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Archived stories from 2008

Items are in reverse chronological order: most recent ones are first, older items are further down.

A new reporting system to combat child prostitution is launched in Switzerland
31 December 2008

UNICEF-supported centre helps rehabilitate child sex workers in Togo
31 December 2008

UNICEF Zambia appoints its first Child Ambassadors
30 December 2008

Protection for sexual offense victims in Swaziland
30 December 2008

Rescuing victims of child sex trafficking in the United Kingdom
30 December 2008

Young people lead the way for AIDS education in Nigeria
30 December 2008

Life-skills training helps young people to prevent HIV in Myanmar
29 December 2008 with video

UNICEF working to eradicate Guinea worm disease in Niger
29 December 2008

Child Health Days guard children against polio in Lao PDR
26 December 2008

Republic of Congo launches 'roadmap' for flour fortification
22 December 2008

Leaders pledge that ‘Education for All’ will not suffer during economic crisis
22 December 2008

Casa Renascer helps sexually exploited girls in Brazil
19 December 2008 with video

Nigel's Story: The tragedy of Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak
19 December 2008 with audio and video

‘Sports and Peace’ initiative launched in Equatorial Guinea
18 December 2008

Young Belgian photographer wins UNICEF Germany Photo of the Year honours
18 December 2008

A conversation with Desmond Tutu
18 December 2008 with audio

Malaysian women are key to making a difference on HIV and AIDS
18 December 2008

Flooding in Colombia brings destruction and disease
17 December 2008

UNICEF brings schools to Thai hill tribe children
17 December 2008

Japanese grant provides clean water and sanitation for DR Congo schools
17 December 2008

Action Plan on ending the recruitment of child soldiers signed in Sri Lanka
17 December 2008 with audio

Youths drawn into online sexual exploitation in the Philippines
15 December 2008 with video

New report reveals children in Thailand suffer anxiety, yearn for peace
15 December 2008

Speak Africa initiative brings together youth activists to fight for the rights of African youth
12 December 2008 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow witnesses devastation and emergency relief in North Kivu
12 December 2008 with video

Children of Iraq make an ‘Appeal’ to government leaders
12 December 2008 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow arrives in North Kivu
11 December 2008

Saying ‘no’ to discrimination in Chile
11 December 2008

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies
11 December 2008 with audio

Young Iraqi filmmaker wins 'OneMinutesJr.' Award
11 December 2008 with video

Nepal’s Young Peer Supporters fight against sexual exploitation of children
10 December 2008 with audio

The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 60
10 December 2008 with video

Launch of the first World Report on Child Injury Prevention in Hanoi
10 December 2008

With UNICEF Support, Pakistan launches a National Campaign against Child Abuse
10 December 2008

Afghanistan struggles with a food crisis in the harshest of seasons
09 December 2008 with video

New PSA asks young people to demand that their leaders ratify Youth Charter
09 December 2008 with video

‘Child-Safe Home’ model helps reduce child drowning in Viet Nam
05 December 2008

Mira Nair film highlights plight of Ugandan children
05 December 2008 with video

Palestinian children exercise their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games
05 December 2008 with video

World Bank and UNICEF strengthen funding collaboration
04 December 2008 with video

Deputy Executive Director Hilde F. Johnson asks donors to ‘step up to the plate’ with support
04 December 2008

Nigerian First Lady Hajia Turai Yar'Adua supports maternal and newborn health with 'Mama Kits'
04 December 2008

The Great Ethiopian Run raises fund for orphans and vulnerable children
04 December 2008 with video

Widespread collapse of social services creates 'twin disaster' in Zimbabwe
03 December 2008 with audio

Scaling-up prevention of mother-to-child transmission programmes in Mozambique
03 December 2008

Deputy Executive Director Hilde F. Johnson visits Pakistan and requests aid for the conflict-affected
03 December 2008

UNICEF supporter Amy Robbins visits Niger to review progress for women and children
02 December 2008 with video

Children at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan
02 December 2008 with video

Four-Day World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents wraps in Brazil
02 December 2008 with video

Celebrities and people living with HIV and AIDS team up to raise awareness in Nepal
01 December 2008

Early infant HIV diagnosis helps save lives in Malawi
01 December 2008 with video

From remote villages to bustling cities: educating Indonesians about HIV
28 November 2008 with video

Launch of the 'StopX' online community to fight child sexual exploitation
28 November 2008

Children get a voice in Turkey’s parliament
26 November 2008

Villagers still struggling to rebuild lives after devastating Bihar floods
26 November 2008

Joachim Chissano launches The State of Africa’s Children 2008 Report in Kenya
25 November 2008

Poverty drives Kenyan girls into sex work
25 November 2008 with video

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Hilde Frafjord Johnson visits Afghanistan
25 November 2008 with audio and video

Protecting girls from sexual exploitation in Guatemala
25 November 2008 with video

Latin American pop group Kudai visits Panama to highlight the needs of indigenous populations
24 November 2008

World Congress III Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children opens in Brazil
24 November 2008 with video

