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Archived stories from 2007

Items are in reverse chronological order: most recent ones are first, older items are further down.

Working together for child-friendly learning in Turkmenistan
27 December 2007 with video

Digital Diary: Nigerian street children tell their stories of life without security
26 December 2007 with audio

Grand Strasbourg Christmas tree celebrates the season for all the world’s children
24 December 2007

UNICEF Germany ‘Photo of the Year’ raises awareness about early marriage
24 December 2007

Community midwives in Pakistan help mothers and babies survive
24 December 2007

UNICEF launches bird flu education campaign to help Indonesian children
19 December 2007 with video

Child-survival campaign reaches families displaced by conflict in Mogadishu
18 December 2007 with video

‘Progress for Children’: Simple measures produce a rise in Gambian birth registration
17 December 2007

UNICEF Kenya brings children’s issues to election campaign platform
17 December 2007 with audio

UNICEF supports rainwater harvesting for families on remote islands in Indonesia
14 December 2007 with video

UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan receives National Friendship award
14 December 2007

UN General Assembly plenary closes with renewed commitment to children
13 December 2007 with video

In partnership with UNICEF, delegates from Fútbol Club Barcelona visit Swaziland
13 December 2007

Children initiate UN discussions on education and climate change
12 December 2007 with video

UNICEF supports youth participation at climate change conference in Bali
12 December 2007 with video

Education suffers amidst political tension and conflict in Gaza
12 December 2007 with video

UN General Assembly opens high-level meeting on children’s issues
11 December 2007 with video

Bernice’s Digital Diary: A Ghanaian girl’s take on London – Part 2
11 December 2007 with audio

UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children visits AIDS projects in São Paulo
10 December 2007

UNICEF Representative leads 1,000-km horseback trek for Uruguay’s children
10 December 2007 with video

‘Our Stories’ project: Children around the world share and connect online
07 December 2007 with video

ICDB 2007 asks youths to speak out on the air about ‘The World We Want’
07 December 2007 with video

After the storm, Bangladesh cyclone survivors struggle through trying times
06 December 2007 with video

‘Miracle women’ help combat under-five mortality in Nepal
06 December 2007

Partners In Health: Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in Haiti
06 December 2007 with video

Challenges await Burundian refugees expelled from Tanzania
05 December 2007 with video

Junior Eurovision Song Contest and EBU to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF
04 December 2007

On World AIDS Day, faith-based leaders show solidarity with HIV-affected youth in Brazil
04 December 2007

Psychosocial help gives children in Iran the tools to cope with challenges
04 December 2007

East Asian leaders commit to improving toilets and hygiene
03 December 2007 with video

‘Red Ribbon Express’ rides the rails to raise youth AIDS awareness in India
03 December 2007 with video

South African designer Gavin Rajah creates one-of-a-kind doll to benefit UNICEF
30 November 2007

Where ignorance can be deadly, breaking the cycle of AIDS in Côte d’Ivoire
29 November 2007

Zimbabwe’s Child Health Days help to reduce measles and boost child survival
29 November 2007 with video

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting announces 2007 award to Thai network
28 November 2007 with video

Countess Alexandra relaunches the AIDS campaign in Denmark
27 November 2007

In troubled Darfur, children raise their voices to defend their rights
27 November 2007

For homeless Russian children, hope and help to get off the streets
26 November 2007 with video

Bernice’s Digital Diary: A Ghanaian girl’s take on London
23 November 2007 with audio

Myanmar mobilizes to protect 7 million children against polio
23 November 2007 with video

UN Joint Mission visits cyclone survivors in Bangladesh
23 November 2007 with video

International Year of Sanitation 2008: A plea for dignity and health for all
21 November 2007 with video

Germany celebrates CRC 18th anniversary with a call for ‘Children first!’
21 November 2007 with video

'Progress for Children': New house, new garden and new chance at a healthy life in Aceh
21 November 2007

New book, launched at UNICEF, examines legal framework for child rights
20 November 2007 with video

UN task force unveils mental health guidelines for healing communities in emergencies
20 November 2007

On CRC anniversary, Ishmael Beah appointed UNICEF Advocate for Children Affected by War
20 November 2007 with video

UNICEF Snowflake, symbol of hope, illuminated in New York
19 November 2007

Cyclone in Bangladesh: UNICEF and partners join emergency relief effort
18 November 2007 with audio and video

Nationwide push in Lao PDR to eliminate measles
16 November 2007 with video

‘The Way Home’ works to protect the rights and lives of street children in Odessa
16 November 2007 with video

Illness rises as desperate residents seek safe water in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
14 November 2007

Team Saatchi and UNICEF celebrate 18 years of children’s rights with new ad
14 November 2007

In Guinea-Bissau, a victim of female genital mutilation/cutting calls for its end
13 November 2007

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman host 'Long Way Down' benefit
13 November 2007 with audio

Flood response targets immediate needs of children in Tabasco and Chiapas
09 November 2007 with audio

Mozambique campaign aims to distribute 500,000 more nets to fight malaria
09 November 2007

UNICEF Ukraine helps re-unite abandoned siblings and encourages family-based care
09 November 2007 with video

UNICEF and US Fund host World of Children 10th-anniversary awards
08 November 2007

Beloved cartoon character Mônica is the newest National Ambassador for UNICEF Brazil
08 November 2007

Avian influenza workshop series raises awareness in Pacific island countries
08 November 2007

Despite political tensions, Nepal vitamin A campaign garners wide support
07 November 2007 with video

UNICEF ambassadors help out during Madagascar’s Mother and Child Health Week
07 November 2007 with video

Multiple community programmes simultaneously fight HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
06 November 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Director ends first visit to Sudan with sense of optimism
05 November 2007 with video

New syllabus helps conflict-affected children get back to school in Sri Lanka
05 November 2007

At announcement of Junior 8 Summit 2008 in Japan, an appeal for youth participation
02 November 2007

At ‘Machel plus 10’ launch, children have their say about conflict
01 November 2007

Internet documentary on Liberian refugee school wins UNICEF award at Japan Prize 2007
31 October 2007

