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Building healthy, safe and protective schools and communities for children

UNIQLO's Clothes for Smiles program supports educational projects in three Asian countries—Bangladesh, China and the Philippines—as part of UNICEF's Schools for Asia Initiative.
Asia is a diverse part of the world with a mix of different people and cultures. But many children throughout the region cannot access educational opportunities due to poverty, discrimination and lack of proximity to schools. In addition, other problems -- political conflicts, natural disasters and poor infrastructure, for example -- often prevent young children throughout Asia from receiving an education.

Schools for Asia provides disadvantaged children with educational opportunities by promoting "Child-Friendly Schools" that serve the interests of all children.

UNIQLO and UNICEF partnership Philippines

Safe and Healthy Schools

The Project covers 5 of the 36 focus areas under the Government of the Philippines-UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation for the period of 2012-2016.

Four of them are situated in rural areas vulnerable to disaster. The fifth area faces the challenges related to rapid urbanization and also affected by conflict.


The Project aims to increase children's access to quality basic education in the concerned areas by building a healthy, safe and protective school-community environment and strengthening the related systems.

Project Status (April 2013)

About 90 School Heads and teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 3 at 10 elementary schools in focus areas were trained on sound child development principles and learning approaches. The concerned schools were also provided with necessary teaching and learning materials.

UNICEF has also been working with NGOs to help make the participating schools, communities and local government units more resilient to natural disasters.

Local governments in 2 out of the 5 areas also investing their own money as well to provide for hygiene supplies in schools. This type of “self-help” is being promoted in other areas under this Project, too.

Message from Community

Improvement of the quality of teacher training – It is very important for teachers to be trained in sound child development principles and learning approaches (How to teach) and not only the subject contents of the curriculum areas (What to teach). The project helped improve the quality of teacher training particularly by strengthening the former aspect. This enabled the teachers to conduct their classes in a more stimulating manner for children, which in turn will help develop their cognitive, social and emotional development more effectively. The Project will monitor whether and how these trainings has positively influenced children’s retention and performance in schools.

Stronger school-community relationship for better hygiene, sanitation and disaster risk reduction - The Project is also set to support trainings and the improvement of the School Improvement Plans to ensure stronger school-community relationship, enhance hygiene and sanitation practices and mitigate the hazards posed by natural disasters. This is very critical as the Philippines is one of the topmost disaster-prone countries in the world.




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