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Why donate to UNICEF?

We're the world's leading organisation working for children

We work with local families, communities and governments in more than 190 countries worldwide to protect and promote the rights of all children.

We’ve got over 60 years experience in delivering lasting change and in responding to the evolving challenges children around the world are facing.

Our global reach, expertise, access, innovation, efficiency are the values that guide our work and make UNICEF unique.

We have reach and expertise

With operational field programmes in more than 150 countries worldwide, UNICEF’s global reach is far beyond that of any other children’s charity. We have proven expertise in specialist areas such as heath, nutrition and children protection. Our 60 years of experience, our know-how and extensive network of highly-skilled field staff translates into making real differences to children’s lives. 

Wherever a humanitarian emergency may occur, UNICEF is already there. We have the ability to deliver aid almost anywhere within 48 hours. We supported 69 countries with emergency supplies in 2009.

We have access and influence

UNICEF works with communities and governments to tackle the root causes as well as the symptoms of problems directly affecting children. Our work is to deliver long-term, sustainable solutions as well as helping children’s immediate needs.

We're efficient

UNICEF’s work relies entirely on voluntary contributions. We receive no funding from the UN budget. We use all contributions wisely and are one of the most efficient non-profit organisations in the world. We work to deliver long-term, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. UNICEF are the largest supply networks in the world. This enables us to achieve cost savings and delivery of essential supplies including mosquito nets, vitamin A capsules and vaccines. We can rapidly despatch to wherever they are needed by land, sea or air.

We're innovative

UNICEF has helped develop simple, affordable, and innovative solutions to complicated problems. From birthing kits to help women give birth safely; oral rehydration salts to treat diarrheal dehydration in children; to portable School-in-a-Box kits to make classes possible almost anywhere – we develop solutions that will help make a difference to millions of children's lives. 

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