Effects of war in focus on the Universal Day of the Child
21 November 2008 with video

Thousands of schools closed in eastern DR Congo
21 November 2008 with audio and video

UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children, Queen Rania of Jordan, speaks out on abuse
21 November 2008

Early intervention strategies for online child exploitation
21 November 2008

Tennis star Ana Ivanovic meets with Serbian children to put an end to violence in schools
21 November 2008

Desmond Tutu makes PSA for 60th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
20 November 2008 with video

Rihanna joins UNICEF Snowflake lighting ceremony in New York
20 November 2008 with video

Child sexual exploitation in the USA: Not just a problem for developing nations
20 November 2008 with video

UNICEF backs legislative reform to achieve human rights for children
19 November 2008 with video

Shetra’s story – the life of a sexually exploited child in Bangladesh
19 November 2008

Uganda mounts a major fight against malaria in northern districts
19 November 2008

A day on the ground in crisis-stricken North Kivu, DR Congo
18 November 2008 with video

Saying ‘No’ to child pornography in Japan
18 November 2008

Aichatou’s story: New skills protect a former street vendor from exploitation in Niger
17 November 2008

Combating child sexual exploitation in the Philippines pornography trade
17 November 2008 with video

Children abducted by armed groups in eastern DR Congo
14 November 2008 with audio

UNICEF condemns attacks on schools in Afghanistan
14 November 2008

Protecting girls and women from sexual violence in post-war Liberia
14 November 2008 with video

Fourth Annual Children’s Summit addresses the lingering effects of genocide in Rwanda
13 November 2008

Improving community sanitation in Uchi, Nigeria
12 November 2008

Aid flights arrive in DR Congo, but insecurity persists
11 November 2008 with audio

ICDB annual award goes to Ghanaian and Chinese broadcasters
11 November 2008 with audio and video

Young ‘Peace Messengers’ from Yokohama donate $160,000 to support children
10 November 2008

Children’s Parliament of Guinea-Bissau presents its ‘Manifesto’ to candidates
10 November 2008

Goodwill Ambassador Joel Madden visits water projects in Central African Republic
10 November 2008

Fighting resumes in DR Congo as displaced civilians languish
07 November 2008 with audio

Children find their voice at Caribbean Child Research Conference in Jamaica
06 November 2008

President of Chile Michelle Bachelet speaks at seminar on preschool education
06 November 2008

Tens of thousands displaced by flooding after a rare tropical storm hits Yemen
05 November 2008 with audio

UNICEF and ECHO distribute health supplies to cyclone-affected Malagasy families
05 November 2008 with video

UNICEF supports maternal and newborn health in Niger
05 November 2008 with video

Six months on, Myanmar marks progress in recovery from Cyclone Nargis
04 November 2008 with video

Mothers join the campaign to scale up girls’ education in Sierra Leone
04 November 2008

Continued insecurity hinders aid to displaced families in DR Congo
03 November 2008 with audio and video

Namibia launches pilot project for birth registration
31 October 2008 with video

Guineans mobilize for water, sanitation, hygiene and handwashing
30 October 2008

Aid on hold as fighting displaces thousands more families in North Kivu, DR Congo
30 October 2008 with audio and video

Delivering on the front lines: Maternal health in conflict, post-conflict and emergency situations
29 October 2008 with audio

Providing quality education for displaced children in Eastern Chad
29 October 2008

Panama first in region to provide free HPV vaccine to young adolescent girls
28 October 2008

Villagers build latrines for better hygiene and child survival in Sierra Leone
28 October 2008

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan visits a UNICEF-supported school project in Brazil
27 October 2008 with video

German First Lady Eva Luise Koehler visits UNICEF-supported projects in Bangladesh
24 October 2008

On visit to Argentina, Queen Rania of Jordan promotes quality education
23 October 2008 with video

Fourth ‘All Girls to School’ campaign launches in Benin
22 October 2008

Support for malnourished children begins at home in Malawi
21 October 2008

Providing free anti-malarial treatment to pregnant women in Togo
21 October 2008

Lang Lang launches foundation to support children’s love of music
20 October 2008 with video

Volunteer parents help fight HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
20 October 2008

Global Handwashing Day celebrated in 700 schools across Angola
17 October 2008

A million Ethiopian children lather up with soap on Global Handwashing Day
16 October 2008 with video

Star cricketer Sachin Tendulkar promotes handwashing in India
16 October 2008 with video

Global Handwashing Day: Children lead the way in Afghanistan, Somalia and Mozambique
15 October 2008

Health progress and challenges, 30 years after the Alma-Ata Declaration
15 October 2008 with video

In Kazakhstan, agency leaders launch global study on health care inequities
14 October 2008 with video

In DR Congo, community-based clinics lead the fight against child malnutrition
14 October 2008

Primary education is now free for all children in Togo
13 October 2008

Local officials learn how to raise awareness about bird flu in Myanmar
13 October 2008 with video

As cold weather nears, UNICEF and partners shelter Kyrgyzstan earthquake survivors
10 October 2008 with audio

