The Progress of Nations: Nutrition

Malnutrition up in 9 nations

Only 38 nations know whether child malnutrition is rising or falling.

In 9 of those countries, 6 of them in Africa, malnutrition has been rising in recent years.

Ups and downs

Trends in the percentage of children underweight, 38 countries with latest survey in 1990s


Sub-Saharan Africa
Cameroon 131991Falling
Madagascar 31995Falling
Tanzania 51992Falling
Ghana 51993Static
Rwanda 71992Static
Zambia (rural) 21992Static
Ethiopia 91992Rising
Kenya 61993Rising
Lesotho 121993Rising
Malawi 111992Rising
Senegal 61993Rising
Zimbabwe 61994Rising
Middle East and North Africa
Iran 151995Falling
Morocco 51992Falling
Algeria 21992Static
Egypt 21992Static
Asia and Pacific
Bangladesh 21992Falling
China 51995Falling
Mongolia 21994Falling
Myanmar 31994Falling
Pakistan 131990Falling
Philippines 31993Falling
Viet Nam 71994Falling
Malaysia 31993Static
Sri Lanka 61993Static
Lao Rep. 101994Rising
Costa Rica 101992Falling
Dominican Rep. 51991Falling
El Salvador 51993Falling
Guyana 21993Falling
Haiti 121990Falling
Honduras 51992Falling
Panama 121992Falling
Peru 81992Falling
Chile 81994Static
Nicaragua 111993Static
Bolivia 51994Rising
Jamaica 41993Rising

NOTE: The trend is defined as static if the difference in rate between the two surveys is less than 2 percentage points.

SOURCE: ACC/SCN, preliminary estimates for Third Report on the World Nutrition Situation, 1996, forthcoming.

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