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UNICEF concerned for the safety of Haiti’s most vulnerable children
19 January 2010 with video

A small town in the Dominican Republic becomes a gateway for relief efforts in Haiti
15 January 2010 with audio

Examples of 'positive deviance' in habits leading to malnutrition in West Bengal
11 January 2010

Congolese teen wins award for youth radio programming in Tanzanian refugee camp
06 January 2010 with audio

A second chance for children living on the streets of Uganda
04 January 2010 with video

UNICEF distributes school supplies in typhoon-affected Philippines
04 January 2010

Young people in Bangladesh show their world through photos
04 January 2010 with video

Angélique Kidjo visits programmes for vulnerable children in Benin
31 December 2009 with video

Community-led sanitation brings great promise for Eritrea
31 December 2009

Providing education to conflict-affected children in the remote regions of Central African Republic
31 December 2009 with audio

UNICEF-supported drop in centres relieve life of poverty for Afghan children
30 December 2009

Japanese government donates 1.3 million dollar grant for the reduction of maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone
30 December 2009

New child-friendly schools provide stability five years after tsunami
30 December 2009 with video

Social services now reaching children in the Maldives
29 December 2009 with video

Children benefit from improved hygiene following the tsunami in Thailand
29 December 2009 with video

A child’s right to freedom of religion is expressed in Liberia
29 December 2009 with audio

Senegalese ‘youth representatives’ attend International Climate Change Forum
28 December 2009

New homes for a tsunami-affected community in the Maldives
28 December 2009 with video

Expanding child protection services for orphans and vulnerable children after the tsunami
28 December 2009 with video

Living in the shadow of danger in the Phillippines
24 December 2009 with video

Paediatric hospitals ‘build back better’ after the 2004 tsunami
23 December 2009 with video

Orphaned by the tsunami, a child in Thailand finds new hope
23 December 2009 with video

Building permanent schools in Indonesia five years after the tsunami
23 December 2009 with video

Child-friendly schools benefiting students in the Maldives
21 December 2009 with video

Five years after tsunami, Myanmar battles repeat disasters
21 December 2009 with video

Sanitation in homes and schools upgraded in tsunami-affected Sri Lanka
21 December 2009 with video

Liberia's largest immunization campaign ever targets Yellow Fever
21 December 2009

UNICEF rolls out new online recruitment tool
18 December 2009 with video

Creating a ‘sanitation revolution’ in South Africa
18 December 2009 with video

Country’s first centre for youth and children opens in post-conflict Georgia
18 December 2009

Expanded services helps victims of abuse and neglect find healing in tsunami-affected Thailand
18 December 2009 with video

UNICEF Tanzania reducing inefficiencies to better serve children
18 December 2009

Health, education and sanitation improve post-tsunami
17 December 2009 with video

Afghanistan is the first country worldwide to use bivalent oral polio vaccine
17 December 2009 with video

Faith-based organizations focus on children’s rights in Botswana
17 December 2009

‘Child-Friendly Cities’ initiative launched in Morocco
17 December 2009

Ukrainian pop stars sing about child rights
17 December 2009 with video

Copenhagen event brings young people and global leaders together to discuss climate change
16 December 2009

Education in emergencies programmes provide a lifeline to Colombia's children
16 December 2009 with video

Tetanus vaccination campaign reaches remote areas of Lao PDR
16 December 2009

Mother and Child Health Week brings health services to children and mothers in Pakistan
16 December 2009

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman addresses Copenhagen panel
15 December 2009 with video

Leaders join with young people to celebrate child rights in Zimbabwe
15 December 2009 with video

Tea garden clubs fill gaps for girls in India
15 December 2009

Mobile classrooms give pastoral children new hope
14 December 2009 with video

Religious leader champions children’s rights in Mauritania
14 December 2009

Somali communities say ‘No’ to female genital cutting
14 December 2009

Salvadoran floods test resilience of families and effectiveness of humanitarian aid
11 December 2009 with video

UNICEF child-friendly school designer focuses on climate change
11 December 2009 with audio

UNICEF Radio Digital Diaries: Motorbikes in Monrovia
11 December 2009 with audio

Burundi carries our round two of polio immunization campaign
11 December 2009

Youth Day events energize debate at UN Climate Change Conference
10 December 2009 with video

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
10 December 2009 with audio

Young Palestinians celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CRC
10 December 2009 with video

UNICEF and partners praise new UN resolution on malaria, focus on next steps
09 December 2009

Youth ‘Climate Ambassador’ captures the stage at Copenhagen conference
09 December 2009 with video

David Beckham visits ‘Mothers2Mothers’ centre in Cape Town
09 December 2009

Youth 'Climate Ambassador' captures the stage at Copenhagen conference
09 December 2009 with video

Hygiene education for a village in Mali
08 December 2009 with video

European Commission, European Union and UNICEF reaffirming Afghan child rights
08 December 2009

UNICEF programme expanded to fight widespread undernutrition in Somalia
08 December 2009 with video

Teshome Mandefro Egrete, 1952-2009
08 December 2009

Displaced Yemeni children face nutrition, health and education challenges
07 December 2009 with audio

At Copenhagen conference, using music to combat climate change
07 December 2009

Young Moldovan’s film addresses need for reform of institutional child care
07 December 2009 with video

Copenhagen Children’s Climate Forum declares: the time to fight climate change is now
04 December 2009 with audio and video

Convention on the Rights of the Child’s 20th anniversary is commemorated with events around the world
04 December 2009

‘Design for UNICEF’ harnesses innovative thinking from graduate students at New York University
04 December 2009

United States and Organization of the Islamic Conference join forces against polio
03 December 2009 with video

Bangladeshi teenagers discuss impact of climate change in Copenhagen
03 December 2009

Empowering Climate Ambassadors at the Children's Climate Forum as agents of change
03 December 2009 with video

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies.
02 December 2009 with audio

UNICEF and the Embassy of Denmark launch refurbished water plant in drought affected central Syria
02 December 2009 with video

Psychosocial support in Madagascar helps children heal from the effects of political crisis
02 December 2009 with video

Liberia enshrines the Convention on the Rights of the Child in military code
02 December 2009

Using music to lead Ugandan youths away from violence
01 December 2009

Income generation grant gives mother living with HIV a new lease on life
01 December 2009 with video

El Salvador launches 'Seal of Approval' initiative for child rights
01 December 2009

Children’s Climate Forum opens in Denmark
30 November 2009 with video

Schools adapt and continue despite post-typhoon flooding in the Philippines
25 November 2009 with audio

Kenyan children celebrate 20 years of the CRC with ‘Run for our Rights’
25 November 2009 with video