Zambia’s far-reaching measles campaign declared a success
31 October 2007 with audio

Young ‘Peace Messengers’ from Yokohama support UNICEF
30 October 2007

UNICEF Representative to travel on horseback ‘1,000 km for Uruguay’s Children’
30 October 2007 with audio

UNICEF and partners support local community schools for Guinean girls and boys
29 October 2007 with video

Changing attitudes about malnutrition and gender equality in India
29 October 2007 with video

Accelerated Learning Programme gives conflict-affected youths a chance for education
26 October 2007

Norway affirms support for children with $100 million toward UNICEF programmes
26 October 2007

Community dialogue sessions advance bird flu education in Nigeria
26 October 2007

Formula One driver Felipe Massa appointed UNICEF’s Brazil’s newest 'Champion for Brazilian Children'
25 October 2007

Neige’s story: Recovering from malnutrition in the Central African Republic
25 October 2007

Child Alert Afghanistan: Martin Bell reports on children caught in war
24 October 2007 with video

Floods create a ‘ghost town’, putting young lives on hold in Córdoba, Colombia
23 October 2007

Annual ‘TV-Aksjonen’ raises over $40 million for UNICEF Norway’s work on HIV and AIDS
23 October 2007

Benin conducts anti-malaria bednet campaign to save children's lives
22 October 2007

Evacuation orders in effect as East Java volcano alert remains high
19 October 2007 with audio

As UNICEF names spokesperson on child violence, UN report offers signs of hope
19 October 2007 with video

Centres provide a second chance for education in Guinea
19 October 2007 with video

Helping families and communities help themselves in western Mongolia
18 October 2007 with video

UN Secretary-General hosts ‘Stand Up against Poverty’ event
17 October 2007

‘Machel plus 10’ review says war becoming even more dangerous for children
17 October 2007 with video

‘Women Deliver’ conference set to spur global action on maternal mortality
17 October 2007 with audio

Creating a healthy environment by building latrines in Ethiopia's Amhara Region
17 October 2007 with video

UNICEF report shows gains made in reducing the burden of malaria
16 October 2007 with video

Maisha’s story: Former child soldier reclaims his life in DR Congo
16 October 2007 with video

Ghana’s children struggle in the aftermath of flooding
15 October 2007

Former child soldiers trade guns for textbooks in rural Southern Sudan
15 October 2007 with video

New permanent schools in post-tsunami Banda Aceh set new standards
11 October 2007

Masika’s story: Child combatant in DR Congo recalls the emptiness of army life
11 October 2007 with video

Educating Nepalese youths about the dangers of explosives
11 October 2007

Camp in Lebanon fosters peace and tolerance in a region marked by conflict
10 October 2007 with video

Voix du Coeur Centre provides a safe haven for Bangui’s street children
10 October 2007

Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover inspires, and is inspired by, youths in São Paulo
09 October 2007

Protection centres aim to end the cycle of child labour in Pakistan quake zone
09 October 2007

UNICEF supports child-friendly policies on juvenile justice in Mongolia
08 October 2007 with video

Iraqi children celebrate their return to school
08 October 2007 with audio and video

UNICEF Executive Director meets with children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa
08 October 2007 with video

Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve makes NASCAR debut to support children
05 October 2007

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman praise UNICEF’s work and talk about ‘Long Way Down’
05 October 2007 with audio

Nelson Mandela and Executive Director Ann M. Veneman unite for children
05 October 2007

Palestinian children face the challenges of getting an education during conflict
05 October 2007 with video

In Benin, Angélique Kidjo visits centres for trafficked and abused children
04 October 2007 with video

UNICEF and Special Olympics partner in China to raise disability awareness
03 October 2007 with video

A model school for girls and boys is building back after Pakistan floods
03 October 2007

Mamiwhe’s Digital Diary: A passionate commitment to education for all
03 October 2007 with audio and video

Helping former soldiers plant seeds for the future in DR Congo
02 October 2007 with video

Volunteer-staffed health centre helps save lives in Baidoa, Somalia
02 October 2007

Jenna Bush celebrates ‘Ana’s Story’ at UNICEF House book launch
01 October 2007 with video

Mobile health workers deliver essential services to Brazilian families
01 October 2007 with video

More nations commit to 'Paris Principles' on ending the trauma of child soldiers
01 October 2007 with video

Early education makes learning fun for indigenous children in Guatemala
01 October 2007

UNICEF works to improve access to safe water and sanitation in rural Mongolia
28 September 2007 with video

Humanitarian supplies distributed in the wake of conflict in North Kivu, DR Congo
27 September 2007 with video

Leaders at Clinton Global Initiative renew commitments to health and education
26 September 2007 with video

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in Kigamboni, Tanzania
26 September 2007

UNICEF and partners send aid as Uganda floods disrupt life for 60,000 households
26 September 2007 with audio

Footballer Marcel Desailly teaches girls in Ghana about success on and off the field
26 September 2007

Basketball star Sam Dalembert brings hope and encouragement to Haitian children
25 September 2007 with video

Holding back cholera in Iraq to protect thousands at risk
25 September 2007 with audio

Community volunteers help avert potential health crises before they happen
25 September 2007

ICC Twenty20 championship finals boost global AIDS campaign
24 September 2007 with audio and video

Summer youth camps promote peace in the North Caucasus
24 September 2007 with video

Families struggle to survive after devastating rains in northern Ghana
24 September 2007

Travelling schools bring education to migrant 'herder children'
21 September 2007 with video

A life lived in ‘exit mode’ – floods continue to bring destruction
21 September 2007 with video

Stop Child Abuse campaign asks for change at a policy level
20 September 2007

International Day of Peace marked with polio vaccination drive in Afghanistan
20 September 2007 with audio

Rebuilding lives in marginalized communities of flood-affected Bihar
19 September 2007 with video

Providing vital supplies to vulnerable Nepalese families displaced by floods
19 September 2007 with video

Women’s group fights malnutrition with knowledge in San Pablo La Laguna
19 September 2007 with audio

