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 My song against AIDS
 Data briefs: Progress and disparity  

Aid for AIDS unequal to the challenge

The battle against AIDS in the developing world entails enormous costs befitting an international emergency on the grandest scale. Just last year, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) released figures estimating that $2 billion to $3 billion annually would be needed to combat the disease. The greatest need is in sub-Saharan Africa, home to 70% of all people living with HIV/AIDS.

In the face of this emergency, however, aid from industrialized countries for HIV/AIDS related activities in developing countries (home to 95% of people living with the disease) totalled only $302 million in 1998.

The United States was the largest donor, giving $147 million (1.7% of its total aid), followed by the United Kingdom, which gave $26 million, and the Netherlands, which gave $22 million. The United States has announced that in the year 2000 its aid to developing countries for HIV/AIDS prevention programmes will reach $270 million.

Assistance for AIDS-related activities from most donor countries amounted to less than 1% of their total aid disbursement in 1998, a discouraging statistic as total aid from industrialized to developing countries plummeted by 21% between 1992 and 1998.

Aid for HIV/AIDS-related activities has increased more than fivefold from $59 million in 1987, but funding per person has actually dwindled as the epidemic has escalated. In 1988, aid funding totalled $21 per person living with HIV/AIDS; in 1998, funding worked out to be less than $9 per person.

In Africa, HIV/AIDS kills 10 times as many people as do wars on the continent and has done great damage to social structures and services. The international community needs to boost its resources to fight this deadly enemy.

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Indian men discuss a campaign on preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. India now has close to 4 million people infected and faces a devasting epidemic.

Lending a hand

Aid for HIV/AIDS, 1998
Aid as % of total donor aid, 1998

United States 147 1.7
United Kingdom 26 0.7
Netherlands 22 0.7
Canada 15 0.9
Germany 15 0.3
Norway 15 1.1
Sweden 15 1.0
Japan 14 0.1
Australia 12 1.3
Denmark 8 0.5
Belgium 5 0.6
Luxembourg 2 1.8
Switzerland 2 0.2
Finland 1 0.4

Source: UNAIDS.


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