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The whole world was deeply touched by the disaster that befell our South Asian neighbors. The outpouring of help was incredible. Everyone wanted to help out.

They helped us come face-to-face with you:
We wanted to meet you and talk to you about the work that we do, face to face, and so Philtrade and Ancilla Consulting gave UNICEF free space in their exhibits and bazaars while Ayala Center, Robinson's Galleria, Sta. Lucia East, the ABS-CBN compound, De La Salle University and Far Eastern University allowed us to set up a UNICEF booth in their malls or premises.

They helped provide clean water and sanitary toilet facilities in communities:
Long-time UNICEF partner Procter & Gamble is now on its 8th year of making sure children and the communities they live in are given access to clean water and sanitary toilet facilities. Their generous donation of P2 million assures that water-bourne diseases are kept at bay and school children practice safe hygiene in UNICEF-assisted provinces and cities.

They helped us reach greater heights for education:
SEAIR and Dornier Technology Incorporated started a historic "Flight for Dreams" to 50 destinations around the world. Called "Kayang-Kaya! Historic Flight for Dreams", the campaign helped raise awareness on children's rights, specially the right to education. This historic and nostalgic flight on the vintage DO24ATT also raised more than US$61,000 for the education programme of UNICEF.

They helped us reach those in need of urgent help:
SEAIR and Sprint helped UNICEF provide swift emergency relief to communities ravaged by the super typhoons that hit the country in December 2004. SEAIR readily lent an aircraft while Sprint shouldered the fuel cost.

They helped spark hope in communities:
Starbucks together with UNICEF launched SparkHope, a giving-back-to-the community programme that allows each Starbucks store in the Philippines to adopt a barangay and provide for early childhood care and stimulation for children below six years old in that barangay.

A SparkHope corner can be found in every Starbucks store. It shows photos of the adopted barangay and information on UNICEF's early childhood care and development programme. A donation drop box can also be found there.

Customers earned stamps for drinks they purchased. After earning a specified number of stamps, customers can redeem an annual planner. For each planner, UNICEF receives a P50 donation.

Since November 2004, the SparkHope project has raised close to
P1.7 million for UNICEF's early childhood care programme and for the victimes of the December tsunami.

They helped make donating to UNICEF easy and accessible:
Bayad Centers in Metro Manila malls and gas stations are now accepting donations to UNICEF. iRemit gives our overseas Filipino workers in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Kingdom a way to donate to UNICEF. Information Gateway has made SMS and MMS-sending a tool to make a difference in children's lives. When you send UNICEF greeting card images to your friends, a portion of the cost of the message will go to UNICEF. For UNICEF, Information Gateway waived its usual P1 million set-up fee. GCash allows Globe subscribers to donate to UNICEF using their GCash credits.



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