UNICEF nominee Paul Farmer receives CDC Foundation Hero Award
10 October 2008

Puppets and peers teach Indonesian children the importance of handwashing
10 October 2008 with video

The Wiggles donate a song to UNICEF for first Global Handwashing Day
09 October 2008 with video

Early childhood centres help children affected by HIV in Malawi
08 October 2008

Making children's voices heard at the 2009 Children's Climate Forum in Copenhagen
08 October 2008

Dublin AIDS conference sets strategies to help children affected by HIV
07 October 2008 with video

Children bear the brunt of earthquake in Kyrgyzstan
07 October 2008

Disaster preparedness for schools in the Philippines
07 October 2008 with video

Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar goes to bat for better hygiene through handwashing
07 October 2008 with video

In from the cold: Sheltering Tajik children from disaster with early childhood care
07 October 2008 with video

Ten years after Hurricane Mitch, Honduras is once again hit by natural disaster
06 October 2008 with video

Prevention and hygiene-awareness efforts aim to stave off cholera in Guinea-Bissau
06 October 2008

UNICEF, Pampers and Salma Hayek take aim at maternal and newborn tetanus elimination
06 October 2008

Schools for Africa Initiative backs new school block to change lives of pupils in Malawi
06 October 2008

Haiti’s flood-damaged schools struggle to reopen
03 October 2008 with video

Peer groups take action for young people affected by floods in Nepal
02 October 2008

UNICEF-supported schools win national award in Rwanda
02 October 2008

Hayley Westenra, youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, visits projects in Ghana
29 September 2008 with video

Health Week keeps up momentum on improving child survival in Rwanda
29 September 2008 with video

UN event features $4.5 billion pledge to support ‘Education for All’
26 September 2008 with video

UNICEF supports education at relief camps for cyclone-affected families in Myanmar
26 September 2008

Malawi launches ‘Letter to the Community’ initiative to promote child survival
25 September 2008

UNICEF rushes emergency supplies to flooded regions in India's Orissa State
25 September 2008

Classrooms in Syria crowded with Iraqi children whose families have fled conflict
25 September 2008 with video

UNICEF Nepal support helps maintain sanitation and hygiene at relief camps
24 September 2008

At General Assembly event, a call for equity and action on development goals
24 September 2008

Angola launches third national de-worming campaign in schools
24 September 2008

Digital Diarist Qulinta Nepaul, 18, visits a festival to support South African youth
23 September 2008 with audio

A place for orphaned and vulnerable children to call home in Tajikistan
23 September 2008 with video

Radio show produced by young people wins international award
23 September 2008

For Peace Day, Afghan children get a chance to be immunized
22 September 2008 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow urges tsunami-like response in Haiti’s disaster zones
22 September 2008 with video

‘Stars of Europe’ concert offers music and messages about child rights
19 September 2008

Executive Board session wraps up with key decisions
19 September 2008 with video

Language a challenge for children returning to Burundi
18 September 2008 with video

Frontline diary: UNICEF doctor’s harrowing tale of survival amidst Bihar floods
18 September 2008

On day two, Executive Board focuses on UNICEF country programmes
16 September 2008 with video

Executive Board begins second regular session of 2008 with ambitious agenda
15 September 2008 with video

At UNICEF seminar, students from region seek changes in secondary education
15 September 2008 with video

UNICEF works to protect the most vulnerable from malaria in Indonesia
12 September 2008 with video

As child deaths continue to decline, UNICEF calls for increased efforts
12 September 2008 with video

UNICEF helps to clean contaminated water supplies in cyclone-affected Myanmar
09 September 2008

Regional Director launches new survey to support development in Lebanon
08 September 2008 with video

After floods in Laos, safe water is a priority for families
08 September 2008 with video

Storms batter the Caribbean, displacing thousands of children and their families
05 September 2008 with audio and video

Massive national campaign for accelerated child survival in Tanzania
04 September 2008 with video

New water supply project in Sri Lanka brings health and hope to thousands
04 September 2008 with video

UNICEF Executive Director announces $1.7 million for the fight against malaria in Ghana
04 September 2008

Actor Jude Law and director Jeremy Gilley in Afghanistan to promote peace
03 September 2008 with video

Sara Communication Initiative helps a young widow return to school in Eritrea
02 September 2008

Flooding in Nepal leaves women and children vulnerable
02 September 2008

One woman’s fight to ensure justice for child victims of abuse in Malawi
27 August 2008

Responding to the needs of flood-affected villagers in Nepal
26 August 2008

Armed groups in Colombia stealing childhood from girls and boys alike
25 August 2008

‘Model Mothers’ work to combat malnutrition in Mozambique
22 August 2008

UNICEF supports a new mother living with HIV in Indonesia
21 August 2008

New classrooms create a renewed enthusiasm for school in Malawi
21 August 2008

Young scouts add voices to curb bird flu in West Java
19 August 2008 with video

Former child soldier Emmanuel Jal is now a hip hop star with a message of peace
19 August 2008 with audio

Conflict in Georgia: Thousands of children displaced and vulnerable
18 August 2008