Middle Eastern and North African celebrities and children celebrate child rights
24 November 2009 with video

Malaria testing and treatment for Ethiopians in remote regions
24 November 2009 with video

Child Health Days reach displaced communities in Somalia’s Afgoye Corridor
24 November 2009 with video

UNICEF Ireland’s ‘Dustin the Turkey’ promotes early childhood care in South Africa
24 November 2009 with video

Digital Diarist Lydia, 18, discusses the challenges of education in Liberia
23 November 2009 with audio

‘The Rights of Children’ photography book marks 20 years of child rights
23 November 2009

Child Development Centre in Tbilisi, Georgia aims to ensure every child’s right to health care
23 November 2009 with video

Kazakhstan appoints its first UNICEF Ambassador, artist Batyrkhan Shukenov
23 November 2009

UNICEF and partners commemorate 20 years of Convention on the Rights of the Child
20 November 2009 with video

From Malaysia, 'Let’s Heal the World' music video sends a global message of child rights
20 November 2009 with video

Child-rights video contest winner focuses on the right to education
20 November 2009 with video

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director urges stepped-up response to crisis in Somalia
19 November 2009

Spain’s ‘El País Semanal’ issues special photo edition on child rights
19 November 2009

A musical call to action: ‘Lullaby: The UNICEF Anthem’
19 November 2009 with video

UNICEF and faith-based partners launch World Day of Prayer and Action for Children
18 November 2009

Photography helps children in Sierra Leone realize their right to self-expression
18 November 2009

Lesotho cash-grants pilot programme aims to ensure vulnerable children’s rights
18 November 2009 with video

Japan donates an additional $4.6 million to continue child immunization drive in Afghanistan
17 November 2009 with video

Mothers’ campaign promotes girls’ right to schooling in northern Cameroon
17 November 2009 with video

Liberia's Memorandum of Understanding on respecting children's rights
17 November 2009

Child-to-child learning in rural South Africa safeguards the right to play
16 November 2009

A Braille version of the CRC spells out rights for the visually impaired in India
16 November 2009

Children in Ghana meet with parliamentarians about children’s rights
16 November 2009

Education brings promise to Malaysia’s remote interior
16 November 2009 with video

Community radio connects, educates and entertains in rural India
13 November 2009 with audio

Community volunteers fight undernutrition in northern Cameroon
13 November 2009 with video

Therapeutic feeding saves children’s lives in drought-stricken Ethiopia
13 November 2009 with video

Results achieved in Indonesian drive to enforce salt iodization regulations
13 November 2009

In Togo, International Children’s Day of Broadcasting encourages child participation
12 November 2009 with video

Launch of a child-rights syllabus for journalism students in Turkey
12 November 2009 with video

Mothers encouraged to breastfeed in aftermath of Philippines flooding
12 November 2009

ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting
11 November 2009 with video

In Mali, Executive Director focuses on undernutrition and impact of climate change
11 November 2009 with video

Putting children first in the policy response to the global economic downturn
11 November 2009

'Tracking Progress': UNICEF report calls for urgent international action on nutrition
10 November 2009 with video

UNICEF launches ‘Galz and Goals’ programme to promote sport for girls in Namibia
10 November 2009

‘Unite for Mothers’ campaign brings cheer to HIV-affected families in Papua New Guinea
10 November 2009

Reuniting children with their families in Sierra Leone
10 November 2009

Groundbreaking project transforms the lives of juvenile offenders in Georgia
09 November 2009

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors featured in video spots for child rights
09 November 2009 with video

Tanzania passes landmark Law of the Child
06 November 2009

IKEA Soft Toys embrace children’s right to education
06 November 2009

Zimbabwe children’s parliament speaks out on rights issues
06 November 2009 with video

Readying young minds to fight cholera through better hygiene in Zambia
05 November 2009

UNICEF and Xinhua News Agency join forces to promote children’s rights
05 November 2009

Education provides a future for children in earthquake-affected Pakistan
05 November 2009

Focus on children’s rights: UNICEF launches photo exhibit and film festival
04 November 2009 with video

Breastfeeding encouraged for quake-affected Indonesian mothers
04 November 2009

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
03 November 2009 with audio

Prominent essayists reflect on the impact of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
03 November 2009

Rwanda launches nationwide health and vaccination campaign
03 November 2009

DPR Korea is first country to launch Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, round four
02 November 2009

Vaccination campaign aimed at tsunami-affected children in Samoa
02 November 2009 with video

UNICEF and WHO release comprehensive plan to tackle leading killer of young children
02 November 2009 with video

Seven youths from Liberia learn how to record, edit, write and produce radio programmes
30 October 2009 with audio

Ethiopian children celebrate Global Handwashing Day with running star Shaleka Haile Gebrselassie
30 October 2009 with video

Polio vaccination effort reaches children in Pakistan
29 October 2009

Vanessa Redgrave gives benefit performance to support children in Gaza and southern Israel
29 October 2009

Rebuilding lives and buildings in the aftermath of West Sumatra’s earthquake
29 October 2009

UNICEF supports education on remote Indian islands
29 October 2009

UNICEF hosts discussion on governance fit for children
28 October 2009 with video

Birth registration effort aims to protect child rights in Namibia
28 October 2009 with video

Containing a malaria outbreak in Bihar through rapid deployment
28 October 2009

UNICEF teams up with traditional folk groups to teach good hygiene in Myanmar
27 October 2009

UNICEF responds to lack of health care for mothers and newborns in Sierra Leone
27 October 2009

Julieta Venegas appointed as UNICEF Mexico’s newest National Ambassador
27 October 2009 with video

Conflict intensifies as winter closes in on displaced families in Pakistan
26 October 2009 with video

Mali celebrates Global Handwashing Day with live performances and hygiene events
26 October 2009 with video

A ‘big sister’ helps students cope with bullying in Malaysia
26 October 2009 with video

Singer Nancy Ajram appointed UNICEF MENA Regional Goodwill Ambassador
23 October 2009 with video

UNICEF in Space: Astronaut and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Frank de Winne talks to school children
23 October 2009 with audio and video

UNICEF helps to rebuild vaccination trust in Ukraine
22 October 2009 with video

UNICEF Indonesia gets ‘Flu-Wise’ to fight H1N1
22 October 2009

Maternity Waiting Home programme aims to save the lives of mothers and newborns in Afghanistan
22 October 2009

Funding shortfalls may threaten critical humanitarian assistance in Somalia
21 October 2009 with audio

State of the World’s Vaccines: Childhood immunization at record high
21 October 2009 with video

Celebrating handwashing with soap in Zimbabwe
21 October 2009 with video

New situation analysis report highlights violence against children
20 October 2009 with video

