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After Ebola – a boy's return to life, and his community, in Sierra Leone
30 December 2014

From cocoa field to classroom, in Côte d’Ivoire
26 December 2014

After the tsunami – a Thai fishing village, 10 years on
22 December 2014

In Haiti, a long walk for education
19 December 2014

Survivors fighting against Ebola in Sierra Leone
19 December 2014

“We left everything behind”: A young girl in Chad recalls the night she fled
18 December 2014 with video

In South Sudan, breaking down barriers to girls' education
11 December 2014

An invisible emergency in Ukraine
11 December 2014

Well prepared, children and families weather the storm in Quezon City, Philippines
10 December 2014

A teacher’s turf: Community outreach in the fight against Ebola
05 December 2014

In Pakistan, a skilled birth attendant delivers health and safety for mothers and children
03 December 2014 with video

Giving exposure to child rights in Mali
01 December 2014

Podcast #95 – Hearing a solution: Student creates technology to help people with visual impairments learn science
25 November 2014

Young Chadians express their views on violence
24 November 2014

In Nigeria, combining nutritional support and birth registration under one roof
21 November 2014

In Sierra Leone, bringing isolation closer to home
20 November 2014

A taste of hope in South Sudan
12 November 2014

In Mali, united against Ebola – a transporter’s pledge
11 November 2014

In Mali, using play to help treat malnutrition
07 November 2014 with video

One year on, children affected by Typhoon Haiyan share images of hope
06 November 2014

In Sri Lanka, education strives for “a big win for everyone”
04 November 2014 with video

In Sierra Leone, vaccinations another casualty of Ebola
03 November 2014

In Mongolia, bringing attention to the plight of child jockeys
31 October 2014

After fleeing violence, Iraq’s displaced children face a deadly winter
29 October 2014 with video

In Mali, keeping ahead of Ebola
27 October 2014

In northern Nigeria, a little cash goes a long way towards getting girls to school
24 October 2014

In Sierra Leone, getting back to school – on the airwaves
21 October 2014

In Tanzania, empowering girls, fighting HIV
20 October 2014

In Burkina Faso, sowing the seeds for a sustainable future
17 October 2014 with video

Surviving Ebola in Sierra Leone – a child’s story
16 October 2014

In Nigeria, texting to prevent Ebola
13 October 2014

In South Sudan, a single mother’s fight to survive
10 October 2014

Podcast #94 – Day of the Girl 2014 – Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the cycle of violence
09 October 2014

In Côte d’Ivoire, Ebola knocking on the door
08 October 2014 with video

Finding a way to stop child recruitment in Afghanistan
07 October 2014

Children dance for peace in Chad
03 October 2014 with video

In Nigeria, battling the stigma of Ebola
30 September 2014

Overcoming loss in the rubble of Gaza
29 September 2014 with video

New supplies bring hope to Syrian schools
26 September 2014

Sustaining the commitment to preventing a lost generation of Syrian children
24 September 2014 with video

Protecting vulnerable children through government support for families
23 September 2014

In Egypt, preschool brings a sense of normalcy to Syrian refugee children
22 September 2014

In Nigeria, social mobilizers fight Ebola – and misinformation
17 September 2014

In Gaza, children go back to school after a devastating summer
16 September 2014 with video

UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection
12 September 2014

In Cameroon, struggling to address a polio outbreak
11 September 2014

UNICEF Executive Board puts focus on record number of children living in emergencies
09 September 2014 with video

Treating the hidden wounds of Gaza's children
08 September 2014

Displaced in northern Iraq, a mother protects her children
05 September 2014

In Ghana, an effort to abolish violent discipline in schools
03 September 2014

Finding a safe space for learning in a country beset by violence
20 August 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, simple and sustainable solutions for rural communities’ water needs
19 August 2014

In Niger, help for children living on the streets
18 August 2014 with video

In Nigeria, a message for maternal and child health
15 August 2014

A young girl dreams, despite adversity
14 August 2014 with video

In a country in conflict, a single hospital for children
12 August 2014 with video

