Immunization Summary: The 2007 Edition

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Author: UNICEF and the World Health Organization
Price: US$10.00
No. of pages: 203
Publication date: February 2007
Publisher: UNICEF and the World Health Organization
Languages: English

ISBN: 978-92-806-4120-2
Sales no.: E.07.XX.2

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Jointly produced by UNICEF and the World Health Organization, Immunization Summary: The 2007 edition presents detailed statistics on the performance of national and local immunization systems for 193 countries and territories, using data through 2005. This handy reference book also provides a quick overview of key aspects of immunization systems and of global progress on immunization; maps showing progress on immunization coverage for measles-containing vaccines and diphtheria and tetanus toxoid with pertussis vaccine; tables on indicative prices for major antigens and immunization devices; and appendices listing additional vaccines reported in country and territorial immunization schedules. To facilitate usage across countries, a glossary of acronyms at the back of the publication has been translated into French and Spanish. Accompanying the publication is a CD-ROM featuring exclusive reports, data and forms, in addition to a full text version (PDF) of the report.

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