Students take the stage on Global Handwashing Day in Papua New Guinea
20 October 2009

Deputy Executive Director Hilde Johnson warns of triple threat to child survival in CAR
20 October 2009

Goodwill Ambassadors Mia Farrow and Mahmoud Kabil visit Occupied Palestinian Territory
19 October 2009 with video

Restoring normalcy for children in aftermath of tropical storm Ondoy
19 October 2009

Preventing bone disorders through better nutrition in Bangladesh
19 October 2009

Young people speak out at event focused on Child Participation
16 October 2009 with video

Bringing proper sanitation to rural Afghanistan
16 October 2009 with video

Food and nutrition insecurity deepens in the Horn of Africa as heavy rains are predicted
16 October 2009 with audio and video

Partners bolster cross-border political support for African children in crisis
15 October 2009

Promoting handwashing in schools to prevent disease in Cameroon
15 October 2009

Japan promotes Global Handwashing Day for better hygiene
15 October 2009 with video

Liberia launches safe-water campaign to prevent disease outbreaks
14 October 2009

Two UNICEF advocates, Queen Rania and Mia Farrow, meet in Jordan
14 October 2009

‘Diarrhoea: Why children are still dying and what can be done’
14 October 2009 with video

Cricket stars raise awareness about HIV in South Africa
13 October 2009 with audio

‘MICS’ statistics show that under-five mortality dropped by 15 points in Mozambique
13 October 2009

UNICEF selects 12 young finalists in child rights-themed video contest
13 October 2009

Tsunami-affected children head back to school in Samoa
12 October 2009 with video

New Malaysian stamps pay tribute to children and their rights
12 October 2009

UNICEF delivers life-saving hygiene kits in West Sumatra earthquake zone
09 October 2009

Global Handwashing Day 2009: Spread the word, not the germs
09 October 2009 with video

UNICEF gets set for global action to ‘Stand Up’ against poverty
08 October 2009

Flash floods affect 2 million people in India
08 October 2009 with audio

UNICEF Executive Director visits flood-stricken Philippines
08 October 2009 with video

Education provides a way out for indigenous children in Republic of Congo
07 October 2009 with video

Bringing health services to island communities in Assam, India
07 October 2009

UNICEF and Japan celebrate a 60-year partnership
07 October 2009

Ann M. Veneman and Agnes Chan launch ‘Progress for Children’ in Tokyo
06 October 2009

Treating malnutrition among displaced children in Yemen
06 October 2009

De-worming and handwashing promotion drive targets 4 million Angolan schoolchildren
06 October 2009

Cameroon trains teachers on HIV education in primary schools
06 October 2009 with audio

UNICEF ‘Progress for Children’ report advances child-protection goals
05 October 2009 with video

Learning provides hope amidst the rubble in quake-stricken West Sumatra
05 October 2009 with video

In Syria, ‘capoeira’ helps Palestinian-Iraqi children heal psycho-social wounds
02 October 2009

Unprecedented bed net campaign under way in DR Congo
01 October 2009 with video

In the storm-stricken Philippines, a true story of a mother’s love
01 October 2009

Paris Commitments on protecting child soldiers gain support among UN Member States
30 September 2009 with video

Lesotho makes progress in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV
30 September 2009 with video

Namibia at forefront of global push to increase AIDS treatment
30 September 2009 with video

UNICEF and partners respond to flood crisis in the Philippines
29 September 2009 with audio and video

Angélique Kidjo launches new campaign with Pampers to help eliminate tetanus
28 September 2009 with video

Public-private partnerships bring sustainable, safe water to Somali communities
28 September 2009 with video

Clinton Global Initiative concludes with commitment to act on violence against girls
25 September 2009

Floods devastate Agadez region of northern Niger with lingering effects
25 September 2009 with video

UNICEF Zambia Child Ambassadors comfort their peers through service project
25 September 2009

At Clinton Global Initiative, partners pledge new support for fighting zinc deficiency
24 September 2009

Japan’s new First Lady visits UNICEF for first public engagement
23 September 2009

Humanitarian access still limited by conflict in Yemen
23 September 2009 with audio

UNICEF and Republic of Korea sign Framework Agreement on programme support
22 September 2009

H.M. Queen Rania of Jordan joins UNICEF in congratulating young women of Harlem
22 September 2009 with video

Young people appeal to world leaders at UN Summit on Climate Change
22 September 2009 with audio

UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu raises awareness of child trafficking
18 September 2009

UNICEF Regional Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil visits Palestinian children at risk
18 September 2009 with video

UNICEF Executive Board concludes second regular session of 2009
18 September 2009 with video

Eradicating polio in Afghanistan takes persuasion, participation and peace
17 September 2009

Mia Farrow highlights child malnutrition in Cameroon
17 September 2009 with video

Executive Board day 2: Country and area programmes approved
16 September 2009 with video

International Child Neurology Congress affirms vaccination safety in Ukraine
16 September 2009

Schools for Africa partners sign new agreement for better education
15 September 2009 with video

UNICEF and partners launch massive effort to reinvigorate Zimbabwe’s schools
14 September 2009 with audio and video

In Ethiopia, African women parliamentarians condemn female genital mutilation
14 September 2009 with video

Liberia’s first post-war generation starts primary school
11 September 2009

‘RapidSMS’ system for monitoring nutrition in Malawi gets top tech award
10 September 2009 with video

Worldwide deaths of children under five decline, continuing positive trend
10 September 2009 with video

Children need urgent assistance as conflict intensifies in Yemen
09 September 2009

Cricket camp promotes peace and the right to play in Afghanistan
09 September 2009

Aid urgently needed for those displaced by severe flooding in West Africa
09 September 2009

Haiti prepares for another hurricane season
08 September 2009

Partnering for girls’ education in Sierra Leone
08 September 2009

New teaching strategy helps young students excel in Argentina
08 September 2009 with video

Teaching mothers healthy habits in India
04 September 2009

Parliamentarians act on violence against children in Latin America and the Caribbean
04 September 2009 with video

UNICEF supports swimming instruction to prevent child deaths in Bangladesh
03 September 2009 with video

Second round of Child Health Days aims to boost child survival in Somalia
03 September 2009 with video

New UNICEF Chief of Health, Dr. Mickey Chopra, outlines challenges
01 September 2009 with video

Low enrolment rates prompt efforts to invest in education in DR Congo
01 September 2009 with video

UNICEF Executive Director hears stories of hope amidst conflict in eastern DR Congo
31 August 2009 with video

Children and families in DR Congo face multiple crises
28 August 2009 with video

UN and UNICEF issue appeal for Yemeni families displaced by conflict
28 August 2009 with audio