Jackie Chan and other celebrities attend ‘Champions for Children’ event in Beijing
15 August 2008 with video

Campaign aims to promote hand-washing and save young lives in Malawi
15 August 2008

UNICEF strives to help Papua New Guinea break cycle of violence
14 August 2008 with video

UNICEF continues relief efforts for Myanmar cyclone victims
12 August 2008 with video

A Nigerian father shows his support for his wife’s breastfeeding
12 August 2008

Summer camp aims to help children in China affected by AIDS
11 August 2008

The power of football to improve young lives
11 August 2008 with video

A woman living with HIV works to prevent mother-to-child transmission in Bolivia
08 August 2008 with audio

XVII International AIDS Conference closes with a focus on children
08 August 2008 with video

Baby-friendly hospitals support exclusive breastfeeding in Tajikistan
07 August 2008 with video

Swazi citizens and royalty stand together to lend support for mothers who breastfeed
06 August 2008

Goodwill Ambassador Kanu Nwankwo promotes ‘Football for Hope’ in Lagos, Nigeria
06 August 2008

UNICEF focuses on children affected by AIDS during the 2008 Olympic Games
06 August 2008 with video

Insecticide-treated bednets save lives in Ethiopia
05 August 2008 with video

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman speaks on 'Keeping the Promise' at XVII International AIDS Conference
05 August 2008 with video

Improving Islamic schools, increasing possibilities for Nepalese girls
05 August 2008 with audio

Nigerian youth volunteers fight AIDS with knowledge
04 August 2008 with video

Children in the spotlight in the lead-up to the XVII International AIDS Conference
04 August 2008 with video

Executive Director announces $3 million for Mozambican children affected by global food price increases
01 August 2008

In Togo, food insecurity makes exclusive breastfeeding more of a challenge
01 August 2008

Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo brings a message of peace to Damascus
30 July 2008

Young Honduran activist and editor inspires children living with HIV
30 July 2008 with video

Fond memories and clear challenges for 2008 J8 Summit delegates
29 July 2008 with video

UNICEF Executive Director pays first visit to Madagascar to assess cyclone recovery
29 July 2008 with video

Educating Indonesian mothers and midwives during World Breastfeeding Week
28 July 2008 with video

New national policy in Congo provides free malaria treatment to the most vulnerable
28 July 2008

Organized ‘recreation days’ relieve stress for children in Gaza
25 July 2008 with video

Cyclone-affected children in Myanmar return to the classroom
22 July 2008 with video

Women parliamentarians lead major changes in African politics
22 July 2008 with audio

New national household survey collects better data to improve lives in Angola
21 July 2008

J8 Summit widens the horizons of participants, including a 16-year-old US delegate
18 July 2008 with audio

UNICEF joins call to end impunity for violators against children in armed conflict
17 July 2008

At Uzbekistan conference, Central Asia unites against mother-to-child HIV transmission
16 July 2008

UNICEF-supported soap opera raises awareness about HIV/AIDS in Niger
15 July 2008

Equal access to sanitation for those living with disabilities in Nigeria
15 July 2008

Photo exhibition in Mozambique shows impact of AIDS through the eyes of children
14 July 2008

‘Voice of Children’ becomes a national fixture in Sierra Leonean radio
14 July 2008 with audio

UNICEF-supported programme cares for Cambodian children living with HIV
14 July 2008 with video

UNICEF Executive Director provides expertise to UN Economic and Social Council panel
11 July 2008 with video

UNICEF and 'Fútbol por la Vida' partner to raise awareness about child rights in Costa Rica
10 July 2008

Attending to the needs of severely malnourished children in eastern Ethiopia
10 July 2008

Child-friendly schools help young Rwandans rediscover childhood
08 July 2008 with video

J8 delegates’ action plan grabs the attention of G8 leaders
08 July 2008 with video

Adolescent-friendly space empowers young Palestinian refugees
07 July 2008 with video

Junior 8 Summit delegates use online workspace to advance their viewpoints
06 July 2008 with video

Conflict threatens access to children by humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan
04 July 2008 with audio

Young delegates’ hopes are high as ‘Junior 8’ Summit opens in Japan
03 July 2008 with video

‘The Survival Project’: CNN programme shines spotlight on UNICEF work
03 July 2008

A new chance for homeless youths and juvenile offenders in Niger
02 July 2008 with video

Reaching out to indigenous pre-schoolers in remote regions of Malaysia
02 July 2008 with video

Study recommends ways to improve juvenile justice in Afghanistan
01 July 2008

Iraqi children tell their stories through music at UNICEF-sponsored event in Geneva
30 June 2008 with video

Arab Media Award on Child Rights initiated to honour outstanding achievements
30 June 2008

Mia Farrow sees children returning to schools in northern Central African Republic
27 June 2008

Jackie Chan brings a message of peace and harmony to young people of Timor-Leste
26 June 2008 with video

'Not by Bombs and Bullets' – overcoming the legacy of violence in DRC
26 June 2008 with video

New UNICEF report reveals progress made in reducing iodine deficiency
26 June 2008 with video