A long path to recovery for children in Gaza
05 August 2014

A partnership provides life-saving treatment in Mali
05 August 2014 with video

In South Sudan, response to looming threats of disease and malnutrition is a race against time and the elements
01 August 2014

No safe place for children in Gaza
28 July 2014

Vaccination campaign to reach most vulnerable children in Lebanon
23 July 2014

Amid the crowds sheltering in a school, a displaced Iraqi girl dreams of home
22 July 2014

Young health volunteer tackles HIV among adolescents in Brazil
17 July 2014

Adolescent girl club in Sierra Leone tackles teenage pregnancy and engenders independence
15 July 2014 with video

Children bear the brunt of renewed fighting in Gaza
14 July 2014

Mia Farrow talks about the tremendous loss suffered by children and women displaced in the Central African Republic
07 July 2014 with audio and video

A Malian refugee girl in Niger chooses school over marriage
01 July 2014 with video

“We were forced to kill,” recalls child released from armed forces in Chad
30 June 2014

Crowds turn up for polio vaccinations in Nigeria’s north-east
27 June 2014

In South Sudan, educating children in crisis
24 June 2014

Adolescent theatre builds peace in Sierra Leone
23 June 2014 with video

Podcast #92 – More funding needed to keep the promise of education
23 June 2014

In Indonesia, building new traditions for a healthier future
19 June 2014 with video

In Chad, seeing reality through children’s eyes
17 June 2014 with video

In Nigeria, bringing the message of education for all
13 June 2014 with video

In Burkina Faso, getting children out of the gold mines
11 June 2014 with video

A bright future for girls: UNICEF Executive Board focuses on achieving gender equality
09 June 2014 with video

Podcast #91 – Innovations in peacebuilding: How technology is changing the way we see the world and respond to violent conflict
06 June 2014

Measuring results: UNICEF Executive Board discusses progress for children
05 June 2014

UNICEF Executive Board puts spotlight on Africa’s children
03 June 2014 with video

In Kenya, protecting against a silent killer
02 June 2014 with video

In Swaziland, child victims of abuse find a shoulder to cry on
27 May 2014

In rural China, an innovative solution to reaching to vulnerable children
23 May 2014

In the fight against malnutrition, knowledge is power
16 May 2014 with video

Partnering for better nutrition in rural fishing communities in the Philippines
15 May 2014 with video

A joint effort to reach Mali's malnourished children
14 May 2014 with video

Afghan villagers struggle to cope with landslides, floods and an uncertain future
13 May 2014 with video

European Union and UNICEF join forces against child malnutrition in the Philippines
12 May 2014 with video

In the Philippines, trying to move on after a typhoon's devastation
07 May 2014 with video

In Bolivia, working towards a brighter future for children
06 May 2014

With conflict raging in South Sudan, recruitment of children into armed groups is on the rise
05 May 2014

Lost and alone: One girl's nightmare amid the violence of South Sudan
02 May 2014

In the Syrian Arab Republic, mobile teams extend the reach of vaccination effort
01 May 2014 with video

Layers of loss: An interview with photojournalist Kate Holt on South Sudan
30 April 2014 with video

Displaced by violence, children in the Central African Republic face another threat: malnutrition
28 April 2014 with video

Lives depend on it: Fighting malaria in Chad
25 April 2014 with video

In Kabul, an all-out effort to stop the spread of polio
24 April 2014 with video

Response teams rush to treat rising malnutrition in South Sudan
23 April 2014

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom visits Syrian children in Jordan
22 April 2014

Routine immunization aims to save children's lives in Central African Republic
21 April 2014

"We try to make the violence disappear": The challenge of teaching amid conflict
17 April 2014 with video

Broken by Typhoon Haiyan, the cold chain gets up and running again
11 April 2014 with video

“They killed my dear brother”: Civilians caught in the conflict in the Central African Republic
09 April 2014

Syrian children with disabilities are back to learning, at Homs school club
07 April 2014 with video

Families displaced by violence remain hopeful that peace will return to the Central African Republic
03 April 2014