UNICEF Syria 'training of trainers' workshops help young Palestinians make a difference
28 August 2009

Executive Director joins NBA star to launch new health facilities in DR Congo
27 August 2009 with video

Reaching out to mothers to prevent HIV transmission in DR Congo
27 August 2009 with video

UN report finds crisis in Somalia at its worst in two decades
26 August 2009 with audio

Simple responses to child mortality make a dramatic difference in DR Congo
26 August 2009 with video

Teen editorial from Jamaica: ‘Children have rights, too. Protect them!’
25 August 2009

A Kyrgyz local hero fights to protect the rights of street children in Bishkek
24 August 2009 with video

Vietnamese children raise their voices for action on climate change
24 August 2009

Launch of ‘Platform of Urban Centres’ initiative in Brazil
21 August 2009

Tereza’s story: I want to be a pilot
21 August 2009 with audio

Bringing children’s rights to life in UK schools
20 August 2009

Children ‘Unite for Climate’ in Daejeon
20 August 2009

Summer Camp nurtures dreams for children affected by HIV/AIDS
20 August 2009

Afghanistan’s ‘Women Courtyard’ initiative helps children’s health
19 August 2009 with video

Grant from the Government of Japan supports child survival in Nigeria
19 August 2009

Child-friendly spaces help conflict-affected children play and learn in Georgia
19 August 2009 with video

India’s Child Reporters Initiative: a twinkling star in the dark night
18 August 2009

World Water Week convenes in Stockholm
17 August 2009 with video

Ninth International Conference on HIV emphasizes social issues
17 August 2009

Empowering women to improve child survival in Niger
14 August 2009

UNICEF seeks justice for imprisoned young people
14 August 2009

UNICEF nutrition intervention in Somalia disrupted by looting
13 August 2009 with audio

Rebuilding lives of families conflict-affected in Swat
13 August 2009

The Project to Support Primary Education launches in Angola
13 August 2009

UNICEF mourns the loss of Eunice Kennedy Shriver
12 August 2009

Setting minimum standards for residential child care in Namibia
12 August 2009

Pernille Ironside’s firsthand account of the mission to reclaim Sudan's lost child soldiers
12 August 2009

A window of hope for girls in Jalalabad
11 August 2009

An innovative partnership between UNICEF and a dairy collective in India
11 August 2009

Children who stayed behind in conflict-affected areas need support
10 August 2009

Fiji becomes first country in the Asia-Pacific region to have all public hospitals declared baby-friendly
10 August 2009

Goodwill Ambassador Manu Ginóbili promotes education for indigenous children
10 August 2009 with video

Ethiopia celebrates World Breastfeeding Week for the first time
07 August 2009 with video

Battling water-borne diseases in cyclone-affected West Bengal
07 August 2009

UNICEF partner helps Central African indigenous people learn their rights
07 August 2009

Families in Kyrgyzstan hit hard by global recession
06 August 2009 with video

Dorothy’s story: Youth journalist reports on preventing skin diseases in Southern Sudan
05 August 2009 with audio

Children's clubs help working young people learn about their rights
05 August 2009

Executive Director visits northern Nigeria and announces $1.85 million to address malnutrition
04 August 2009

Surveying the needs of children and women in Bangladesh through ‘MICS’
04 August 2009

World Breastfeeding Week launches in Guinea
04 August 2009

UNICEF teaches importance of exclusive breastfeeding in Afghanistan
03 August 2009

Rebuilt water and sanitation systems help heal scars of conflict in Georgia
03 August 2009 with video

Peter’s story: Youth journalist reports on food insecurity in Southern Sudan
03 August 2009 with audio

Breastfeeding key to child survival, says UNICEF Executive Director in Nigeria
31 July 2009

Polio immunization drive reaches children on the move in Pakistan
31 July 2009

UNICEF provides a new model of health care for refugees in Syria
30 July 2009 with video

Breaking the barrier of exclusion
30 July 2009 with audio

A synchronized campaign to eradicate polio in Guinea and neighbouring countries
30 July 2009

Angolan children to benefit from joint programme for safe water
29 July 2009

Global economic downturn worsens already harsh conditions for rural Tajiks
29 July 2009 with video

UNICEF rebuilds a child-friendly school in cyclone-affected Myanmar
28 July 2009

One more young life saved from polio in Afghanistan
28 July 2009

Zambia’s Child Health Week reaches out to over 2 million with life-saving interventions
28 July 2009

Faces of progress: UNICEF and partners tackle child malnutrition in Mauritania
27 July 2009

Failure of seasonal rains leads to hardship and malnutrition in Madagascar
27 July 2009 with video

Training local journalists to cover women’s and children’s issues in Nepal
27 July 2009

Alfred’s story: Youth journalist reports on early marriage in Southern Sudan
24 July 2009 with audio

Young people tackle social problems at children’s conference in Syria
24 July 2009

A brave young girl who defied child marriage brings change to Yemen
24 July 2009

In remote areas of Viet Nam, UNICEF supports teaching children about rights
23 July 2009 with video

Amivi’s story: Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Togo
23 July 2009

Helping young people overcome drug addiction in Malaysia
22 July 2009

Growing poverty in Gaza pushing children to work
22 July 2009

Iraqi refugee children receive psycho-social counselling in Syria
22 July 2009

‘Children’s Forum’ asks UNICEF to help foster equality and rights in Eritrea
21 July 2009

Saving lives and limbs through mine clearance and mine-risk education in Nepal
21 July 2009

Promoting basic health practices to save young lives in Niger's remote villages
21 July 2009

UNICEF Regional Director in Sierra Leone: ‘You will build a new country’
20 July 2009

Japanese Government partners with UNICEF for ‘Thousand Classroom Project’ in Afghanistan
20 July 2009

New approach to newborn child survival puts family needs front and centre
20 July 2009 with video

United for UNICEF: Manchester United defend rights of vulnerable children
17 July 2009

Report finds minority and indigenous children disproportionately excluded from school
17 July 2009

A conversation with Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
17 July 2009 with audio

In north-west Pakistan, some families displaced by conflict begin the journey home
16 July 2009 with audio and video

Children from conflict hit areas in Pakistan urgently need life-saving health services
16 July 2009

New UNICEF kit meets developmental needs of young children in emergencies
15 July 2009 with video

Early Childhood Development kits help conflict-affected children in Georgia
15 July 2009 with video

UNICEF-supported initiative helps families living with HIV in Rwanda
14 July 2009

Blind children learn about their stake in the Sierra Leone Child Rights Act
14 July 2009

‘Child-to-child’ programme fosters early learning for pre-schoolers in Bangladesh
14 July 2009