Displaced children especially vulnerable to illness and military re-recruitment in North Kivu
18 September 2007 with audio

Cricket chief Malcolm Speed promotes ‘the power of sport’ to fight HIV/AIDS
18 September 2007

Combating acute malnutrition in flood survivors
17 September 2007

Temporary schools provide normalcy for children displaced by conflict
17 September 2007

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Gian Marco Zignago visits shelters in earthquake-ravaged areas of Peru
14 September 2007

Sri Lankan cricket stars join fight against HIV in South Africa
14 September 2007 with video

Mothers and children hit hard by nutrition crisis in Somalia
13 September 2007 with audio

Angélique Kidjo raises awareness on child rights in her native Benin
13 September 2007 with video

FIFA-UNICEF campaign under way to break down gender barriers in schools
13 September 2007 with video

ICC Twenty 20 cricket contest goes to bat against AIDS
12 September 2007 with video

In a child survival milestone, under-five deaths fall below 10 million per year
12 September 2007 with video

Mongolia faces challenges keeping ‘herder children’ in school
11 September 2007 with video

Japan supports promotion of bednets to prevent malaria in Ghana
10 September 2007 with video

Youths find an alternative to gang violence in Guatemala
10 September 2007 with audio

UNICEF board members review multi-year child protection strategy
08 September 2007 with video

Moscow hosts Cities for Children conference and signs on to become child-friendly
07 September 2007 with video

‘Goals for Girls!’ campaign kicks off
07 September 2007 with video

Guinea-Bissau school rehab programme: A better chance for girls and boys alike
07 September 2007

UNICEF Executive Board reviews country programmes that help societies rebuild
06 September 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Director says female genital cutting must be “consigned to history”
06 September 2007

UNICEF Executive Board discusses recent emergency response and looks to the future
05 September 2007 with video

Goodwill Ambassador Marcel Desailly encourages children in Ghana to go to school
05 September 2007 with video

Hurricane Felix: Nicaragua bears the brunt and Honduras endures heavy rains
04 September 2007 with audio

Football helps girls in Brazil put exploitation behind them
31 August 2007

Summer camps for Lebanese children help to heal the scars of war
30 August 2007 with video

Afrah’s story: Recovering a childhood lost on the streets of Baghdad
30 August 2007 with video

After devastating quake, getting Peruvian children back to school is a priority
30 August 2007

At regional forum, Latin America unites to recognize children’s first right – to identity
29 August 2007 with video

Cricket chief Malcolm Speed meets Indian children living with HIV
29 August 2007 with video

Ceramic water filters improve water quality for rural communities in Myanmar
28 August 2007 with video

Bilingual-intercultural education aims to keep indigenous girls and boys in school
28 August 2007 with audio

UNICEF steps up awareness campaign after reported bird flu deaths in Bali
27 August 2007 with video

Indian Ocean Games provide a platform for peer-to-peer education
24 August 2007 with video

Going the extra mile: UNICEF Indonesia immunization drive reaches remote areas
24 August 2007 with video

Families in need of aid as Portland Cottage is once again devastated by a hurricane
23 August 2007

Women and children bear the brunt of flood effects in Bihar
23 August 2007

One week on, more aid needed to meet Peru quake survivors’ critical needs
22 August 2007 with video

‘Mirame’ book launch shines a light on challenges facing indigenous girls in Guatemala
22 August 2007 with audio

Courses on offer at community centre empower Palestinian women in Jordan
20 August 2007

UNICEF and partners respond as Hurricane Dean batters Jamaica
19 August 2007

UNICEF joins relief effort after earthquake hits populated urban areas of Peru
16 August 2007 with audio

Providing aid to children and families affected by severe floods in DPR Korea
16 August 2007 with audio

Mobile medical camps treat children and families displaced by floods in Bihar
16 August 2007 with video

UNICEF galvanizes partners for flood relief to children and families in Uttar Pradesh
15 August 2007

Zimbabwean grandmothers help build a school for their community’s children
15 August 2007 with video

Girls' Education Movement amplifies ‘Children’s Voices’ in Sudan
14 August 2007

Palestinian adolescents find an outlet through UNICEF-supported community centres
14 August 2007 with video

On track to stop malaria: Congolese railroad helps UNICEF deliver 300,000 bednets
13 August 2007 with video

Insecurity has not dampened children’s aspirations in Central African Republic
13 August 2007

Tsholo’s Digital Diary: Tapping the potential of youth to change lives in Botswana
10 August 2007 with audio

UNICEF Niger works with chiefs to promote child survival and girls’ education
10 August 2007 with video

Communities struggle to cope with monsoon flooding in Nepal
09 August 2007

In Japan, FC Barcelona raises AIDS awareness and support for children at risk
09 August 2007

‘Breast crawl’ phenomenon benefits mothers and newborns
08 August 2007

School campaign supports girls’ education and achievement in Rwanda
08 August 2007 with audio

Millions affected by floods in Bangladesh face ‘a desperate situation’
07 August 2007 with audio

More aid needed for tens of millions affected by severe monsoon floods in India
06 August 2007 with audio

Nelson Mandela Institute seeks new solutions to education and development challenges
06 August 2007 with video

V-Day and UNICEF urge protection for women and girls in eastern DR Congo
06 August 2007 with video

Child-friendly schools give hope to a young girl in El Alto, Bolivia
03 August 2007

Pilot project provides a community-sentencing alternative for young offenders
02 August 2007

UNICEF aids release of children from rebel forces in Central African Republic
02 August 2007

Justice and support for victims of child sexual abuse in Indonesia
02 August 2007 with video

Vaccinations and safe water provided in the aftermath of southwest Pakistan floods
01 August 2007 with video

Jane’s Digital Diary: Malawian girls’ rights on the line
31 July 2007 with audio

World Breastfeeding Week 2007: An early start on breast milk saves infants’ lives
31 July 2007 with video

Meeting of Global Health Leaders: Stronger collaboration, improved outcomes
31 July 2007

Nepali communities fight to change ingrained social biases against women
31 July 2007

At Sofia Consultation, governments in South East Europe embrace child-care reform
30 July 2007