Documentary on Zambian women honoured at Jackson Hole Film Festival
25 June 2008

Deputy Executive Director calls for immediate action on malnutrition in Ethiopia
25 June 2008 with video

Adolescent-friendly learning centres support young Palestinian refugees in Syria
24 June 2008 with video

UNICEF supports prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Djibouti
23 June 2008 with video

Rebuilding the lives of earthquake-affected children in China
20 June 2008 with video

UNICEF Iraq helps the children of Sadr City regroup after intense violence
20 June 2008 with video

Mia Farrow calls for support to sustain refugees in Central African Republic
19 June 2008

Youth centres provide a wide range of services in Afghanistan
19 June 2008

Support for households headed by children and the elderly in Mozambique
18 June 2008

Community Action Process empowers localities to tackle development
17 June 2008

UNICEF begins rebuilding schools in cyclone-stricken Myanmar
17 June 2008 with video

Using folklore to promote and enrich education for Malaysia’s indigenous children
17 June 2008 with video

UNICEF-supported outreach brings free health services to Kenyan families
16 June 2008

Food crisis ravages India’s poorest children
09 June 2008 with video

UNICEF Regional Director visits Palestinian children bearing brunt of conflict
09 June 2008 with video

After the quake, safety and a sense of security for Sichuan schoolchildren
06 June 2008 with video

At Executive Board opening, Ann M. Veneman outlines key achievements for children
04 June 2008 with video

A month after deadly cyclone, classes resume in Myanmar
03 June 2008 with video

UNICEF and Armenian postal service join forces to stamp out child mortality
03 June 2008

Early detection and treatment of malnutrition in Togo saves lives
02 June 2008

Turning former practitioners against female genital mutilation in Niger
30 May 2008

UNICEF makes plea for additional resources to help stave off malnutrition in Ethiopia
30 May 2008 with video

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway supports early childhood development in Madagascar
30 May 2008

UNICEF Regional Director sees North Caucasus rebuilding for sustainability
29 May 2008 with video

‘The State of Africa’s Children’ calls for united action to boost child survival
28 May 2008

UNICEF readies for food crisis with unique basket of solutions for children at risk
28 May 2008 with video

Virtual ‘dialogue’ connects youths from Africa and Asia
27 May 2008

Cyclone-affected children heading back to school in Myanmar
27 May 2008 with video

Rural preschools create a supportive environment for children in Niger
27 May 2008 with video

A health worker sets aside personal loss to help others recover in Laputta
23 May 2008 with video

In the wake of violence, working to repair the damage done to children’s schools and confidence
23 May 2008 with video

UNICEF and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcome news of more international aid access in Myanmar
23 May 2008 with audio and video

Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow calls for more international support to Central African Republic
23 May 2008 with video

Child-friendly spaces offer protection and hope for cyclone-affected families
22 May 2008

Deputy Executive Director Hilde Johnson sees progress for children during Sudan visit
22 May 2008 with video

DHL partners with UNICEF to promote ‘11 Commitments for Children’ in Angola
22 May 2008

Using theatre to raise awareness of bird flu prevention in Bangladesh
22 May 2008 with video

Helping quake-affected children cope with trauma in Sichuan province
21 May 2008 with video

Conditions in Zimbabwe could reach crisis levels if violence continues
21 May 2008 with audio

Mrs. Ban Soon-taek visits a hospital's Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre in Accra
21 May 2008

Vaccination campaign continues in cyclone-affected Myanmar
20 May 2008 with video

Providing protection and emotional care for children living in camps in Cameroon
20 May 2008

UNICEF seeks additional funds to aid children affected by Ethiopia’s growing food crisis
19 May 2008 with video

Psycho-social support helps children deal with the ‘storm in their mind’ after Cyclone Nargis
19 May 2008 with audio

UNICEF, Mandela Foundation and Hamburg Society consolidate ‘Schools for Africa’
16 May 2008 with video

Mia Farrow travels to CAR to support the fight against polio
16 May 2008 with video

Rescue efforts continue in Juyuan after devastating earthquake
16 May 2008 with video

Growing concern for the safety of Myanmar’s storm-affected children
15 May 2008 with audio and video

‘Art in a Bag’ programme helps Indonesian children express their feelings on conflict
14 May 2008

China requests emergency supplies to aid in quake recovery
14 May 2008 with video

First Lady of Rwanda awards young women for their scholastic achievements
13 May 2008

UN Secretary-General appeals for further cyclone aid as UNICEF supplies arrive
13 May 2008 with audio and video

Tanzania launches 'One Plan' for reducing maternal and child deaths
13 May 2008

UNICEF focuses on restoring normalcy for young survivors of Cyclone Nargis
12 May 2008 with audio and video

Damienne’s story: Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention through open dialogue
09 May 2008

Over 1,000 people take part in a simulation of a bird flu outbreak in Bali
09 May 2008

A monastery provides shelter for villagers after the cyclone in Myanmar
09 May 2008

UNICEF safe-water supplies arrive in Myanmar to aid cyclone survivors
08 May 2008 with audio and video

