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List of publications in portable document format (PDF) files. 

Numbers 18 Malaria: prevention and treatment

This issue tells you about:
  • The new global Roll Back Malaria partnership 
  • The global malaria burden 
  • A new short-course drug treatment that can prevent mother-to-child transmission 
  • Strategies to prevent and control malaria
  • New risks and opportunities in the control of malaria
  • What malaria mosquitoes look like and how they live 
  • How to diagnose malaria
  • Malaria drug resistance patterns 
  • Treatment of mild and severe malaria
  • Special concerns of for pregnant women and young children
  • Chemoprophylaxis against malaria
  • Personal protection and selective vector control measures
  • How to treat mosquito nets with insecticide

Numbers 16 and 17 HIV/AIDS: prevention, treatment and care

This issue tells you about:
  • How health workers can help to prevent the spread of HIV 
  • Drugs for preventive care and treatment of HIV-related infections 
  • A new short-course drug treatment that can prevent mother-to-child transmission 
  • HIV and infant feeding 
  • Children and HIV 
  • What health workers can do to help children orphaned by HIV 
  • Why voluntary and confidential counselling and testing services for HIV are recommended 
  • Focusing prevention on young people 
  • Helping people with HIV/AIDS live better 
  • Special concerns of health workers

Number 15 Safe Injections 

In this issue: Injection popularity · Overuse of injections · Choice of syringes · Sterilization methods · Preparing to give an injection · Towards safer injection services · Safe injection accessories 

Earlier issues- available in hard copy only 

Number 14 Ear Infections

In this issue: Recognizing , mapping the problem, underlying causes and factors, primary ear care, managing an ear problem, training - WHO Guidelines, Ototoxicity - deafness and drugs, Otoscopy, the role of the health worker, towards primary ear care, drugs used for treatment

Number 13 Eye Infections

In this issue: Recognizing , training, case management, ocular problems related to HIV/AIDS, correct management of drug and supplies, manpower development, community involvement, Opthalmological preparations for eye infections

Number 12 Skin Diseases

In this issue: General considerations on management of skin diseases, common skin infection treatment, comments on use of antibiotics and corticosteroids, major causes of rash in children, main features in selection of vehicle for topical treatment 

Number 11 Anaemia

In this issue: Causes of anaemia, prevention and treatment, dietary improvement, anaemia in pregnancy and childhood, food fortification. 

Number 10 Diabetes

In this issue: Management and therapy of diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, proper health care for diabetic children, diabetes and elderly peoples, how to detect and manage diabetes complications

Note: Issues 1 through 9 are only available in French, Spanish and Portuguese

Number 9 Tuberculosis

In this issue: Tuberculosis treatment in pregnancy, breast-feeding and children - TB meningitis, BCG vaccination and preventive chemotherapy in children, TB and HIV infection - drug-resistant tuberculosis. 

Number 8 Micronutrients

In this issue: Vitamin A - serious infections and thousands of cases of blindness, Iron and folic acid - anaemia, Iodine -millions of mentally handicapped persons, Vitamin D - rickets and osteomalacia

Number 7 Hypertension

In this issue: Hypertension - Blood pressure measurement, Hypertension in pregnant women - non-drug approaches, Diuretic or beta-blocker, Other drugs

Number 6 Schistosomiasis and Helminthiasis 

In this issue: Asymptomatic infections and infectious - disease, Three useful drugs, Treatment of Schistomiasis, Parasite count and Helminthiasis, Treatment of Helminthiasis, Antihelminthics, Helminthiasis and Schistomiasis- similarities and differences. 

Number 5 Malaria 

In this issue: Immunity against the parasite, Treatment of malaria attacks, Complications of malaria in children

Number 4 Management of Acute Diarrhoea 

In this issue: Management of Acute Diarrhoea - The appropriate way - Drugs with no role, Antidiarrhoeals - A Costa Rican Perspective.

Number 3 Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI)

In this issue: Cough and Cold remedies for young children, Treatment of Tuberculosis, The favourable Cost/Benefit ratio of Amoxicillin. 

Number 2 HIV and Hbv transmission in the Health Care Setting 

In this issue: The problem of AIDS/STDs - Prevention and Treatment. 

Number 1 Drug use in pregnancy 

In this Inaugural Issue: Need and patient compliance during pregnancy, featuring WHO's Model List of Essential Drugs. 
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