning
12 August 2015

Field diary: Gardenias grow in the shattered city of Homs
10 August 2015

In Chad, health care for mothers and babies around the clock
07 August 2015

In Tanzania, using mobile technology to reunite families
06 August 2015

In Yemen, mobile health teams help save lives and prevent illness
05 August 2015

In Sierra Leone, addressing Ebola’s impact on birth registration
31 July 2015

In Sierra Leone, beating the drum against Ebola
30 July 2015

Iraq: “I couldn’t imagine that we were finally united.”
30 July 2015

In Nepal, a partnership for improving child and maternal nutrition
28 July 2015

Finding safe shelter in Burundi
27 July 2015

In Nepal, escaping an uncertain fate
24 July 2015

From fighter to builder: A successful reintegration in the Democratic Republic of Congo
23 July 2015

Clean water transforms a shelter for displaced Syrian families
22 July 2015

In Pakistan, countering malnutrition among the most vulnerable
20 July 2015

In eastern Ukraine, water shortage puts babies and mothers at risk
16 July 2015

In a refugee camp, education is the only hope
15 July 2015

In Burundi, refugee movements exacerbate food insecurity
14 July 2015

In Guinea, radio helps schoolchildren catch up on learning
10 July 2015

Yemen’s marginalized children caught in the middle of conflict
08 July 2015

The children living in Gaza’s rubble
08 July 2015

A job and a bicycle: A refugee boy’s struggle to survive in Lebanon
02 July 2015

In Burundi, quick action to contain cholera
01 July 2015

In Bangladesh, a partnership to prevent malnutrition
01 July 2015

Malnutrition a growing risk for Burundian refugee children in the United Republic of Tanzania
23 June 2015

UNICEF Executive Board concludes with a presentation of field visits to Madagascar and Malaysia
19 June 2015 with video

UNICEF Executive Board reaffirms commitment to giving every child a fair chance in life
17 June 2015 with video

Nutrition support for a Congolese community and the refugees it has taken in
11 June 2015

In Nepal, a safe haven for homeless mothers and newborns
10 June 2015

In Iraq, getting water to go uphill
09 June 2015

Burundian children cross to safety, and back again
05 June 2015

In eastern Ukraine, mobile psychologists bring relief to children
04 June 2015

In Nepal, twin sisters who survived two earthquakes try to regain their lives
04 June 2015

In Nepal, Ramita can smile again
01 June 2015

A nurse and a family kit help save children’s lives
29 May 2015

A rush to help Burundi’s refugee children in Tanzania
28 May 2015

In Sierra Leone, supporting Ebola survivors on the road to recovery
26 May 2015

Preventing malaria in South Sudan, one net at a time
22 May 2015

Soap and a toothbrush, a welcome relief in Nepal
21 May 2015

In Yemen, a mother struggles to keep her children alive
20 May 2015

In Guinea, reaching out to root out Ebola
19 May 2015

In Chad, making quality education a reality for a million children
18 May 2015

In Namibia, reaching rural communities with good health practices
14 May 2015

Out of school in Nepal’s remote villages, children chase leopards instead
11 May 2015

Among Iraq’s displaced, creating safe spaces for children
11 May 2015

"Please stop this war": Yemeni children hope for end to conflict
06 May 2015

In Nepal, psychosocial counselling goes on the radio
04 May 2015

In Malawi, asking “What does water mean to you?”
01 May 2015

“When will we get our homes back?”: Children in Nepal cope with earthquake’s aftermath
30 April 2015

In Burundi, inclusive learning builds a path to achievement
28 April 2015

In Sierra Leone, two Ebola survivors share a common bond – and a future together
23 April 2015

Fighting malaria and maternal mortality, in the Democratic Republic of Congo
22 April 2015

In Burundi, bringing the fight against child killers closer to home
20 April 2015

A partnership to help vaccinate children against measles in Pakistan
17 April 2015

In Burundi, a one-stop shop for children living on the street
16 April 2015

In Pakistan, a vaccinator’s resolve
15 April 2015

In Sierra Leone, hopes of saving the school year
13 April 2015

Nourishing newborns in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone
07 April 2015

Education amid conflict in Nigeria
07 April 2015

Measures to safeguard schools in Ebola-hit Liberia point to need for continued vigilance
30 March 2015

A community bores deep for water, in Democratic Republic of the Congo
20 March 2015

The SMS reporting revolution takes on Ebola, in Sierra Leone
09 March 2015

Life is too expensive for families living in extreme poverty in Madagascar
04 March 2015

Surviving together, in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone
03 March 2015

In Burundi, new beginnings for conflict-affected communities
27 February 2015

Six months after ceasefire, children of Gaza are trapped in trauma
26 February 2015 with video

Protecting children exploited for sex, in Thailand – and Asia-Pacific
24 February 2015

In Sierra Leone, Ebola survivors begin to find acceptance
23 February 2015

In South Sudan, a school reopens, but risks remain
20 February 2015

In Madagascar, young people in the service of community and environment
19 February 2015 with video

In Lebanon, mobile medical units provide life-saving care
17 February 2015 with video

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, martial arts help children get away from fighting
11 February 2015 with video

A safe burial for an Ebola victim in Liberia
09 February 2015

In Benin, a new life for Solange
06 February 2015

After a devastating year for children, UNICEF Executive Board considers increasing the emergency fund
04 February 2015

Willing to fail: Innovating for positive change
03 February 2015

In Malawi, ramping up health and nutrition support for flooding’s youngest victims
29 January 2015

Social mobilizers empower ‘hotspot’ communities to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
28 January 2015

After dodging bullets in school, Yemeni children hope for a safer future
28 January 2015

In South Sudan, a long way back to freedom
27 January 2015

In the misery of Malawi’s floods, finding a way forward
25 January 2015

In Haiti, 15 new schools bring better learning to remote areas
22 January 2015 with video

Angélique Kidjo shows support for out-of-school children in Benin
16 January 2015

Koranic schools in Nigeria join the drive for universal education
16 January 2015

In Nigeria, a partnership for improved sanitation, hygiene and safe water
15 January 2015

Hunting Ebola virus in Liberia
09 January 2015

Côte d’Ivoire redoubles its efforts to prevent malaria
06 January 2015



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