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Frequently Asked Questions on Champions for Children

What is Champions for Children?
UNICEF Champions for Children is a community of donors who give regularly to UNICEF to help the poorest, most vulnerable children in the Philippines and worldwide.

UNICEF is not funded by the United Nations and relies solely on voluntary contributions to support its strategies and programmes. The regular donations from the Champions for Children programme allows UNICEF to leverage donor resources in a more strategic and focused way.

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How does UNICEF Philippines conduct face-to-face fundraising?
The term face-to-face (F2F) fundraising covers three main techniques, all of which are used by UNICEF:

  • Street fundraising, where trained and branded fundraisers approach the public on the street to ask for regular contributions;
  • Mall/Event fundraising, which works the same way as street fundraising but is done in malls and other public places where display stands/exhibitions are used to showcase UNICEF’s work; and
  • Business to business (B2B), where trained and branded fundraisers visit the offices of corporate partners to ask for contributions from employees.

Fundraisers are trained and supported by UNICEF to approach donors directly in public places such as malls, fairs, offices and other event locations to talk about UNICEF’s work and how individuals can help through monthly contributions. A separate team of fundraisers also accepts one-off cash donations from donors without credit cards, and issues serialized acknowledgement receipts for all donations received.

As of 2016, UNICEF has three official partners for F2F fundraising campaigns in the Philippines.

The first partner is APPCO Philippines, a member company of APPCO Direct, an experienced multinational organization which has been successfully operating F2F donor recruitment in Southeast Asia for the past decade for both charitable and business institutions. Some of their clients include:

  • Philippines: World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Cribs and UNHCR
  • Malaysia: National Kidney Foundation, National Cancer Council, WWF
  • Singapore: National Cancer Society, National Heart Foundation, WWF, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Star Mio TV
  • Indonesia: National Heart Foundation, WWF
  • Thailand: UNHCR, World Animal Protection Thailand (WPSA), SOS Children’s Village

The second partner for F2F fundraising in the Philippines is Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST), an international non-government organization focused on capacity building. It seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world, with focus on Asia and Africa. It is presently based in Makati City, Philippines, but also has operations in India and Vietnam and manages projects in over 10 countries. Apart from UNICEF, ASSIST has implemented development projects in collaboration with the European Union, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), USAID, International Finance Corporation (IFC), GIZ, and DEG/KFW, amongst other organizations.

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How are UNICEF and donors guaranteed of the security of the transactions?
The following procedures are implemented to ensure the security of transactions done during F2F activities:

  1. Monthly contributions are billed via the donor’s credit card, debit card or an authorization-to-debit-account arrangement.
  2. Fundraisers are not allowed to hold the donor’s credit card or debit card, nor see the back side where the security number is printed.
  3. All donor forms have unique serial numbers which are strictly monitored.
  4. Donors who sign up may receive verification calls from UNICEF. UNICEF will confirm the donor's intent to pledge, solicit donors' feedback on the F2F activity, and address any questions on billing procedures. This helps ensure that no fraudulent transactions take place.

In addition, APPCO and ASSIST ASIA have established procedures and systems to protect donor privacy and prevent fraud. Potential F2F fundraising staff are required to undergo a financial check before being recruited, and must pass rigid training on the fundraising process, donor privacy and fraud regulation. F2F staff are also closely supervised by Team Leaders at each location on a daily basis.

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How are face-to-face fundraising staff paid?
As the appointed fundraising agencies of UNICEF Philippines, APPCO and ASSIST ASIA are paid a one-time fee which depends on the number of donors they recruit for UNICEF, and the number of donors who remain committed to helping children through UNICEF. The agencies pay their fundraisers through a performance-based payment structure, which is replete with safeguards regarding donor recruitment.

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Where are face-to-face fundraising activities conducted?
F2F fundraising activities for UNICEF Champions for Children are conducted nationwide. To view the latest schedules and event locations, please click here. In addition to these scheduled event sites, fundraisers also travel across the Philippines, visiting offices, trade fairs and other institutions.

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How can a donor identify legitimate UNICEF face-to-face representatives?
Legitimate fundraisers always wear official and coded UNICEF-branded IDs and often wear UNICEF shirts or vests. They also carry a UNICEF letter of authorization with their name and ID code. The letter indicates the UNICEF hotlines that donors can call to verify a fundraiser’s identity. Legitimate fundraisers use serialized donor forms, and carry UNICEF-branded campaign materials and tokens.

Click here to see the current list of our Fundraisers on the Field.

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What other methods of fundraising does UNICEF use?
As part of its partnership with ASSIST ASIA, UNICEF also contacts prospective donors by phone.

Click here to see the current list of our Fundraisers by Phone.

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Who can I contact for comments and inquiries?
For donation-related comments and inquiries, please call our donor hotlines at +63 2 758-1000/758-1442 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm) or e-mail

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