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Let’s break the silence

 “11yr old kills herself after being raped”; “27 youths are killed in 2010, use of firearms still prevails”; “1yr old infant is raped”; and “81yr old man is incarcerated after committing rape” are only few of the headlines of the national press that make reference to cases of violence against children and adolescents.

In recent months, the newspapers have published tens of headlines on cases of abuse, negligence and violence. It draws attention that in many of the stories it is known that many of these violations were happening since years back, in their own homes, known to familiars, and even neighbors. But nothing happened; no one would file a report that could put an end to the drama.

Some analysts explain that this silence and the lack of reporting are owed in part to the perception the public has regarding the lack of capacity and competent authorities to fight these cases and provide protection to the victims against possible retaliation on behalf of the perpetrators. Rubio (1998) estimated that in Latin America, the proportion of violent incidents formally denounced  barely reach 15% to 30%.

There exist conventions and international accords in which States Parties, including the Dominican Government, have committed to protecting children and adolescents from all acts of violence, negligence, exploitation and discrimination.

Parting from those commitments, and from an evident need of compliance, surges the social movement “Una voz por la niñez”, which aims to sensitize, raise awareness and educate Dominican society on the reality of facts where youths are the victims.

“ Una voz por la niñez” seeks to demand that the Government assume a public commitment to work alongside responsible entities and organizations in the creation and development of a system of denunciation and follow-up to the different cases of violence committed against youths. It is proven by experience in other countries that the creation of this tool of denunciation and follow-up is the first step towards battling this sad reality.

We seek to transform Dominican society into a scenario of change. We require all society joins along, for eradicating violence against children and youths requires everyone’s commitment, showing the world that Dominicans are part of the problem, but also wish to be part of the solution.

Break the silence, join our movement with your signature and partake actively in our campaign. We invite you to check out our website www.unavozporlaniñ

For further information:
Fernando Salazar, Social Marketing Consultant,
UNICEF-Santo Domingo, Ph. (809) 473-7373 ext. 382



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