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Our partners

UNICEF in Papua New Guinea works with a wide range of partners. While the donor partners support the programmes by generously giving funds, the national partners play the critical role of implementing the programme at community levels throughout the country. Working together, UNICEF and all its partners strive to support the country's children for the progressive realisation of their rights.

UNICEF's partners include:

1. Governments

  • The Papua New Guinea National Government
  • Provincial Governments
  • National and Provincial Departments

2. Development Partners

  • Government of Australia (AusAID)
  • Government of New Zealand (NZAid)
  • Government of Japan
  • Government of the Netherlands
  • Government of Germany

3. UNICEF National Committees Of:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • The United States
  • United Kingdom 

4. Non-governmental organisations

  • Faith Based Organisations, Non-Government and Community Based Organisations and community groups
  • Conventional and traditional media
  • Youth and women's groups including young people

5. Others

  • Professional groups, universities and research organisations
  • The private sector
  • UN sister agencies
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta
  • Micro Nutrient Initiative/CIDA
  • European Union




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