The Progress of Nations: Education

Gender gap

The table below lists the 19 countries of the world in which the difference between boys not in primary school and girls not in primary school is 10 percentage points or more.

In the main league table the statistics on school attendance apply to the 1990s and are derived from household survey data, net enrolment data from UNESCO, and data from UNICEF country offices.

Data for six nations (Central African Republic, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and Somalia) are from the second half of the 1980s.

Where gap is 10 points or more

% out of school % point
Yemen 286537
Benin 296536
Afghanistan 588628
Chad 457328
Nepal 194728
Guinea-Bissau 426826
Central African Rep. 29 5425
Togo 204222
Gambia 365418
Pakistan 375518
Morocco 395516
India 253914
Lao Rep. 253914
Egypt 51813
Zaire 405313
Papua New Guinea 213312
Mozambique 546511
Algeria 11110
Bhutan 546410

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