Promoting sustainable sanitation as a development cornerstone
08 May 2008 with video

Somalia takes part in ‘World’s Biggest Lesson’ for equality in education
08 May 2008

Support groups in Mozambique offer hope for stopping mother-to-child HIV transmission
07 May 2008

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits school in Burkina Faso
07 May 2008

UNICEF and partners appeal for funding to aid families in Myanmar’s cyclone zone
07 May 2008 with video

Over 200 child soldiers demobilized in Burundi
06 May 2008 with video

Child Health and Sanitation Week in Pakistan promotes hygiene to save young lives
05 May 2008 with video

UNICEF crisis response focuses on water and hygiene in aftermath of Cyclone Nargis
05 May 2008 with audio and video

Free antiretroviral treatment helps women in conflict-affected Uganda
05 May 2008

Help and support for Nepalese families living with HIV
05 May 2008 with video

Toll-free child helpline to support children in Lesotho
02 May 2008

Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict calls for action on child rights in Iraq
02 May 2008 with video

Community radio encourages girls’ education in Mozambique
02 May 2008 with audio

UNICEF Iran Representative urges a deeper understanding of Islam to fight poverty
30 April 2008 with video

Support reaches a household of five siblings orphaned by AIDS in Malawi
30 April 2008

Football star and UNICEF Ambassador Ole Gunnar Solskjær visits schools in Angola
29 April 2008

‘Beyond School Books’– a podcast series on education in emergencies: Segment #6
29 April 2008 with audio

Child health strategy encourages use of bed nets to combat malaria in Niger
28 April 2008

Psychosocial activities help disadvantaged Palestinian children relieve stress
28 April 2008 with video

On World Malaria Day, new goals for prevention and treatment announced
25 April 2008 with video

Sex tourism and child exploitation targeted by international experts at Innocenti conference
25 April 2008 with video

Rwandan and Liberian youths capture images of their lives at 'Eye See III' workshop
24 April 2008 with video

Nations unite for World Malaria Day 2008
24 April 2008 with video

A unique expedition fights malaria in six countries along the Zambezi River
24 April 2008 with video

Manchester United and FC Barcelona join forces for UNICEF and the fight against AIDS
23 April 2008

‘Rethinking Poverty’ conference cites risks to children posed by rising global insecurity
22 April 2008 with video

Symposium on poverty recommends child-sensitive social protection in South Asia
21 April 2008 with video

Violence in Iraq disrupts lives and education
21 April 2008 with audio

Parliamentarians lead change for mothers and children
18 April 2008 with video

Costa Rican children score a goal against adversity
17 April 2008

GAVI works to reduce the number of preventable child deaths in Tanzania
17 April 2008 with video

Reforming Armenia’s education system to benefit all children
17 April 2008 with video

After devastating floods, Namibians fight cholera and wait for a return to normalcy
16 April 2008

Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in rural Zambia
16 April 2008 with video

UNICEF Executive Director joins V-Day to focus on stopping rape in DR Congo
15 April 2008

Junior Goodwill Ambassador 'Name Six' visits child-friendly spaces in Madagascar camps
15 April 2008 with video

Countdown to 2015: Empowering Nepalese health workers to save the youngest lives
15 April 2008 with video

Digital Diarist Tsholofelo Selufaro speaks about child labor in Botswana
14 April 2008 with audio

UNICEF and Cameroon work to improve conditions for juvenile prisoners
14 April 2008 with video

Mobile health services reach out to children in rural Mozambique
14 April 2008

UNICEF and British Telecom launch ‘edu-communication’ project in São Paulo
11 April 2008

UNICEF highlights water and sanitation at G8 Development Ministers’ Meeting in Tokyo
11 April 2008

UNICEF’s ‘Story Jam’ looks to expand outlets for youth communication
10 April 2008

Traditional Birth Attendants and midwives partner for women’s health in Indonesia
09 April 2008

Women working for themselves and their community in Burkina Faso
09 April 2008 with video

Mourning the Rwandan genocide, 14 years on
08 April 2008 with video

Crushed childhoods, cruel choices in Gaza
08 April 2008

UNICEF and partners lay new foundations for education with child-friendly schools in Lao PDR
08 April 2008

Executive Board delegates visit Niger to assess progress and set priorities for the future
07 April 2008 with video

UNICEF and partners present gripping tele-series focused on social issues in India
07 April 2008

Requesting aid for those who have been displaced by floodwaters in Namibia
07 April 2008

Playrooms for young population affected by Peru quake serve many roles
04 April 2008 with video

Fatuma’s Digital Diary: Girls’ education in Kenya’s largest slum
03 April 2008 with audio

Thousands remain homeless after torrential rains and flooding in Ecuador
02 April 2008

Japan contributes a total of $109 million to benefit children in 25 countries
02 April 2008

Kiemde’s story: Combating HIV/AIDS through peer-to-peer education
01 April 2008 with video

Mother Support Group Network promotes exclusive breastfeeding in Cambodia
31 March 2008

UNICEF-supported programmes bring improved learning facilities to Malawi
31 March 2008