Music video by The Killers raises awareness about trafficking and sexual exploitation
13 July 2009

Youth journalist reports on the problem of school fees in Southern Sudan
13 July 2009 with audio

Lack of safe water a struggle for families of Kosovo
13 July 2009 with video

Lack of safe water a daily struggle in rural Tajikistan
10 July 2009 with video

‘Junior 8’ youth delegates present views to G8 world leaders in Italy
10 July 2009 with video

UNICEF Children's Rights Award inaugurated at 'Beyond Sport' summit in London
10 July 2009

Dutch delegation commended for aiding education in crisis and post-crisis situations
09 July 2009

Aid reaches some displaced families as fighting continues in Mogadishu
09 July 2009 with video

Troubled young people get a second chance in Guyana
09 July 2009

In north-west Pakistan, host families welcome the displaced but struggle to cope
08 July 2009 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover visits HIV/AIDS programmes in Tanzania
08 July 2009 with video

Overcoming barriers to girls’ education in Southern Sudan
08 July 2009

UNICEF and partners showcase child and maternal health innovations
07 July 2009

Young people open Junior 8 Summit in Rome
07 July 2009 with video

IKEA and UNICEF aid China earthquake recovery
07 July 2009 with video

UNICEF Radio wins two New York Festivals Awards for Gaza coverage
06 July 2009 with audio

Influx of refugees creates silent emergency in eastern Cameroon
06 July 2009 with audio and video

UNICEF and partners bring hope to children accused of ‘witchcraft’ in Nigeria
02 July 2009

Improving hygiene through ‘school-led total sanitation’ in Sierra Leone
01 July 2009

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
01 July 2009 with audio

UNICEF contest invites youth videos on children’s rights; deadline 1 August
30 June 2009 with video

UNICEF Executive Director concludes landmark Syria visit
30 June 2009 with video

Workshop in Benin tackles challenges of school fee elimination
29 June 2009

‘Empowerment of Adolescents’ programme helps people cope after Cyclone Aila
29 June 2009

Ethnic minority communities struggle to break a cycle of poverty in Kosovo
29 June 2009 with video

Awareness campaign aims to reduce danger from unexploded ordnance in eastern Chad
26 June 2009

Youth leaders gear up for Junior 8 Summit, to parallel upcoming G8 meeting in Italy
26 June 2009 with video

Defending the rights of juvenile offenders in Georgia
26 June 2009 with video

Innovative learning supplies for classrooms in Gaza
25 June 2009

Sierra Leone’s Mother and Child Health Week aims to improve child survival
25 June 2009

‘The Youth Times’ newspaper speaks volumes for Palestinian teenagers
25 June 2009 with audio

Occupation of UNICEF Somalia base hinders vital interventions
24 June 2009 with audio

Immunization campaign works to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus in Mauritania
24 June 2009

Life-saving nutrition interventions for vulnerable Somali children
24 June 2009

Children carrying the burden of work in Afghanistan
23 June 2009

Ensuring arsenic-free water for villagers in Bangladesh
23 June 2009 with video

A public pledge to end Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting in Gambia
22 June 2009

Motorcycle ambulances helping to save lives in Guinea
22 June 2009

‘I’m Part of the G8 Too!’ – Website gives people a virtual seat at the G8 Summit
22 June 2009

Ensuring a right to special protection for vulnerable child refugees in Chad
19 June 2009

Outreach vaccination in Zimbabwe during Child Health Days.
19 June 2009 with video

UNICEF restores water supplies in cyclone-affected Myanmar
18 June 2009

Educating children about unexploded ordnance in post-conflict Georgia
18 June 2009 with video

Ten years on, the Machel Study cites continued abuse against children in conflict
18 June 2009 with video

Tetanus vaccination campaign aims for elimination in Côte d'Ivoire
17 June 2009 with video

Youssou N’dour is the subject of a new documentary
17 June 2009 with video

Supporting better education for Syrian and Iraqi children
16 June 2009 with video

Digital Diarist Bernice Akuamoah reports from 'Carifesta' in Guyana
16 June 2009 with audio

Day of the African Child: Saving lives and fighting for the rights of indigenous children
15 June 2009 with video

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies.
15 June 2009 with audio

UNICEF National Ambassador Trudie Styler brings clean water project to Ecuador
15 June 2009

UNICEF Executive Director meets with Zimbabwe Prime Minister
12 June 2009

South African AIDS youth activist Thembi Ngubane dies at 24
12 June 2009 with audio

Pounding rock and crushing potential: Child labour in DR Congo
12 June 2009 with video

New publications on tackling school fees in a time of economic crisis
11 June 2009

UNICEF and FC Barcelona champion vulnerable children in new photo exhibit
11 June 2009 with video

Executive Board closes Annual Session, mourning the loss of a colleague
11 June 2009 with video

Executive Board explores strategic framework for partnerships and collaborative work
10 June 2009 with video

UNICEF Pakistan Chief of Education Perseveranda So killed in Peshawar bombing
10 June 2009 with video

In memoriam: Perseveranda So, 1956-2009
10 June 2009 with video

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi visits Nepal
09 June 2009

Coming to terms with grief in Nablus: ‘Fatima helped me’
09 June 2009 with video

In Georgia, old schools find new ways to teach young children
09 June 2009 with video

Executive Board annual session discusses UNICEF's work in the face of a global financial crisis
08 June 2009 with video

Meeting of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS held in New York
08 June 2009

Retraining helps children secure safer future outside of the mines in Burkina Faso
08 June 2009

Health services for mothers and pregnant women displaced by conflict in Pakistan
08 June 2009 with video

Teaming up to fight polio with Niger and Nigeria's synchronized immunization
05 June 2009 with video

Reaching out to families torn apart by fighting in Pakistan
05 June 2009

Experts call for urgent action on PMTCT and Paediatric HIV in Eastern and Southern Africa
04 June 2009

UNICEF helping families affected by Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh
04 June 2009

UNICEF and ECHO prepare for a new storm season in Haiti
04 June 2009 with video

Bringing stability to the lives of displaced children in Pakistan
03 June 2009 with video

UNICEF providing vital aid to CAR refugees in southern Chad
03 June 2009

Cholera cases in Zimbabwe near 100,000 as 'Twin Disaster' continues
03 June 2009 with audio

Rebuilding stronger schools for earthquake survivors in Rwanda
02 June 2009

Improving access to birth registration for children in Côte d'Ivoire
02 June 2009 with video

Reaching conflict-affected orphans in Swat Valley
01 June 2009

UNICEF provides supplies for cyclone-affected West Bengal
01 June 2009

Montblanc pledges 1.5 million dollars for education programmes
01 June 2009

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director appeals for donor support in post-cyclone Myanmar
29 May 2009 with video

