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You can save lives tomorrow by helping today.

I want to make a difference in the life of a child in devastated areas.
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Read about UNICEF's work in Southern Leyte


The news, unfortunately, is everywhere. As you read this, the local government in Albay has already declared officially dead over 400 people who were buried under mudflow which hit at least eight villages in the province after a super typhoon, Reming, swooped over the archipelago on November 30, 2006. The death toll is expected to reach at least 1,000.

In tragedies like these, survivors pick up the pieces as best as they can. Schools and homes are destroyed, and loves ones are separated and gone forever in a matter of minutes. That is why we at UNICEF are asking for your help.

Hope must be kept alive for the survivors, and especially for the children. In emergency situations such as this, the youngest of children are the most vulnerable. Although they have lost the most, they stand the best chance of carrying on despite the circumstances, if only we can help them. And that is why we at UNICEF are calling on you now.

Survivors need provisions for basic nutrition, clean water and sanitation, medical care and psychosocial intervention. They need to be accounted for and placed with their families and relatives. Children must be protected from exploitation and trafficking. School books and materials must be replenished as part of rehabilitation efforts. Unless survivors, particularly children, are cared for immediately, efforts to rescue them will be in vain.

WE MUST ACT NOW to protect those who have survived and to prevent further loss of lives.

UNICEF NEEDS YOUR HELP. Any donation you make to the UNICEF Emergency Fund will be greatly appreciated, and used for the welfare and support of children affected by tragedies such as the landslides in Southern Leyte.

Help in advance. Donate to the UNICEF Emergency Fund NOW.

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