Norway Cup gives girls from Harare a chance to triumph
26 July 2007 with audio and video

18,000 villages across Gujarat celebrate a massive school enrolment drive
25 July 2007 with video

A platform for young voices in the run-up to the Guatemalan elections
25 July 2007 with audio

Young people use new media to speak out on HIV and AIDS
24 July 2007 with video

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman take the ‘Long Way Down’ to support landmine education
24 July 2007

Rebuilding from the ground up in the aftermath of Cyclone Yemyin
23 July 2007 with video

Youth-driven discussion panel seeks ways to end child trafficking in Botswana
23 July 2007

UNICEF expands its outreach to children affected by HIV in Zimbabwe
20 July 2007 with video

After the Copa América, Venezuelan children relive the joy of a dream come true
19 July 2007 with audio

Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law’s ‘secret’ mission to Afghanistan
18 July 2007 with audio

NBA star and Goodwill Ambassador Pau Gasol visits HIV-affected children in Angola
18 July 2007 with video

Preparation and quick action save flood victims in Orissa
18 July 2007

With help from the Government of Japan, Southern Sudan rebuilds its schools
17 July 2007 with video

Children no longer have to separate from their families to attend school in Minoruk
17 July 2007

Experimental apartment declared a successful alternative to orphanages
17 July 2007

UNICEF Indonesia supports community bird flu prevention programme
16 July 2007 with video

‘Empowering Hands’ for former child soldiers in Uganda
16 July 2007

After the southwest Pakistan floods, life will not be the same for Imtiaz
16 July 2007

Clubs help girls stay in school and succeed in Burkina Faso
13 July 2007 with video

UNICEF supplies arrive in Thandwe to help Myanmar flood victims
12 July 2007

Centre for struggling mothers aims to break the cycle of child abandonment in Ukraine
12 July 2007

UNICEF-supported centre builds leadership skills for Jordanian girls
11 July 2007

Najma’s ordeal: Surviving the floods in southwest Pakistan
10 July 2007 with audio

After the tsunami, education and recreation for Solomon Islands children
10 July 2007 with video

Under the façade of religious study, children fall victim to trafficking
09 July 2007

‘Les inséparables’ films help combat child trafficking in Benin and worldwide
09 July 2007

Children’s centres provide an alternative approach to juvenile justice in Tajikistan
09 July 2007

Children are at the heart of Copa América 2007 in Venezuela
06 July 2007

Relief efforts begin to reach flood-affected children and families in Pakistan
05 July 2007 with audio

Creating child-friendly spaces for Timorese children still displaced by civil unrest
05 July 2007

Malnutrition afflicts displaced children in camps in eastern Chad
05 July 2007

UNICEF delivers first shipment of generic antiretrovirals to Brazil
05 July 2007

UNICEF and local partners promote child-friendly schools in Rwanda
03 July 2007

Cyclone floods in Pakistan leave thousands displaced and desperate
02 July 2007

Child-friendly journalism gives young people a voice in Iraq
29 June 2007

UN progress report urges new commitment to Millennium Development Goals
29 June 2007 with video

In Zimbabwe, Child Health Days focus on polio immunization
28 June 2007

First-ever synchronized polio campaign between Namibia, Angola and DR Congo
28 June 2007 with video

Youth journalists in Burundi interview their president on child trafficking
27 June 2007

National Pact reaffirms Brazil’s commitment to 13 million children in impoverished areas
27 June 2007

Kenya training session is a milestone for community-based newborn care in Africa
26 June 2007

Burkinabe communities struggle to support early childhood education centres
26 June 2007 with video

Uzbekistan’s Health Week campaign educates 6 million youths on proper nutrition
26 June 2007

Fifth International Congress on Culture and Development held in Havana
25 June 2007

Supporting the repatriation of child camel jockeys in Mauritania
25 June 2007 with video

In South Africa, FC Barcelona and friendly rivals score new goals for children
22 June 2007 with video

Making every child count in the streets of Kolkata, India
22 June 2007 with video

Senegal’s Child Survival Days focus on malaria prevention
22 June 2007

Childhood lost: Assistance for children orphaned by AIDS in Uganda
21 June 2007

Madagascar rap star Name Six appointed first-ever Junior Goodwill Ambassador
21 June 2007 with video

Displaced by conflict at northern Lebanon refugee camp, children look to the future
20 June 2007 with video

Yemen at the forefront of regional debate on child abuse and neglect
20 June 2007

Months after an earthquake and tsunami, Solomon Islands struggle to recover
20 June 2007 with video

Palestinian child health still suffers despite end of eight-month strike at clinics
19 June 2007 with video

Recent violence in Gaza leaves many young people shaken
19 June 2007 with audio

Parliamentarians in Republic of Korea support UNICEF and ‘A World Fit for Children’
19 June 2007

Argentine youths win ‘Make a Difference!’ one-minute video contest
18 June 2007 with video

UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu visits families displaced by violence in DR Congo
18 June 2007 with video

UNICEF and European Commission support Guinea worm eradication in Ghana
15 June 2007 with video

Testimony and calls for unity set the stage for a global AIDS conference in Kigali
15 June 2007

Art therapy camps build confidence and hope for Thai children living with HIV
14 June 2007

UNICEF and partners aid child labourers and fight trafficking in Niger
14 June 2007 with video

Child trafficking in Côte d’Ivoire: Efforts under way to reverse a tragic trend
14 June 2007 with audio

In Cameroon, changing attitudes and safe water mean more girls in school
13 June 2007 with video

Supplementary feeding centres boost nutrition in Pakistan quake zone
12 June 2007

Young peer educators raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention in Gujarat youth
12 June 2007

‘Silent emergency’ of malnutrition threatens young lives in Yemen
11 June 2007 with video

Improved, child-friendly schools offer girls a better future in Sierra Leone
11 June 2007 with video

At South Africa’s third national AIDS conference, all eyes on rising child mortality
08 June 2007 with video

Executive Board focuses on security and development in post-conflict Liberia
08 June 2007 with video

