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Most nations late reporting

Peru - one of 10 nations to report on time.

Governments ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child are obliged to report within two years to the Committee of 10 experts set up to monitor the Convention (see A conventional approach). The reports are meant to detail the steps being taken to comply with the Convention.

An early indicator of whether governments are taking the Convention seriously is whether their reports are submitted on time - or at all.

As at end February 1995, 21 nations are more than a year overdue. A further 35 are over two years late submitting their reports. The table below shows the full record of the 132 governments due to have reported by March 1995.

Reports now submitted

Reports submitted on time
Bolivia          Myanmar*       Sudan
Denmark          Peru           Sweden
Iceland          Rwanda         Viet Nam

*the Committee of 10 requested additional information

Reports submitted up to 6 months late
Argentina        El Salvador    Pakistan
Belarus          Germany        Romania
Canada           Indonesia      Russian Fed.
Colombia         Madagascar     Tunisia
Costa Rica       Mexico         Ukraine
Egypt            Namibia        U. Kingdom

Reports submitted over 6 months late
Belgium          Italy          Poland
Burkina Faso     Jamaica        Spain
Chile            Korea, Rep.    Sri Lanka
France           Norway         Tanzania
Honduras         Paraguay

Reports submitted over 1 year late
Croatia          Lebanon        Philippines
Cyprus           Maldives       Portugal
Finland          Nicaragua      Yemen
Holy See         Niger          Yugoslavia

Reports submitted over 2 years late
Guatemala        Mongolia       Senegal

Reports not yet submitted

Up to 6 months overdue
(due September 1994 - February 1995)

Austria          Cameroon       Ireland
Azerbaijan       Czech Rep.**   Maldova
Cambodia         India          Slovakia

** Second submission

More than 6 months overdue
Albania          Cape Verde     Latvia
Bahrain          China          Lesotho
Bosnia/Herz.     Eq. Guinea     Thailand
C. African Rep.

More than 1 year overdue
Bahamas          Ethiopia       Mauritania
Bulgaria         Hungary        Nigeria
Cote d'Ivoire    Israel         San Marino
Cuba             Kuwait         Sao Tome/P.
Dominica         Lao Rep.       Slovenia
Dominican Rep.   Lithuania      Trinidad/T.
Estonia          Macedonia      Zambia

More than 2 years overdue
Angola           Gambia         Nepal
Australia        Ghana          Panama
Bangladesh       Grenada        St. Kitts/Nevis
Barbados         Guinea         Seychelles
Belize           Guinea-Bissau  Sierra Leone
Benin            Guyana         Togo
Bhutan           Kenya          Uganda
Brazil           Korea, Dem.    Uruguay
Burundi          Malawi         Venezuela
Chad             Mali           Zaire
Djibouti         Malta          Zimbabwe
Ecuador          Mauritius

Coming soon?
Reports due March-December 1995
Algeria             Armenia         Antigua/B.
Camoros             Congo           Fiji
Greece              Liberia         Libya
Marshall Islands    Micronesia      Monaco
Morocco             New Zealand     Papua New Guinea
St. Lucia           St. Vincent/Gr. Suriname
Syria               Tajikistan      Turkmenistan        

Reports due during 1996
Afghanistan         Eritrea          Gabon
Georgia             Iran             Iraq
Japan               Kazakhstan       Krygyzstan
Luxembourg          Mozambique       Nauru
Samoa               Uzbekistan

Reports due during 1997
Botswana            Malaysia         Netherlands
Satar               Solomon Islands  Turkey

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