The Progress of Nations

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 The lost children
 Commentary: Reaching the unreached

Global moral imperative

A strategic combination of such measures would give all of us a rare chance to end the vicious cycle of poverty and reclaim lost lives.

We know where to find the lost children. They are in the tents and barracks of Africa. In the brothels of Asia, the slums of Europe and North America, the sweatshops of Latin America. Seeing their faces, even if only for a fleeting moment, how can we allow ourselves to forget them?

Will we simply write off their lives and futures? Or will we go the final mile to protect the rights of these youngest and most vulnerable members of the human family?

We can set a new standard for humanity by consigning the enslavement of children in these worst forms of child labour and exploitation to the scrap heap of history.

Let us extend the gains now enjoyed by so many other children to this last, most isolated group. Let us be the ones who stand firm until all children lost in such dangerous obscurity emerge into a brighter future.

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