Female teachers help to rebuild Afghanistan’s education system
08 June 2007

Junior 8 delegates present youth perspectives to G8 world leaders
07 June 2007 with video

Chinyanta’s Digital Diary: A Zambian teen fights for child rights and gender equality
07 June 2007 with audio

Buddhist monks trained to support Cambodian families affected by HIV/AIDS
06 June 2007 with video

Learning centres help restore hope for Palestinian adolescents
06 June 2007 with video

Executive Board looks at UNICEF’s priorities in education for all
05 June 2007 with video

UNICEF to distribute 100,000 bird flu prevention kits in Indonesia
05 June 2007

Queen Rania, Eminent Advocate for Children, visits child health centre in Morocco
05 June 2007

Online and off, UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Centre extends its reach
05 June 2007 with video

Executive Board reviews progress and achievements for children in 2006
04 June 2007 with video

J8 Summit opens in Germany
04 June 2007 with video

Palestinian refugees in northern Lebanon displaced and in need
01 June 2007 with audio

Young people gather to debate global issues at Junior 8 Summit in Germany
01 June 2007

Queen Rania, Eminent Advocate for Children, shares Morocco’s successes
01 June 2007 with video

Workshop provides new tools to Jordan’s budding journalists
01 June 2007

‘Idols West Africa’ join the global AIDS campaign
31 May 2007 with video

At regional launch of violence study, Kenyan children say ‘no’ to corporal punishment
31 May 2007

Life-skills training turns Turkmen students into pioneers of AIDS awareness
30 May 2007

Ecuadorian youths at UN forum speak out for indigenous children’s rights
30 May 2007 with audio

Volunteers and helpline join forces to reduce maternal mortality in rural India
29 May 2007 with video

Habiba’s story: Early marriage leads to tragedy for a young woman in Niger
29 May 2007 with video

School children lead sanitation drive in Nepal
25 May 2007

With mothers’ help, more girls are going to school in Cameroon
25 May 2007 with video

Children face dangers as they try to cross desert into U.S.
24 May 2007 with video

Children in Barbados have their say on development goals
24 May 2007

Global consultation looks to beefing up UNICEF programme communication
23 May 2007 with video

Jordan’s Queen Rania issues UNICEF’s worldwide call to action to aid Iraqi children
23 May 2007 with video

Youth in Gaza and Sderot, Israel face daily violence
22 May 2007 with audio

Worst floods in 50 years displace thousands in Uruguay
22 May 2007 with audio

Child Soldiers Demobilized in the Central African Republic
21 May 2007 with audio

‘Friends Helping Friends’ living with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia
18 May 2007 with video

ECHO and UNICEF promote Plumpy’nut production to improve child nutrition in Niger
18 May 2007 with video

UNICEF Sri Lanka reaches out to children and families displaced by escalating conflict
16 May 2007 with audio

Transitional schools keep children learning in earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan
15 May 2007

UNICEF and ECHO reintegrate child soldiers in Côte d’Ivoire, and Béoué is ready for success
15 May 2007 with video

Lawmakers inspired by field visit to UNICEF Indonesia projects
15 May 2007 with video

Visitors see services provided to families displaced by conflict in northern Uganda
14 May 2007

Nutrition crisis undermines child survival in southern Madagascar
14 May 2007 with video

UNICEF and Government of Chad reach accord raising hopes for children in armed conflict
11 May 2007 with audio

Children set-up their own school in an Indian village, defying caste barriers
11 May 2007

UNICEF supports improved sanitation in the rebuilt homes of Aceh and Nias
10 May 2007

Providing basic services to Gabon’s ‘people of the forest’
10 May 2007

‘Days of Peace’ promote child survival and development in Philippines conflict areas
09 May 2007 with video

‘Girl Stars’ reach out to rural India through films on the power of education
09 May 2007 with audio

UNICEF provides school supplies to 60,000 children in flood-affected areas of Zambia
08 May 2007

Moldovan children struggle to cope with their parents’ economic migration
08 May 2007

Learning takes centre stage for displaced adults and adolescents in Timor-Leste
08 May 2007

A post-tsunami milestone: 100 new schools built or under construction in Aceh and Nias
07 May 2007

UNICEF hosts first preparatory meeting for 2008 International Year of Sanitation
07 May 2007 with video

Lao photo contest encourages ‘Caring Dads’ to protect their children from HIV
04 May 2007

Lack of adequate sanitation triggers child health concerns in Cambodia
04 May 2007 with video

Balkan teens produce short films on child health and environmental issues
03 May 2007 with video

Education campaign raises avian influenza awareness in Georgia’s schools
03 May 2007 with video

After bird flu tragedy, communities come together for change in Azerbaijan
02 May 2007

Hip-hop documentary brings home clear-cut truths about ‘blood diamonds’
02 May 2007 with video

A letter from Sunita: Keeping our promises on girls’ education
01 May 2007

Overcoming obstacles to child survival and gender equality in Kosovo
01 May 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Board witnesses progress for at-risk children in Kyrgyzstan
01 May 2007 with video

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 hits a six for children affected by AIDS
30 April 2007 with video

Child-friendly schools boost learning in Turkmenistan
30 April 2007

In India, a young woman follows her heart and breaks barriers
30 April 2007 with video

Despite dangers, measles vaccinators fan out across Iraq
26 April 2007 with video

UNICEF Somalia relief efforts hindered by lack of access to conflict-affected areas
25 April 2007 with audio

For children in Sierra Leone, poverty and malaria are a deadly combination
25 April 2007 with video

Steinway’s first ‘Lang Lang’ branded piano to benefit AIDS programmes in China
25 April 2007

In Mozambique, protecting children and mothers from malaria
24 April 2007

A young environmentalist encourages positive change in the Philippines
24 April 2007

After devastating cyclones, Madagascar rebuilds its shattered schools
24 April 2007 with video

African Malaria Day 2007 pushes for global awareness and action
24 April 2007 with video

Polio immunization drive reaches children in Koranic schools of northern Nigeria
23 April 2007 with video

Rebuilding a safety net for new mothers in Indonesia
20 April 2007 with video

Global partners gather in Tanzania to discuss maternal, newborn and child health
19 April 2007

