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Social media

Do you use social media? If you're active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can join the conversation by becoming a follower or fan of UNICEF Philippines. We are always keen to connect with our supporters and hear your views on the issues that affect the rights of children around the world.

You can follow us on:

Why is UNICEF involved?

Social media allows UNICEF Philippines to interact directly with supporters in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It is another means by which we can engage people who aren’t aware of UNICEF and encourage them to campaign or fundraise on our behalf.

As well as providing a valuable way of communicating with our supporters, social media allows us to share and get feedback on our videos and photos by posting them to YouTube and Flickr.

We have also found that social media is a useful way for us to receive and respond to feedback or questions that supporters have about UNICEF and its work for children.

How can I get involved?

By simply becoming our follower or fan of UNICEF Philippines, you will be helping to spread the word about our work. You can also contribute to discussions on our profiles, comment on a video we've posted or even start your own group relating to the issues you are passionate about. Once your friends see you interacting with UNICEF, this will encourage them to do so too.

You can also get involved without leaving the UNICEF Philippines website. Click on the ‘share this’, ‘tweet’ or ‘like’ buttons at the bottom of our news articles, photo stories and video and audio pages. This will ‘bookmark’ or post a link to the article on your social media profiles. This will alert others to our articles and hopefully encourage them to rate or share it themselves.



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