Pakistan reels as global financial crises hits poor families hard
29 May 2009

‘We were scared’: As supplies arrive, children try to cope with conflict in Pakistan
29 May 2009 with video

In India’s Bihar State, economic crisis hits the poorest of the poor
29 May 2009 with video

Ready-to-use therapeutic food helps save children’s lives in southern Ethiopia
28 May 2009 with video

Manchester United and FC Barcelona: Football rivals unite against AIDS
28 May 2009

UNICEF Regional Director assesses situation on the ground in Afghanistan
27 May 2009 with video

Helping children be prepared for natural disasters in Uzbekistan
27 May 2009 with video

Mozambique’s Child Health Week reaches 3 million with life-saving interventions
26 May 2009

UNICEF Regional Director meets children and families displaced by conflict in Pakistan
26 May 2009 with video

Delivering maternal and child health services in hard-to-reach West Bank communities
26 May 2009 with video

Ongoing conflict triggers massive displacement of families in north-west Pakistan
22 May 2009 with audio and video

Panel explores advances and challenges facing indigenous youth in a digital world
22 May 2009

UNICEF UK Ambassador Martin Bell reports on the situation in Somalia
21 May 2009 with video

UNICEF and ECHO support play activities to help West Bank children cope
21 May 2009

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi celebrates 25 years of service
20 May 2009

As fighting ends, Sri Lanka faces a critical moment
20 May 2009 with audio

An immunization week for tetanus elimination in Mauritania
19 May 2009

John-Bosco’s journey: Sustainable solutions for street children in Kigali
19 May 2009

Young Ambassadors from UNICEF France visit their peers in Togo
19 May 2009

UNICEF supports psychosocial relief in child-friendly safe spaces
18 May 2009 with video

Child-friendly spaces after the earthquake in Sichuan province
18 May 2009 with video

Food and fuel crises hit poorest families the hardest in Nepal
18 May 2009 with audio

Burundi’s last child soldiers homeward bound toward a new life
15 May 2009

Displaced families face humanitarian crisis in north-western Pakistan camps
15 May 2009

UNICEF and ECHO help victims of election violence rebuild their lives in Kenya
14 May 2009 with video

Teenager advocates for child-care reform at regional forum in Kyrgyzstan
14 May 2009 with video

Private-sector partners say ‘we can’ to support children affected by AIDS in Nepal
14 May 2009

National campaign accelerates birth registration in Burkina Faso
13 May 2009

A catastrophe for Sri Lankan children trapped in northern conflict zone
13 May 2009 with audio

UN Public Service Award honours water supply initiative in Gujarat, India
13 May 2009

Scapegoating the most vulnerable in the Central African Republic
12 May 2009

International forum issues joint call for enhanced investment in micronutrients
12 May 2009

Support and treatment for mothers living with HIV in Niger
12 May 2009

One year after China earthquake, schools bring hope and opportunity
11 May 2009 with video

Aid for children and families displaced by fighting in Pakistan’s Swat Valley
11 May 2009 with audio

Ankara hosts international symposium on children in conflict with the law
11 May 2009

Sierra Leonean survivor honoured for advocacy on behalf of women and children
08 May 2009

A shot to live: Meningitis immunization in Chad
08 May 2009

Changing behaviour to prevent HIV and AIDS in Zambia
07 May 2009 with audio

UNICEF Indonesia supports influenza pandemic preparedness
07 May 2009

Religious leaders call for ending corporal punishment in Mauritania
06 May 2009

`GameChangers’ winners announced: Supporting girls and women through sport
06 May 2009

Health workers aim to vaccinate 30 million in the Americas
05 May 2009 with video

Safe spaces help children deal with aftermath of China’s 2008 earthquake
05 May 2009

‘Roadmap for care’ aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in Cameroon
05 May 2009

Improving care for mothers and newborns in Uzbekistan
04 May 2009 with video

Education for All Week: Gaza’s students struggle to return to damaged schools
01 May 2009 with audio

UN Security Council addresses latest report on children in armed conflict
29 April 2009

Despite challenges, UNICEF continues to push for release of child soldiers
29 April 2009

UN partners prepare for potential Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic
28 April 2009 with video

UNICEF and ECHO help West Bank children on deal with daily stress
28 April 2009 with video

New programme provides grants for orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho
24 April 2009

Japanese aid helps reduce child mortality and morbidity in DR Congo
24 April 2009

Doubling efforts to address malnutrition among children in Madagascar
24 April 2009 with video

Crisis for children in Sri Lanka: Over 100,000 flee fighting, thousands more trapped
23 April 2009 with audio

Partnering to roll back malaria in Nigeria's Bauchi State
23 April 2009

World Malaria Day celebrates progress made towards wiping out the disease
23 April 2009 with video

Programme trains Macedonian teachers in effective, child-friendly education methods
22 April 2009

UNICEF supports peer educators 'Kicking Aids Out' of Speyside, Trinidad and Tobago
22 April 2009

UNICEF and ECHO support counselling to help Gaza’s children face the future
21 April 2009 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Myung Whun Chung gives Paris concert to benefit projects in Benin
20 April 2009 with video

UNICEF ‘builds back better’ to improve water supply in China quake zone
20 April 2009

Adult literacy classes in Niger emphasize the importance of family education
20 April 2009

An emphasis on education for migrant communities in Eritrea
17 April 2009

In Armenia, the chance to develop schools that children love to attend
17 April 2009

Rwandan teenager does her part to commemorates 15th anniversary of genocide
17 April 2009 with audio

UNICEF and ECHO combat effects of drought in northern Kenya
17 April 2009 with video

Viewing children's rights from every angle: UNICEF Executive Board members in Nepal
16 April 2009

UNICEF consultation takes on challenges facing indigenous and minority children
16 April 2009 with video

UNICEF and IKEA Social Initiative support schooling for ethnic minorities in Viet Nam
15 April 2009 with video

‘Child-to-Child’ programme breaks cycle of school exclusion in Yemen
15 April 2009

UN Secretary-General applauds AIDS awareness efforts in Lao PDR
15 April 2009

Ten villages unite to say ‘no’ to female genital mutilation/cutting in Niger
14 April 2009 with video

UNICEF provides medical equipment and ambulances in China quake zone
14 April 2009

Sporting chance at a new life for former child soldiers in Burundi
14 April 2009

Kyrgyzstan enacts law on flour fortification to fight ‘hidden hunger’
13 April 2009

In eastern DR Congo, up to 250,000 flee attacks by Rwandan rebel group
13 April 2009 with audio