UNICEF and partners help child domestic workers in Haiti regain their rights
19 April 2007 with audio

Institutionalized children return home to family life in Georgia
19 April 2007 with video

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken visits Afghanistan
18 April 2007 with video

Child-friendly budget forum in Kazakh Parliament addresses local needs
18 April 2007

Bednets from Canadian ‘Spread the Net’ campaign to tackle malaria in Liberia
18 April 2007

Outreach efforts address the double stigma of HIV/AIDS and drug use in Malaysia
16 April 2007 with video

England’s bowler Stuart Broad visits UNICEF project at Barbados primary school
13 April 2007

Mine awareness campaign aims to save lives and limbs in Nepal
13 April 2007

ICC top umpire and most experienced Match Referee call foul on AIDS stigma
13 April 2007

Child-friendly schools support girls’ education in Cambodia
12 April 2007

Billboards depict a child’s perspective of life in Chechnya, Russian Federation
12 April 2007

New Turkish TV show gives teenage videographers a platform
12 April 2007

Girls’ Education Project focuses on getting students back to school in Nigeria
11 April 2007 with video

UNICEF presents awards to youth radio producers in Mexico and Zambia
11 April 2007 with audio

After devastating cyclones, UNICEF and partners step in to help Madagascar
10 April 2007 with video

Young Malaysian footballers go on the offensive against HIV and AIDS
10 April 2007 with video

Travelling puppet show in Lao PDR promotes bird flu awareness
09 April 2007

Drumming up pride among post-war Burundi’s street children
09 April 2007

Hygiene education campaign battles spread of avian influenza in Egypt
09 April 2007 with video

Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea reeling from recent tsunami
05 April 2007

Malnutrition challenges child survival in Niger, despite recent gains
05 April 2007

International Day for Mine Awareness draws global attention to landmines
05 April 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Board heads to Peru
04 April 2007 with video

Deadly landmines threaten the lives and well-being of children in rural Colombia
04 April 2007 with video

Trio for Life: Birth registration, immunization and breastfeeding give children head start in Venezuela
04 April 2007 with video

FC Barcelona wins prestigious sports award for UNICEF partnership
03 April 2007

West Indies cricket team receives warm welcome from young cricket players in Guyana
03 April 2007

Young Palestinians mark Palestinian Child’s Day by speaking out against violence
03 April 2007 with audio and video

With participation of disabled youth, UN treaty on the rights of the disabled signed
02 April 2007 with video

UNICEF and partners come together to help reduce maternal mortality in Afghanistan
02 April 2007

Awareness campaign protects women and children against bird flu in Nigeria
30 March 2007 with video

Nicaraguan Digital Diarist interviews peers about abuse and discrimination
30 March 2007 with audio

Six million children in DPR Korea immunized against measles
29 March 2007

Micro-financing empowers women and changes lives in Togo
29 March 2007 with video

Irish cricketer visits Jamaican programme for people with disabilities
29 March 2007

Giving an early boost to the next generation of Malaysia’s ‘original people’
28 March 2007 with video

In conflict-affected eastern Sri Lanka, aid for a population on the move
28 March 2007

Despite dangers, an Iraqi mother is determined to educate herself and her children
28 March 2007 with audio

New Zealand cricketer encourages Antiguan youths
27 March 2007

UN panel explores the legacy of the slave trade on the 200th anniversary of abolition
27 March 2007

Lights, camera, action! South Africa hosts 5th World Summit on Media for Children
27 March 2007 with video

UN Special Representative commends demobilization of child soldiers in Burundi
27 March 2007

At Global Kids Conference, high school students debate environmental issues
26 March 2007

UNICEF helps train midwives to improve maternal and newborn care in Indonesia
26 March 2007 with video

Community contracts help build child-friendly schools in Madagascar
26 March 2007 with video

Young Moldovan mother who survived trafficking struggles to recover
26 March 2007

Bangladesh and Bermuda cricketers stamp out HIV/AIDS stigma
23 March 2007

Palestinians cope with water scarcity in Gaza
23 March 2007 with video

UNICEF and Sesame Street helping to promote education and tolerance in Kosovo
23 March 2007 with video

Australian cricketers visit teen mother programme in St. Kitts
23 March 2007

Sri Lankan cricketer treats Trinidadian children to ICC Cricket World Cup 2007
22 March 2007

UNICEF Executive Director joins Starbucks and Ethos ‘Walk for Water’
22 March 2007 with video

Malaysia works to break the cycle of mother-to-child HIV transmission
22 March 2007 with video

Lack of safe water endangers the health of Baghdad’s most deprived children
21 March 2007 with video

Netherlands cricketers support AIDS awareness in St. Kitts
21 March 2007

UNICEF taps New York City restaurants to aid world water problems
21 March 2007 with video

England cricketers inspire youths and support AIDS campaign in St. Lucia
20 March 2007 with video

Ecuador’s active Tungurahua volcano continues to affect nearby communities
20 March 2007

Literacy empowers women and girls in Northern Nigeria
20 March 2007 with video

Zimbabwean cricket star visits Jamaican youth centre
19 March 2007

Sri Lankan cricket star brings a message of hope to children in Trinidad
19 March 2007

Scottish cricket players visit St. Kitts teens involved in HIV/AIDS prevention project
19 March 2007

Children in Madagascar suffer in yet another flood caused by latest cyclone
19 March 2007 with audio

Mamiwhe’s story: Advancing girls’ education for the sake of Liberia’s future
19 March 2007 with video

Displaced with her family in northern Iraq, a girl dreams of education
19 March 2007 with audio

Theatre groups spread health messages among Mozambique’s flood victims
16 March 2007

Kenyan and Canadian cricketers visit Boys’ Training Centre in St. Lucia
16 March 2007

Reinforcing links in the cold-chain to preserve vaccines in Turkmenistan
16 March 2007

UNICEF Representative cites challenges and achievements in DPR Korea
15 March 2007 with video

Cricket CEO visits project promoting safe sex and abstinence in Jamaica
15 March 2007 with video

