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"Why I'm A Champion for Children"

© UNICEF PHI/2009/Alquinto

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Our monthly pledge donors share with us their unique reasons for signing up to be UNICEF Champions for Children.

"My father died when I was nine months old. My mother and eldest brother raised me. I graduated college with financial help from my brothers, uncle and aunt. It was my dream to pay it forward by helping deprived children. I used to give alms to children begging in the streets, until that way of giving was rendered illegal by legislation. Then, I thought of UNICEF. Now, I am channeling the small funds I can afford to UNICEF, who I trust to safely, systematically and ably prioritize allocating funds for children's needs."

- Leonardo, UNICEF donor since 2006

"My son is my life, my inspiration and my only treasure in life! In high school, he studied under partial and full scholarships. Until now, in college, he manages to maintain a full scholarship in a reputable university. This is the reason why we decided to support UNICEF: in order to help others and share our blessings with the less fortunate. Through his scholarships, my son and I are are able to save on tuition fees and share with others. We were blessed so much that we wanted others to be blessed, too!”

- Susan, UNICEF donor since 2009

“I was the first to finish a four-year course in a brood of eight, where I am the fifth child. My late father was a taxi driver, and my mother is a housekeeper. I am the product of a special scholarship program of St. Louis University, Baguio City, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting and subsequently passed the CPA licensure exam. I immediately landed a job after graduating and was able to send my two younger siblings, a nephew and a church member's son to college. When a UNICEF agent came to me, I did not hesitate to pledge an amount through which I can continue to help needy children in my own small way as payback for the scholarship granted to me. I am truly blessed to be a blessing!”

- Blesilda, UNICEF donor since 2012

“I love to share what I have, and I chose UNICEF as the way of doing this for children. Helping underprivileged children of the world is a noble act that lets them feel that there is hope to reach their dreams.”

- Herbert, UNICEF donor since 2013

“Two years ago, my son and I were in a shopping mall when we happened upon a UNICEF booth. Inspired by an idea that this was an opportune time to impart a lesson on my son and delighted by the cheerful disposition of the young man at the booth, I instantly signed up to be a UNICEF Champion for Children. I wanted to instill in my son the values of charity and compassion. I saw in my son’s eyes the pride and excitement in knowing that he was donating for children. I can also tell he understood as he was involved in the discussion.”

- Eleanor, UNICEF donor since 2013

"I am happy to be one of UNICEF's Champions for Children. Supporting UNICEF’s mission brings priceless joy to my heart. I would like to invite more donors to UNICEF Philippines. Your good deed will not be  in vain. Cheers to all UNICEF Champions. Mabuhay tayong lahat!”

Mylinda, UNICEF donor since 2016

“I became one of UNICEF's Champions for Children as an act of gratitude for all the blessings that I received in the past years. I believe that children deserve a better life, and seeing them smiling is just so fulfilling.”

-     - Sharmaine, UNICEF donor since 2015

"When Typhoon Sendong hit the country in 2011, our TV screens showed nothing short of a disaster. It exposed not just its eye and tail, but also its face: children’s faces with much fear, distress and uncertainty. And then there I was, sitting in front of the TV, dry and safe, while hearing the depressing accounts of those who were directly hit by the typhoon. I immediately responded to the call for help. I thought a 'one-time help' would be enough, but I figured that attending to helpless children’s needs, unlike typhoons, is not seasonal. By being a UNICEF Champion for Children, I am assured that my aid will reach places, delivered rain or shine, all year round." 

      - Dennis, UNICEF donor since 2012

"Children need the most care and attention to be able to grow as good citizens of this world. We all find meaning to life, but to give a hand to those unfortunate children and see them become productive members of our society will likewise continue the circle of good deeds that our world needs."

- Leonard, UNICEF donor since 2014

"Our family decided to be one of UNICEF's Champions for Children since we believe all children are special and should be treated as such. All are worthy to have the basic necessities, to have healthy relationships that shape them, to play, to develop their full potential, and to live in a community that supports a safe environment. We trust UNICEF to have the same beliefs. As a result, we are able to connect with these children, and we couldn't be happier!"

- Maricel, UNICEF donor since 2016



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