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Photo Essays: Early child survival
Committing to child survival

June 2012: ‘Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed’ was launched on 14–15 June at an international forum convened by the governments of Ethiopia, India and the United States of America. It aims to accelerate the decline in under-five deaths from preventable causes.

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June 2014: Ten newborn babies die every minute, but the majority of these deaths are due to preventable causes.

March 2013: An October 2012 immunization campaign against measles and rubella in Mongolia reached over 500,000 children.

June 2012: 'Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed' was launched by the Governments of Ethiopia, India and the USA.

January 2009: The State of the World's Children 2009 examines the global maternal health crisis and outlines cost-effective solutions.

February 2008: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham travelled to Sierra Leone to draw attention to the issue of child survival.

March 2007: Part I of IV: Despite significant gains, girls and women continue to face unique challenges and threats throughout their life cycle.

September 2006: Millennium Development Goal 4 aims, by 2015, to reduce by two-thirds the mortality rate among children under five.

May 2013: Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the number of children living in institutions is conservatively estimated at 240,000.

July 2012: UNICEF recently launched a four-year nutrition security initiative, supported by the European Union.
May 2009: The global economic downturn threatens to increase poverty for tens of millions and to wipe out recent gains in child survival.

April 2008: The Countdown to 2015 is a global partnership for renewed action in achieving health-related Millennium Development Goals.

January 2008: 'The State of the World’s Children' 2008 proposes key strategies to reduce under-five mortality by 2015.

November 2006: Part III of V: UNICEF launches the ‘Child Survival Revolution’ with low-cost health interventions that save millions of lives.

May 2006: Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health – and vital to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.