UNICEF Sudan Representative sees hopeful opportunities amid chaos in Darfur
14 March 2007 with video

Through ‘Radio Rookies’ training programme, youth voices fill the New York air
14 March 2007 with audio and video

Child exploitation and Guinea worm result from lack of safe water in Ghana
14 March 2007

Sexual violence afflicts the lives of children at a school in central Kenya
13 March 2007

United against AIDS at the opening of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Jamaica
13 March 2007

Peer educators in Mali spread the word about HIV/AIDS
13 March 2007

Bolivia’s worst floods in decades displace families and disrupt children’s lives
12 March 2007 with video

UNICEF supplies reach West Sumatra quake survivors
12 March 2007 with video

UNICEF Nigeria helps local radio producers raise bird flu awareness
12 March 2007

At Burkinabe festival, youth jury gives UNICEF award to child rights film
12 March 2007

Nobel Prize-winning scientists share ideas with young leaders at BioVision Forum
12 March 2007 with video

ICC cricket mascot Mello tours Guyana to raise AIDS awareness
09 March 2007

Youth leaders brainstorm with top scientists at BioVision Forum
09 March 2007 with video

For a young Iraqi woman, a second chance to learn and grow
09 March 2007

Helping Roma mothers raise healthy, educated children
08 March 2007

Facing discrimination, Chile’s Mapuche youth speak out
08 March 2007

First-ever woman chief appointed in Burkina Faso
08 March 2007 with audio

UN Executive Boards complete mission to post-war Liberia
07 March 2007 with video

Emergency aid sent to quake survivors in West Sumatra, Indonesia
07 March 2007 with video

On International Women’s Day, an Iraqi mother and daughter stay focused on education
07 March 2007 with audio

Cherie Blair visits children and sees progress at renovated hospital outside Kigali, Rwanda
06 March 2007

‘Stop Rape Now’: UN agencies against sexual violence as a tactic of war
05 March 2007 with video

Civil unrest in Guinea leads to rapes of women and children
05 March 2007 with audio

Children take the lead in northern Nigeria’s immunization drive
05 March 2007 with video

ICC Cricket World Cup begins, highlighting the needs of children affected by AIDS
05 March 2007 with video

A former child soldier speaks out at UN session on challenges facing girls
02 March 2007 with video

UNICEF provides emergency relief after cyclones and flooding hit Madagascar
02 March 2007 with video

Child migrant workers in Mexico miss out on education and a safe environment
02 March 2007 with video

At UN panel, girls describe challenges keeping their peers out of school
01 March 2007 with audio and video

Two displaced Afghan children voice hopes for the future after returning to school
01 March 2007 with audio

At 10, a young boy discovers school for the first time in Gabon
01 March 2007

Liberia’s President tells UN and UNICEF delegates education is key to development
28 February 2007

Coastal town in Mozambique reeling but on the move after Cyclone Favio
28 February 2007 with audio and video

UN agencies work together to build new school in Liberia
28 February 2007

‘Every child’s home’: China Blue Sky Children bring music to UNICEF
27 February 2007 with video

Hong Kong’s Star TV funds school reconstruction in tsunami-affected Sri Lanka
27 February 2007

A former victim of domestic violence advocates for gender equality in Peru
27 February 2007

Formerly abducted into rebel forces, a Liberian girl makes a new start
26 February 2007

Youth voices heard at opening of UN Commission on the Status of Women
26 February 2007 with video

Fight against polio in Nigeria focuses on community involvement
26 February 2007

Executive Director visits new school for orphaned and vulnerable children
23 February 2007

Amid unrest in Guinea, boy shot while playing football
23 February 2007

Community-based schools bring hope to Afghanistan’s remote settlements
23 February 2007

Mia Farrow witnesses dire effects of conflict in eastern Chad
22 February 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Director inaugurates Ethiopia’s first Plumpy’nut factory
22 February 2007 with video

Donors come together for Zimbabwe’s orphans and vulnerable children
22 February 2007

Immunization drive for flood-affected children in Jakarta, Indonesia
21 February 2007 with video

UNICEF Executive Director visits child-centred projects in Egypt
20 February 2007 with video

Minister of Education urges international support for recovery in post-conflict Liberia
16 February 2007 with audio and video

Burkina Faso training centre helps protect young women from exploitation
16 February 2007

Rehabilitating water systems and raising hygiene awareness in south Lebanon
15 February 2007

Uganda launches education campaign for war-affected children
15 February 2007

Partners’ Forum meets to support rebuilding in post-civil war Liberia
14 February 2007 with audio

Death toll rises and children abandon school as Burundi food crisis deepens
14 February 2007 with audio

School restoration campaign builds hubs of stability in Iraq
14 February 2007 with video

Mia Farrow visits conflict-afflicted Central African Republic
13 February 2007 with video

Psychosocial support for children affected by conflict in south Lebanon
13 February 2007

UNICEF aid reaches children and families affected by Jakarta floods
12 February 2007 with video

When learning saves lives: UNICEF supports mine-risk education in south Lebanon
12 February 2007 with video

Palestinian teens speak out on new agreement to end internal violence
09 February 2007 with audio

School construction poses unique challenges on post-quake Nias Island
07 February 2007

More aid needed for thousands displaced by severe flooding in Jakarta
06 February 2007 with video

Net Safety Day 2007: Child protection in cyberspace
06 February 2007 with video

Palestinian child health still faces challenges, despite end of strike at clinics
06 February 2007 with video

Paris conference makes historic commitment to liberate children from war
06 February 2007 with video

UNICEF’s avian influenza workshops educate Thai local media
05 February 2007

At Paris conference, a former child soldier demands help for children in armed conflict
05 February 2007 with video

Liberating Liberia’s war generation
05 February 2007 with video

German Chancellor Angela Merkel helps launch ‘Junior 8’ youth competition
01 February 2007

UNICEF encourages national budget-makers to focus on human rights
01 February 2007 with video

Improving antenatal care for mothers and newborns in Iraq
30 January 2007

Three years after the quake, UNICEF closes its emergency office in Bam, Iran
26 January 2007 with video