UNICEF responds to critical needs with water tankers in Basra crisis
31 March 2008

Yemen makes progress in girls’ education with UNICEF-supported literacy programmes
31 March 2008

Lao PDR declares 2008 the National Year of Sanitation
28 March 2008

Door-to-door surveys access vital health-related information in Ghana
27 March 2008

Campaign on track to protect 63 million children against measles in Pakistan
26 March 2008

Children play a key role in Nepal’s commitment to unity
25 March 2008

Staying healthy with child-centred hygiene education in Mozambique
25 March 2008

Communities 'stand up to violence' as the new school year begins
24 March 2008 with video

Counselling sessions help children cope with their fears after recent violence in Gaza
24 March 2008 with video

Celebrating the Tap Project to provide safe water for the world’s children
20 March 2008 with video

Afghanistan launches the International Year of Sanitation
20 March 2008

David Beckham urges children to use Junior 8 Summit to make their voices heard
19 March 2008 with video

Zoe’s Ark children reunited with their families in Chad after five months
19 March 2008 with video

Community outreach on hygiene for cyclone-affected families in Bangladesh
19 March 2008

Successful US Tap Project goes nationwide for World Water Week
18 March 2008

Children are the best teachers in Zambia’s drive for better hygiene
18 March 2008 with video

UNICEF promotes safe sanitation for World Water Day 2008
18 March 2008 with video

Denise’s story: Small grant brings wealth of knowledge to Mozambican youth
17 March 2008 with audio

Swazis ‘Walk the Nation’ to support HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
14 March 2008 with video

An appeal for aid as Madagascar struggles to rebuild after cyclones
14 March 2008 with video

Temperatures rise, but Tajikistan still on alert after winter crisis
13 March 2008 with audio

Trainee midwives bring expert care to rural women in Pakistan
13 March 2008

Mobile testing and treatment fight HIV/AIDS in Zambia’s Mpika District
11 March 2008 with video

Temporary schools bring a sense of normalcy to young Somalis displaced by conflict
07 March 2008 with audio and video

Centre offers help for chronic malnutrition in Somalia
06 March 2008

Saving lives by distributing free mosquito nets in Guinea-Bissau
05 March 2008 with video

Young people embark on first-ever walk across Swaziland to raise HIV awareness
04 March 2008

3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs empower girls to fight AIDS
04 March 2008 with video

Rehabilitation and training programmes give girls a better education in Guinea-Bissau
03 March 2008 with video

Children and women lead the way to ‘total sanitation’ in Pakistan earthquake zone
29 February 2008 with video

Executive Director says stability is bringing progress for children in Sierra Leone
29 February 2008

Water and sanitation fit for the children of Equatorial Guinea
29 February 2008

Kenyan leaders sign power-sharing agreement as children hope for peace
29 February 2008 with audio

Classroom drama and discussion teach young people about HIV in Mozambique
28 February 2008

China’s Youth Ambassadors raise HIV awareness, online and in the community
28 February 2008 with audio

Executive Director visits programmes bringing hope to war-affected Liberian children
27 February 2008 with video

Volunteers help bridge the gap between rural communities and their health centres
27 February 2008

Mobilizing resources for girls' education during the Commission on the Status of Women
26 February 2008 with video

Pilot effort provides an early warning system for autistic children in Malaysia
26 February 2008 with video

UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu collaborates with young artists at ‘Maria’s Children’
25 February 2008 with video

‘Albania Reads’ – IKEA donation brings new books to schoolchildren in need
25 February 2008 with video

As violence continues in Darfur, children go missing and families are torn apart
22 February 2008 with video

International women’s cricket players visit a Cape Town primary school
22 February 2008

Reporter’s notebook: David Beckham surprises local footballers in Sierra Leone
22 February 2008 with video

Life-skills education for girls helps end the cycle of abuse in Malawi
22 February 2008

Cyclone Ivan leaves 22 dead and communication networks damaged
21 February 2008 with video

Voix de Coeur Centre helps children heal from abuse in the Central African Republic
21 February 2008

UNICEF Executive Board wraps up field visit to Lao PDR
20 February 2008 with video

Promoting a passion for reading on remote Malaysian islands
20 February 2008 with video

UNICEF tent schools provide sanctuary for Kenyan children displaced by violence
19 February 2008 with video

Saving lives with HIV/AIDS peer educators in Equatorial Guinea
19 February 2008

UNICEF and Dubai Cares support quality education to break the cycle of poverty
19 February 2008

Innovative methods bring quality schooling to poor children in Indonesia
15 February 2008 with video

UNICEF seeks emergency support for Somalia’s undernourished children
15 February 2008 with audio and video

UNICEF appeals for help with humanitarian activities in DR Congo
14 February 2008 with video

Mauritania's observes Day of Zero Tolerance on Female Genital Mutilation
14 February 2008

Widespread damage and thousands displaced after violence in West Darfur
13 February 2008 with audio

Consultation on maternal and child health inequities held in New York
12 February 2008 with video

A new strategy to improve primary health care in Garaku, Nigeria
12 February 2008

