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Progress For Children: A Report Card on Nutrition, Number 4, May 2006, focuses on progress towards MDG 1, specifically progress towards the MDG target of halving the proportion of children under five who are underweight by 2015.

The complete text, maps, charts and graphs are available in PDF, both as one single file and in parts.

Download the full report.

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Downloadable maps, charts and graphs

In developing countries, 146 million children under five are underweight; more than half are in South Asia
[PDF, 34 KB]

73 per cent of under-five children who are underweight live in 10 countries
[PDF, 25 KB]

Map: Child nutrition
[PDF, 41 KB]

Progress needs to accelerate
[PDF, 61 KB]

Children in rural areas almost twice as likely to be underweight
[PDF, 61 KB]

Most regions show little difference in boy/girl underweight prevalence
[PDF, 56 KB]

One in three children is exclusively breastfed
[PDF, 72 KB]

Two in three households consume iodized salt
[PDF, 57 KB]

More than half of yearly low-weight births occur in South Asia
[PDF, 39 KB]

Underweight prevalence in six southern African countries
[PDF, 65 KB]

Stunning improvements in exclusive breastfeeding rates in some West/Central African countries
[PDF, 44 KB]

Six Middle East/North African countries are not on course
[PDF, 287 KB]

East Asia/Pacific has the second-highest level of iodized salt consumption
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Largest disparities are found in Latin America/Caribbean
[PDF, 68 KB]

Lowest levels of exclusive breastfeeding are found in some CEE/CIS countries
[PDF, 56 KB]

Low birthweight incidence is least in industrialized countries and East Asia/Pacific
[PDF, 52 KB]

Achieving the MDG target will involve efforts at all levels and partnerships
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