In India, ‘Girl Stars’ show that determination and education are keys to success
25 January 2007

With help from youth, a Thai village finds colourful ways to spread bird flu warnings
25 January 2007 with video

In the virtual world of Second Life, teens tackle real children’s issues
24 January 2007 with video

Liberia measles drive targets 650,000 children under five
23 January 2007

23 January 2007

Global Task Force aims to provide all children with safe water and sanitation
22 January 2007 with video

No end in sight for Darfur’s humanitarian crisis
22 January 2007 with audio and video

After floods, UNICEF helps children get back to school in southern Malawi
22 January 2007

Requiem for Darfur: A song of solidarity
22 January 2007 with video

Flooding in Malaysia threatens children’s well-being
19 January 2007 with audio

UNICEF ‘mini-reporters’ help launch anti-violence campaign in El Salvador
19 January 2007 with video

Board concludes its first session of 2007
18 January 2007 with video

Bird flu devastates a family in eastern Turkey
18 January 2007 with video

Measles deaths decreased by more than half
18 January 2007 with video

Board session focuses on achieving Millennium Development Goals in Africa
17 January 2007 with video

Water and hygiene facilities change lives for families in rural Viet Nam
17 January 2007 with video

Namibian Digital Diarist talks to other young people about AIDS
17 January 2007 with audio

Paediatric Day Hospital transforms lives of children living with HIV
17 January 2007

Palestinian students return to school despite intense challenges and violence
16 January 2007 with video

Afghanistan Representative visits schools and other UNICEF programmes
16 January 2007 with audio

Youth radio keeps indigenous culture alive in Venezuela
15 January 2007 with video

Supporting early bilingual education in rural Viet Nam
15 January 2007 with video

UNICEF Representative in Somalia assesses impact of conflict on children and families
12 January 2007 with audio

UNICEF launches its global website in Chinese
12 January 2007 with video

After Aceh floods, relief efforts help families cope with effects of ‘tsunami from the river’
12 January 2007

UNICEF Ireland and Aer Lingus mark 10th anniversary of ‘Change for Good’ partnership
11 January 2007

‘One-stop’ clinic helps new mothers keep their children healthy in Gambia
11 January 2007 with video

Integrated centres provide healthy development for children in Iran
10 January 2007 with video

In China, a mother lifts her family from poverty
08 January 2007 with video

Venezuelan indigenous group begins to revive its lost language
08 January 2007 with video

Ten-year-old drummer from Indonesia pledges support for UNICEF
05 January 2007 with audio

New PSAs in Ecuador urge pregnant woman to be tested and treated for HIV
04 January 2007 with video

NBA hosts announcement of Gates funding for ‘Nothing But Nets’ malaria campaign
04 January 2007 with video

UNICEF applauds Indonesia’s ratification of Mine Ban Treaty
04 January 2007 with video

Cartoon takes Kyrgyz children on a ‘Magic Journey’ and teaches life lessons
03 January 2007 with video

Relief efforts ‘contain’ effects of flooding on Indonesian children and families
03 January 2007 with audio

Non-formal education for Ivorian children in farming communities
02 January 2007 with video

Prossy’s story: Teen resumes her education after two years in captivity in northern Uganda
02 January 2007 with audio and video

Two disparate tales of post-tsunami reconstruction in Sri Lanka
26 December 2006

Goodwill Ambassador Roger Federer sees tsunami recovery progress in Tamil Nadu
22 December 2006 with video

Danish photographer Jan Grarup wins top prize in UNICEF Photo of the Year competition
19 December 2006

New York Stock Exchange rings in UNICEF’s 60th anniversary
07 December 2006 with video

Susan Sarandon presents children’s programming honours at International Emmys
21 November 2006 with video

Far-reaching survey assesses learning spaces in post-war Southern Sudan
10 November 2006

Botswana radio training helps young people speak their minds for all to hear
10 November 2006 with audio

Shakira launches UNICEF regional campaign to protect children from violence
07 November 2006 with video

Quake-affected children and families in Central Java begin return to normalcy
30 October 2006 with audio

Lebanese children returning to school for the first time since conflict
13 October 2006 with video

Digital Diary: A youth anti-violence activist in the Philippines tells her story
10 October 2006 with audio and video

Protecting the water supply of Grand Comore from future volcanic eruptions
09 October 2006 with audio

Women health volunteers save children’s lives in Nepal
15 September 2006 with video

Executive Board focuses on excluded groups in Latin America and the Caribbean
07 September 2006 with video

Tennis ace Roger Federer stars in video spot for HIV/AIDS campaign
29 August 2006 with video

UNICEF Executive Director urges world religious leaders to advance women’s rights
25 August 2006 with video

Supplies reach tsunami-stricken south coast of Indonesia’s Java island
19 July 2006

‘Back to school’ campaign for quake-affected children in Indonesia
19 July 2006 with audio and video

Emergency supplies en route to tsunami zone on Indonesia's Java island
18 July 2006

UNICEF assesses emergency needs following Java quake and tsunami
17 July 2006

04 April 2006

UNICEF Mexico’s Advisory Board launches campaign urging voters to focus on child education in upcoming elections
23 February 2006

Vaccine is key to preventing outbreaks of Japanese encephalitis
05 October 2005

‘Immunization is an act of love’ – Revitalizing community demand for vaccination in Lao PDR
26 September 2005

Japan contributes $4.7 million to create healthier lives for Afghan children
08 July 2005

3rd International Conference on Early Childhood Development: Giving children in Africa the best start in life
01 June 2005

Child poverty takes centre stage at New York conference
27 April 2005

UNICEF and WHO join forces to ensure proper vaccine management
09 March 2005

Vaccination campaign focuses on tackling social resistance to vaccine
01 March 2005

Life-saving immunization drive launches in DR Congo
28 February 2005

After the tsunami Somalia is the worst-hit country in Africa
06 January 2005

UNICEF aid arrives in Asia's hardest hit countries
02 January 2005

UNICEF supplies water to parched relief camps
01 January 2005



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