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Read the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Know its principles and how it can be applied in your own family, community, or school to improve the rights of children. Download this leaflet on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Be a role model in respecting the dignity and integrity of children.

Be a responsible parent, educator, community leader and engage others to join. Initiate dialogues on children’s issues and create opportunities for children to express their views.


Hold your local officials and agencies accountable.

Write to your governor, congressman, mayor or barangay captain about their plans to improve the conditions of children in your area. Ensure that needs of children are addressed in local plans and budgets. Report children’s rights violations to the appropriate government agency and monitor their actions. Laud positive responses and swift action to motivate them to be better at their job.


Get in touch with children’s rights advocates in your school or community.

Some schools have child rights organisations, such as the UP Volunteers for Children in University of the Philippines in Diliman, who have regular projects for children. Get in touch with local NGOs on how you can participate in their programs to help children in your area.


Listen to children.

Know what children think or feel about the things that go on around them. Share ideas and encourage mutual respect between children and adults, girls and boys. Ensure that children in vulnerable situations are able to express their thoughts without fear of being punished. Let children play a part in solving the problems in their own community.

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