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Typhoon Hagupit: relief and celebrations as the storm passes

Affected areas report low to zero casualties as a result of disaster preparedness and early evacuation.

Photo story: Families shelter from Typhoon Hagupit in Quezon City

Families staying at Barangay Bagong Silangan evacuation centre in Quezon City share their Typhoon Hagupit stories.

Typhoon Hagupit: Children and families weather the storm in Quezon City

Families start to go back to their homes, relieved because of the minimal damage of the typhoon.

Typhoon Hagupit: sunny in Tacloban, stormy in Manila

Having learned the lessons of Typhoon Haiyan last year, the preparations for this typhoon have all been exemplary.

Typhoon Hagupit: families in Tacloban have a lucky escape

Residents of Tacloban City are still recovering from Typhoon Haiyan. Fortunately for them, Typhoon Hagupit passed by to the North.

World Toilet Day in Leyte: A shout-out for equality and dignity!

Communities in Leyte are benefiting from UNICEF's Zero Open Defecation programme.

Faces of UNICEF: Cromwell Bacareza

Learn more about Cromwell's work as a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist in the latest Faces of UNICEF profile.

One year on, children affected by Typhoon Haiyan share images of hope

A photography workshop opens the eyes of children affected by the typhoon and helps them tell their stories.

Teacher Chyrine: a reluctant hero

Chyrine lost her husband during Typhoon Haiyan, but she resumed teaching just days after to help her students recover from the disaster.

One day at a time

Richelle was pregnant when Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hit and gave birth prematurely.

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Rhonalyn’s Birthday Wish

Everybody in! Communities join together for healthier children

Choose Handwashing: Choose Health – Palo community comes together to celebrate Global Handwashing Day

Faces of UNICEF: Ma. Bella Ponferrada

Nutrition Programme success stories from the field: Zamboanga City

Nutrition Programme success stories from the field: Typhoon Yolanda-affected areas

Typhoon Yolanda stories: A Mother's Love

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Tetsuko Kuroyanagi visits children affected by disasters and armed conflict in the Philippines

Four elementary school teachers in Tacloban vow to make their pupils disaster-ready

Bringing back water, sanitation and hygiene in Typhoon Yolanda-damaged schools

Partnering for better nutrition in rural fishing communities in the Philippines

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham’s Philippines visit diary

In the Philippines, trying to move on after a typhoon's devastation

The toilet gives privacy and security, salamat!

Moving forward despite challenges after Typhoon Yolanda

Reaching the unreached: immunisation in East Asia and the Pacific

Broken by Typhoon Yolanda, the cold chain gets up and running again

Children and families find unity through child-friendly spaces

Local champions: disaster risk reduction in the Philippines

WASH in schools – a step towards recovery with healthy classrooms and happy children

Four months after Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, the wounds are deep – but the healing has begun

Stories of strength: voices of women survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

For Jericho and other children, a space for recovery

Tacloban builds back better after Typhoon Yolanda

Three months on, back to Tacloban, and back to school

Starting a new life in day care centers after Typhoon Yolanda

Faces of UNICEF: Mike Gnilo

Emergency health kits reach strained medical facilities in the Philippines

Giving water back to 40,000 people

In the Philippines, children ring in the new school year



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