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Photo Essays: Water, environment and sanitation
Children and water

March 2006: Water is life. Yet 4,500 children die each day from waterborne illnesses. One in 6 people lacks access to safe water, and fewer than half of all households have sanitation facilities. Millennium Development Goal 7 - reducing by half the proportion of people without these essentials - is both attainable and critical to the lives of children.

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July 2012: UNICEF recently launched a four-year nutrition security initiative, supported by the European Union.
March 2009: Part I of II: In West and Central Africa, millions of children die annually of water-borne diseases.

March 2006: Lack of safe water is a public health emergency for children and their families.

March 2009: Part II of II: West and Central Africa has the lowest improved sanitation coverage and highest under-five mortality rates in the world.

September 2006: All children have a right to safe water and basic sanitation - and to the health they sustain.

June 2005: UNICEF helps to provide safe water and sanitation facilities, as well as hygiene education, for camp residents.