At Inter-Parliamentary Union conference, a call to action on adolescent girls’ rights
09 April 2009 with video

Turkish universities set standard by championing child rights in new syllabus
09 April 2009

International photo contest highlights effects of climate change and encroaching deserts
09 April 2009

'A silent emergency' as Bangladesh's poor suffer from economic downturn
08 April 2009 with video

Carol Bellamy and Rima Salah receive Legion d’honneur in Paris ceremony
07 April 2009

Measuring the impact of economic crisis on Indonesian children and families
07 April 2009

Partnering to bolster education and help vulnerable children in Angola
07 April 2009

Togo youth media activists unite to help eradicate polio
07 April 2009

UNICEF Chief of HIV and AIDS sees treatment and prevention in DR Congo
07 April 2009

Bakhit’s story: Working to protect children from unexploded mines in Chad
06 April 2009

World Health Day 2009: Gazans still recovering from ill effects of conflict
06 April 2009 with audio

Educating children about unexploded ordnance through art and drama in Georgia
03 April 2009

Reinforcing child protection measures in Madagascar
03 April 2009

Window closing on chance to push polio ‘The Final Inch’ towards eradication
03 April 2009 with video

Therapeutic feeding for malnourished refugee children in Chad
02 April 2009

‘Leadership Forum for Children’ mobilizes community support in Uganda
02 April 2009

International Day for Mine Awareness: Clearing the legacies of war from Afghanistan's soil
02 April 2009 with video

Flash appeal: Child survival, development and protection at stake in Madagascar
02 April 2009

Somali Child Health Days go nationwide for the first time
01 April 2009 with video

'A minute for my rights' youth video project in Argentina
01 April 2009 with video

Children interview newly elected Bangladesh Prime Minister on TV
01 April 2009

UNICEF and GAVI provide immunization to Sierra Leone
31 March 2009 with video

UNICEF teams up with South African Government for first-ever Child Health Week
31 March 2009

Youth leaders in Soweto greet Queen Rania of Jordan
30 March 2009 with video

A safe haven for displaced children in Georgia
30 March 2009

Nigeria leads campaign to vaccinate 53 million children against polio
30 March 2009 with video

Refugees from Chad participate in focus group discussions
27 March 2009 with audio

Historic pneumococcal vaccine shipment arrives in Rwanda
27 March 2009 with video

Life skills training gives young Palestinian refugees new hope
26 March 2009

UNICEF working to teach HIV/AIDS prevention to young people in Guinea
26 March 2009

Teaching sanitation to the urban poor in Bangladesh
25 March 2009

'Child-to-Child' programme blends learning with playtime in Ethiopia
25 March 2009

Children create giant mural to mark World Water Day in Laos
25 March 2009

Thousands of children receive life-changing shoes in Panama
24 March 2009

New music video illustrating tragedy of human trafficking will premiere at UN
24 March 2009 with video

Rwanda’s First Lady awards girls for their academic excellence
24 March 2009 with video

New Yorkers walk a mile in other children’s shoes
23 March 2009 with video

Safe water improves quality of life for families in Berbera, Somalia
23 March 2009

Global youth forum in Liberia stresses importance of education for all
20 March 2009 with video

Ghanaian youth radio host speaks out on gender equality
20 March 2009 with audio

Early childhood development report showcases Jordan's success
20 March 2009

World Water Day and the need for global action on safe water and sanitation
19 March 2009 with video

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV persists in Chad
19 March 2009 with audio

Learning the child-friendly way at UNICEF-supported schools in Nepal
19 March 2009

The path to peace in Thailand’s restive southern provinces starts with children
18 March 2009

Beyond School Books - a podcast series on education in emergencies
17 March 2009 with audio

UNICEF Child Ambassadors lead tree-planting project in Zambia
17 March 2009

Barclays Group Chairman visits projects for poor families in Manila
17 March 2009

Ready-to-use food distribution campaign for vulnerable children in Somalia
16 March 2009 with video

Amid last year’s destruction, Haiti braces for another hurricane season
16 March 2009

Inauguration of the Banaw Langla School in Pakistan-administered Kashmir
13 March 2009 with video

Death in Dungu: Rebel violence escalates in north-eastern DR Congo
13 March 2009 with audio

Executive Board delegation visits urban and rural projects in Kenya
13 March 2009 with video

A day in the lives of two homeless brothers in Bangladesh
12 March 2009

UNICEF organizes concert for Cuban young people
12 March 2009 with audio

Improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for children in Afghanistan
12 March 2009 with video

ICDB in Angola: Leaders pledge more support for children in the media
11 March 2009

Fighting drug addiction among Maldives youths
11 March 2009 with video

‘I Have Something to Tell You’ – documentary gives voice to young Liberian women
10 March 2009

Help for displaced and malnourished children in Pakistan
10 March 2009

Cholera outbreaks raise concern in nine Southern African countries
10 March 2009 with audio

Executive Director calls for stronger protection for Palestinian and Israeli children
09 March 2009 with audio and video

Togo completes first immunization round in regional push against polio
09 March 2009

UN agencies express concern over humanitarian aid crisis in Sudan
06 March 2009 with video

'Girl Power' reception outlines plans for UN task force on adolescent girls
06 March 2009 with video

Reaching the remote villages of Niger with polio vaccine
06 March 2009 with video

Eritrea celebrates women teachers as role models for girl students
05 March 2009

Benin completes first round of National Immunization Days against polio
05 March 2009 with video

Executive Director starts Middle East visit with tour of school projects in Jordan
04 March 2009 with video

UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes visits projects in Somalia
04 March 2009 with video

‘Curious Minds’ produce lively, award-winning youth radio in Ghana
04 March 2009 with audio and video

Deputy Executive Director calls for release of all child soldiers in DR Congo
03 March 2009 with video

UNICEF and partners mobilize to eradicate polio in Côte d’Ivoire
03 March 2009 with video

In Amman, UNICEF regional media awards honour coverage of adolescents
03 March 2009 with video

IKEA-supported training helps ‘hero’ at early-childhood centre in Assam, India
02 March 2009

In South Africa, few comforts await children fleeing Zimbabwe
02 March 2009

Communities provide a bigger ‘family’ for orphaned children in Rwanda
27 February 2009

Safe spaces for vulnerable populations in Afghanistan
26 February 2009 with video

‘Bring Back the Child’: UNICEF and Sri Lanka launch media campaign on child soldiers
26 February 2009 with video

Communities in West Africa prepare for extensive polio vaccination campaign
26 February 2009 with video

Campaign fights infectious diseases in the wake of Gaza's long crisis
25 February 2009 with video

