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A painful reality behind closed doors

Abuse and child violence are a violation to the basic rights of both children and adolescents, however recent numbers show that 83% of children between the ages of 2 to 14 receive physical or punishment or suffer psychological abuse in their homes, and that 49% of the population justifies this abuse  during their childhood and adolescent years.

It is a reality that abuse against underage persons hides behind the closed doors of thousands of  Dominican family homes, without any further eventuality.  Children and adolescents are harmed precisely within these spaces and places where they instead should be protected, cared for, and stimulated towards their integral development.

The magnitude of this reality deserves great headlines, but the majority of these events don’t transcend past the family, educational or sector surroundings.

This is where “Una voz por la niñez”, surges, a social movement that aims to sensitize and educate Dominican society on the reality of facts where youths are the silent victims. It aims to transform Dominican society into scenery of change. It is required that all society joins in, for to eradicate violence against children and adolescents once and for all requires compromise from all.

“Una voz por la niñez” is a calling UNICEF makes, seeking to raise awareness and transform Dominican society into part of the solution; showing the world that we aren’t only part of the problem.

 Una voz por la niñez seeks to demand that the Government assume a public commitment to work alongside responsible entities and organizations in the creation and development of a system of denunciation and follow-up to the different cases of violence committed against youths. It is proven by experience in other countries that the creation of this tool of denunciation and follow-up is the first step towards battling this sad reality.

Join our movement with your signature and partaking actively in our campaign. We invite you to inform yourself in our website www.unavozporlaniñ

For further information please contact:
Fernando Salazar, Social Marketing Consultant,
UNICEF-Santo Domingo, Tel. (809)473-7373 ext.382



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