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  A guide for pledge donors

When you join the Pangako para sa Pangarap pledge program, your pledge payments will be safely and automatically processed — significantly reducing our administrative and mailing costs.

Pledge payment: Payments will be charged to your preferred credit card account, or debited from your bank account each month.

Availability of funds: You are responsible for maintaining a sufficient credit limit on your credit card and/or balance available on your bank account each month. If we are unable to process your gift, we will inform you via a telephone call and ask for updated account information.

Record of payments: The amount and date of your automatic pledge donations will appear on your credit card statement or bank statement (for auto-debit) each month. Your official receipt for your pledge donations during the year will be sent to you once a year, in December.

Account/address change: To ensure timely payments, notify us of any credit card updates or address changes. You may e-mail or call in your changes to our Pledge Coordinator (see below).

For any questions involving your Pangako para sa Pangarap pledge donation, call the UNICEF Philippines Pledge Coordinator at 758-1000 or e-mail (Please put ‘PLEDGE’ on the subject line)

How your pledge can help children

Php 250 or US$5
every month can provide counseling services for children in conflict with the law.

Php 300 or US$6
every month can buy basic school supplies for children in community diversion programmes.

Php 500 or US$10
every month can help immunize children in very remote barangays.

Php 750 or US$15
every month can educate 30 illiterate parents on effective parenting.

Php 1,000 or US$20
every month can train social workers & caregivers on psychosocial interventions for victims of abuse

Php1,500 or US$30
every month can provide three (3) sets of storybooks, educational & learning packs to 3 day care centers serving 180 children.

Php 2,000 or US$40
every month can send 4 streetchildren back to school.


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