The Progress of Nations: Health

44 reach year 2000 target

Latest figures show that the level of measles immunization in the developing world is now standing at 79%, almost as high as in the industrialized nations (81%).

During the worldwide effort in the late 1980s to meet the WHO/ UNICEF goal of 80% immunization by 1990, it was widely feared that the momentum could not be sustained and that the 1990s would see a widespread collapse. That has not happened. Sixty-one nations now have measles immunization levels that are at least 10 percentage points higher than in 1988. In 18 nations the rate is up by more than 25 percentage points. Only in 13 nations, many of them affected by war or political turmoil, has the rate fallen by 10 percentage points or more.

Three of the largest and poorest countries in the developing world - Bangladesh, India, and Viet Nam - are among the countries that have increased coverage by over 25 percentage points since 1988.

A total of 44 nations have already reached the year 2000 goal of 90% measles immunization.

Photo: Haiti - still depends on aid for vaccines.©

Already there

Countries already reaching the year 2000 goal of 90% measles immunization, 1994

Cuba100Oman97Sweden 95Jordan91
Finland99Tajikistan97Mexico94Portugal 91
Hungary 99Chile96Venezuela 94Romania91
Korea, Dem.99Ukraine96Lithuania93Russian Fed.91
Canada98Viet Nam96Norway93Slovenia 91
Kuwait98Argentina95Saudi Arabia93Croatia90
Belarus97Israel95Korea, Rep.92Spain90
Czech Rep.97Moldova95United Kingdom92Turkmenistan90
Iran97Netherlands95Azerbaijan91U. Arab Emirates90

Up by more than 25 points

Countries in which the level of measles immunization has risen by more than 25 percentage points between 1988 and 1994

% immunized% pt. rise
Lebanon 158873
Dominican Rep. 268761
Lao Rep. 197354
Myanmar 257752
Benin 308050
Ecuador 5210048
Viet Nam 489648
Venezuela 499445
Guinea 277043
Bangladesh 135542
India 448642
Korea, Dem. 589941
Italy 105040
Syria 518433
U. Arab Emirates 589032
Uganda 497728
Argentina 689527
Malaysia 548127

SOURCE WHO and UNICEF, unpublished data.

Down 10 points or more

Countries in which the level of measles immunization has dropped by 10 percentage points or more between 1988 and 1994

% immunized% pt. fall
Kyrgyzstan 99*89-10
Haiti 5948-11**
Liberia 5544-11
Zaire 4433-11
Angola 5644-12
Bulgaria 9987-12
Greece 8270-12
Uzbekistan 85*71-14
Albania 9681-15
Botswana 87*71-16
Latvia 9781-16
Gabon 6850-18
Kazakstan 95*72-23

* 1990.

** Although featured on this list, Haiti's 1994 figure nonetheless represents marked recovery from the low levels of 31% recorded for 1990 and 24% for 1993.

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