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I want, I can, I will I want, I can, I will

The Photo Voice booklet is a compilation of stories from HIV positive young women and girls living in Port Moresby. These stories show different ways that with the right support and antiretroviral treatment , adolescent girls living with HIV can not only live but thrive with HIV and contribute to community life.  

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Improving Child Nutrition: The achievable imperative for global progress

A new UNICEF report issued this month offers evidence that real progress is being made in the fight against stunted growth – the hidden face of poverty for 165 million children under the age of five. The report shows that accelerated progress is both possible and necessary. Read this report.

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Operational Plan 2011 - 2015

Weaving together HIV prevention, treatment and care with Maternal and Child Health services for Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV in Papua New Guinea.

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Mapping of Child Protection in Education Settings

A mapping study conducted by the National Department of Education and UNICEF, as part of a regional exercise to identify how child protection outcomes can be achieved within education settings.

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Cash transfers to improve the Protection and Care of Vulnerable Children and to Empower Families in the Context of the HIV Epidemic in Papua New Guinea

This document outlines a conceptual framework for understanding and beginning to implement a programme of social cash transfers in Papua New Guinea.

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A study of the Inheritance Rights of Children Affected by HIV & AIDS and other Vulnerable Children

The violation of the inheritance rights of children affected by HIV and AIDS has recently been identified as a concern at an international level. The current assessment seeks to identify how this concern translates into the PNG experience.

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