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UNICEF works with local governments to enact policies that serve and protect children.

Given the different faces of poverty children face, the Social Policy section is providing various technical assistances to DSWD in implementing the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT) program. Among the technical assistances include the development of an MCCT monitoring and evaluation framework. Piloted during the third quarter of 2012, the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer program is an expanding social protection program that provides opportunities to enhance equity for children and families falling under the cracks of non-delivery of basic services. Specifically, the modified CCT program caters to families in need to special protection—these include street families, children and families in pockets of poverty not covered by the regular CCT, indigenous people and migrant families, families with children with disabilities, families of child laborers, displaced families due to manmade and natural disasters, and families whose children are abused, exploited, orphaned, or out-of-school.

UNICEF helps its 36 priority LGUs come up with the Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP), which is the concrete output of the Bottom-up Planning and Budgeting (BUB) initiative of the Aquino government. In the BUB process, CSOs and the people themselves are encouraged to express their needs and recommend solutions to poverty. The LPRAPs precisely contain such solutions wherein priority development projects are identified and submitted to the national government for approval and funding.

UNICEF also provides technical assistance to LGUs to improve governance by assisting them to comply with the Seal of Good Housekeeping, an important requirement in LGUs’ participation in the BUB process. The seal seeks to motivate LGUs to value transparency, accountability, participation and performance.

UNICEF likewise conducts capacity building workshops on local public finance to LGUs and CSOs of its priority LGUs. This is done in partnership with Social Watch Philippines. The workshop seeks to identify priority development strategies and encourage partnerships between LGUs and CSOs in local planning and budgeting processes.



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