Amid the chaos of conflict in South Sudan, reuniting separated children with their families
24 March 2014

Children displaced by violence in the Central African Republic face great risks
21 March 2014 with video

Young reporters take to the air, in the United Republic of Tanzania
20 March 2014

Indonesia: In one girl’s recovery, an island’s triumph over malaria
19 March 2014 with video

Foot soldiers in Haiti’s fight against cholera
18 March 2014 with video

In the Sudan, a transformed school transforms children – and their community
17 March 2014

Refugee children determined to keep learning, as Syrian conflict reaches three-year mark
14 March 2014

Children cannot afford to face another year of Syrian conflict, says Executive Director on visit with displaced families in Homs
14 March 2014 with video

Podcast #90 – Education is key to building resilience in the Syrian Arab Republic
13 March 2014

Health care for children and women in remotest Afghanistan
12 March 2014 with video

Penetrating the remotest areas of Haiti to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus
07 March 2014

Delivering mosquito nets to protect displaced children from malaria in the Central African Republic
05 March 2014 with video

In areas of Indonesia hit hard by the 2004 tsunami, investment in children’s resilience yields long-term results
04 March 2014

Podcast #89: Investing in education through public–private partnerships
03 March 2014

For Jericho and other children, a space for recovery
27 February 2014 with video

Kenya intensifies efforts to fight polio
26 February 2014 with video

After fleeing 600 days of siege, a Syrian family has nowhere to go
25 February 2014

Malnutrition a silent threat emerging among Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
24 February 2014 with video

In the Central African Republic, remote villages in the grip of crisis
21 February 2014 with video

A community in Yemen transforms its school – and its environs
20 February 2014

Bangladesh stages massive measles–rubella immunization campaign
18 February 2014

Reuniting children lost amid the violence in South Sudan
14 February 2014

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham meets young survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in visit to Philippines
14 February 2014 with video

In the harsh Afghan winter, barely getting by
12 February 2014 with video

In Guinea, renouncing the family tradition of female genital mutilation
12 February 2014

Putting aid into action: UNICEF Executive Board focuses on strengthening programmes, procedures and planning
10 February 2014 with video

Field diary: Convoy of emergency supplies reaches Syrian families in conflict-ravaged district
10 February 2014

In Sudan, taking a stand against female genital cutting
07 February 2014

Three months on, back to Tacloban, and back to school
07 February 2014

The future of aid: UNICEF Executive Board addresses funding and partnerships
06 February 2014 with video

Study in South Africa looks at reality and myths of cyberbullying
06 February 2014

At opening session of UNICEF Executive Board, child protection takes centre stage
04 February 2014 with video

Hassan's story: "We all have dreams"
30 January 2014

In Bangladesh, learning why children stop learning
28 January 2014

In the United Republic of Tanzania, a new solution for birth registration
27 January 2014

An influx of returnees raises humanitarian needs in Chad
24 January 2014

Abdel-Hamid’s story: Life in an informal settlement in Lebanon
24 January 2014

Emergency health kits reach strained medical facilities in the Philippines
22 January 2014 with video

After floods in Gaza, critical supplies help children recover and return to school
21 January 2014

Podcast #88: Shining a light through education
20 January 2014

A fresh solution to Gaza's water crisis
14 January 2014

Field Diary: Children caught in violence in the Central African Republic
13 January 2014

Emergency intervention to support children’s health in the Central African Republic
10 January 2014 with video

Bringing learning to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
10 January 2014 with video

In the Philippines, children ring in the new school year
08 January 2014 with video

In South Sudan’s capital, critical aid reaches conflict-displaced families
08 January 2014

In Lebanon, a Syrian-Palestinian refugee girl looks for her path
06 January 2014 with video

No lost generation – we must act now
06 January 2014 with video

Field diary: Delivering aid to Syrian families in rural Idleb
06 January 2014

In Chad, vaccine takes a long journey to save a life
03 January 2014 with video

Child club helps Nepalese children find their voice
03 January 2014 with video



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