Empowering communities to improve sanitation in Sierra Leone
25 February 2009

IKEA announces $48 million expanded donation to UNICEF India
24 February 2009 with video

UNICEF and IKEA join hands to support child survival in India
24 February 2009

Children trapped in Sri Lanka’s conflict
23 February 2009 with audio

UNICEF opens 200th child-friendly and earthquake-resistant school in Aceh
20 February 2009

'The Final Inch': Oscar-nominated film looks at efforts to eradicate polio
19 February 2009 with video

Zambia launches campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding
19 February 2009

UNICEF Chad aids families fleeing violence in the Central African Republic
18 February 2009

Fighting chronic malnutrition among impoverished children in Guatemala
18 February 2009 with video

‘Beyond Sport’ teams up with UNICEF for Children’s Rights Award nominations
17 February 2009

Regional Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil lends support to hospital serving Gaza
17 February 2009 with video

UN Web4Dev conference wraps up with a roadmap for future collaboration
13 February 2009 with video

On 'Red Hand Day', children call for an end to their forced use in conflict
13 February 2009 with video

US tour to raise awareness of V-Day/UNICEF campaign against rape in DR Congo
12 February 2009 with video

Web4Dev conference kicks off with an eye on the future of innovation
11 February 2009 with video

Empowering communities to protect and promote child rights in Rwanda
10 February 2009

Child-friendly spaces bring hope to Iraqi refugee children in Syria
10 February 2009

Third Annual San Marino-UNICEF Awards honour children’s advocacy groups
09 February 2009

Board session closes with focus on Gaza crisis and aspirations for 2009
06 February 2009 with video

On day two of Executive Board session, fundraising takes centre stage
06 February 2009 with video

UN Special Representative visits youngest victims of conflict in Gaza and southern Israel
05 February 2009 with video

Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Guatemala
05 February 2009 with video

Improving child and maternal health amidst conflict in Afghanistan
05 February 2009 with video

Executive Board welcomes new President at opening of first 2009 session
04 February 2009 with video

Insuring widespread access to treatment for HIV in Lesotho
03 February 2009 with video

Getting ready for school in Tajikistan with the ‘Child-to-Child’ pilot programme
29 January 2009

A second chance at education for children in Eritrea
29 January 2009

Networks of care for mothers and children in Pakistan
28 January 2009

Back to school in Gaza, children welcome chance to resume normal lives
28 January 2009 with video

Cyclone Fanele hits Madagascar and stalls existing reconstruction work
28 January 2009 with video

2009 Humanitarian Action Report focuses on conflict, climate and hunger
27 January 2009 with video

Innovative solutions to cope with food insecurity in Mozambique
26 January 2009 with video

2009 Humanitarian Action Report launched today in Geneva
26 January 2009

First guide to pregnancy and childbirth for Chile’s indigenous Mapuche population
23 January 2009

Schoolchildren adopt improved sanitation and hygiene practices in Burkina Faso
23 January 2009

Investing in polio vaccination for all of Myanmar’s children
22 January 2009 with video

Migrants face humanitarian crisis on South Africa’s border with Zimbabwe
22 January 2009 with video

Radio project gives a voice to indigenous children in Mexico
21 January 2009 with video

A ‘Return to Joy’ helps Costa Rican children overcome earthquake's effects
21 January 2009

Giving juvenile detainees the right to education in Moldova
20 January 2009

Digital Diarist reports on efforts to eradicate Guinea worm disease in Ghana
20 January 2009 with audio

Turkey encouraged by UNICEF report on maternal and newborn health
19 January 2009

Executive Director visits Zimbabwe, with new support for health workers fighting cholera
18 January 2009 with video

As infrastructure collapses, UNICEF supplies water for shelters in Gaza
16 January 2009 with audio and video

Youth radio initiative spreads health messages in Lao People's Democratic Republic
16 January 2009 with video

A new model for newborn child survival in rural India
16 January 2009 with video

UNICEF launches flagship report on maternal and newborn health
15 January 2009 with video

Promoting 'baby-friendly' practices for modern mothers in Kyrgyzstan
15 January 2009 with video

Cricket stars visit centre for drug users to raise AIDS awareness in Bangladesh
15 January 2009 with video

A social network for women living with HIV in Cameroon
14 January 2009 with video

Midwife training programme aims to reduce maternal mortality in Afghanistan
13 January 2009 with video

Community-based care helps reduce child deaths in Senegal
13 January 2009 with video

Protecting orphans and vulnerable children in the DR Congo
12 January 2009 with video

A lifeline for mothers in a Port-au-Prince hospital
12 January 2009 with video

Helping an overwhelmed clinic respond to cholera in Chirundu, Zimbabwe
09 January 2009

Mothers in Niger ensure health of their babies by caring for their own
09 January 2009 with video

Columbia University and UNICEF awarded top honour in USAID innovation competition
08 January 2009

A young Bangladeshi mother and her child survive a trafficking nightmare
08 January 2009

‘Framing Our World’ workshop trains young photographers in Uzbekistan
08 January 2009 with audio

Digital Diary: Bernice reports on the benefits of giving bikes to Ghanaian schoolgirls
07 January 2009 with audio

UNICEF-supported ‘clean village’ creates jobs for women in Afghanistan
07 January 2009

Campaign addresses three leading causes of child mortality in CAR
06 January 2009

Scaling up HIV/AIDS treatment for children and mothers in Burkina Faso
06 January 2009 with video

Maestro Myung-Whun Chung takes advocacy tour to promote development in Benin
06 January 2009

UNICEF appeals for help as asylum-seekers flee Zimbabwe for South Africa
05 January 2009

Child Health Days brings vital treatments to rural Somalia
02 January 2009

Fighting AIDS with both medical and social assistance in Côte d’Ivoire
02 January 2009 with video

A new reporting system to combat child prostitution is launched in Switzerland
31 December 2008

UNICEF-supported centre helps rehabilitate child sex workers in Togo
31 December 2008

UNICEF Zambia appoints its first Child Ambassadors
30 December 2008

Protection for sexual offense victims in Swaziland
30 December 2008

Rescuing victims of child sex trafficking in the United Kingdom
30 December 2008

Young people lead the way for AIDS education in Nigeria
30 December 2008

Celebrities and people living with HIV and AIDS team up to raise awareness in Nepal
01 December 2008

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
28 October 2008 with audio

In Lesotho, mothers living with HIV tell their stories
21 October 2008 with audio

UNICEF and the European Commission work together to eradicate Guinea worm in Ghana
07 July 2008

Preventing mother-to-child transmission to fight HIV/AIDS in Malawi
25 March 2008

UNICEF and youth: Working together for 'A World Fit for Children'
15 January 2008 with video



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