Jamaica’s Peace Month brings hope for a more secure future
12 February 2008

UNICEF appeals for $37 million to save vulnerable Iraqi children
11 February 2008 with audio and video

Temporary classrooms get earthquake-affected students back to school in Peru
08 February 2008 with video

‘HEAL Africa’ helps war-affected young women and children
08 February 2008

‘My Neighbours and Me’ offers children positive alternatives to drugs and crime
07 February 2008 with video

An aggressive push to eradicate measles in Mauritania
07 February 2008

Students return to Gaza schools still suffering from lack of heat and electricity
06 February 2008 with video

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton discusses ‘Touchpoints’ in early childhood
05 February 2008 with video

UNICEF begins distributing emergency aid to Chadian refugees
05 February 2008 with audio

Liberia's President helps UNICEF launch 'The State of the World’s Children 2008'
05 February 2008 with video

Situation remains uncertain as thousands flee widespread violence in Chad
04 February 2008 with audio

San Marino-UNICEF Awards honour youth participation in community programming
04 February 2008 with video

Executive Board concludes its first regular session of 2008
04 February 2008

Youth reporters promote education during the MTN Africa Cup of Nations, GHANA 2008
01 February 2008

Executive Board honours First Lady of Panama for work with disabled children
01 February 2008 with video

Executive Board looks towards stronger partnerships for child protection
31 January 2008 with video

Documentary film explores the topic, ‘Love (and Babies) in the Time of AIDS’
31 January 2008 with video

UNICEF appeals for $6.6 million to help those affected by post-election violence
30 January 2008 with audio

Lao PDR suffers first cholera outbreak in nearly eight years
30 January 2008

UNICEF Executive Board opens its first session of the new year
30 January 2008 with video

Tetanus elimination campaign focuses on women, children and Pygmy groups
29 January 2008 with audio

Tatulia: A Bangladesh village in dire need of safe water
29 January 2008 with video

Progress and challenges: Regional Director for South Asia Dan Toole visits Afghanistan
28 January 2008 with video

A polio survivor dedicates her life to helping children get vaccinated
25 January 2008

‘Family Talks’ broadcasts the message good health to Brazil
25 January 2008

Following post-election conflict, thousands of children miss the first day of school
24 January 2008

Partnering to deliver aid those displaced by floods in the Zambezi valley
23 January 2008 with video

Bringing good hygiene to rural Bangladesh through ‘Para Centres’
22 January 2008

Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham visits child survival programmes in Sierra Leone
21 January 2008 with video

Bandit attacks lead to mass displacement across north-western CAR
18 January 2008

UNICEF flagship report says community health programmes are key to reducing child mortality
18 January 2008 with video

Providing help for families displaced by civil unrest in Kenya
16 January 2008

UNICEF and Confederation of African Football unite to promote quality education for all
16 January 2008 with video

Oral rehydration salts are a life-saving solution in Niger
14 January 2008

Cash transfer programme in Malawi changes the lives of families in extreme poverty
14 January 2008

Violence subsides but families remain displaced in post-election Kenya
11 January 2008 with audio

Orlando Bloom visits UNICEF programmes for children in Nepal
10 January 2008 with video

Ghanaian celebrities continue to spread the message of ‘Clean Water’
10 January 2008 with video

Young filmmakers express themselves as ‘OneminutesJr’ project expands its reach
09 January 2008 with video

Providing water and sanitation to families displaced by conflict in Somalia
09 January 2008

Life-skills lessons turn Turkmen students into role models
08 January 2008 with video

Waiving maternity fees improves prospects for Kenyan women and children
08 January 2008 with video

National measles campaign targets 2.9 million children in Niger
07 January 2008

Never too late to learn, students in Liberia say
04 January 2008

The ‘Bashy Bus Kru' educates youths about HIV
04 January 2008 with video

Uzbekistan fortifies foods to protect children against anaemia
04 January 2008 with video

Iraqi children share their experience in film about friends separated by conflict
03 January 2008 with video

One girl’s story: Fatuma, 22, reports from Kenya's post-election conflict
02 January 2008 with audio

Goodwill Ambassador Ricardo Montaner hosts benefit concert for disabled children
31 December 2007

UNICEF makes its mark in 3 of 10 Yahoo! ‘Inspirations’ for 2007
31 December 2007

UN meeting highlights innovative programmes that spread from south to north
27 December 2007 with video

Protecting children’s rights where they are not enshrined by treaty
29 November 2007 with video

Fatuma’s Digital Diary: Daily life for girls in the slums of Kenya
24 October 2007 with audio

Republic of San Marino honours UNICEF and Belizean children’s group
02 February 2007 with video

Boost for HIV/AIDS education in India
27 June 2005

Cameroon: Peer educators help fight HIV/AIDS
16 June 2005

Carol Bellamy: Important progress for children seen in the last ten years.
27 April 2005

‘Unite Against Malaria’ – Africa Malaria Day 2005
25 April 2005

Games and role-play teach Thai children about HIV/AIDS
22 February 2005



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