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Globe is a leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines

UNICEF Philippines releases case study on real-time governance for children and the disadvantaged

Since September 2011, UNICEF Philippines has been working closely with Globe Telecom and a university-based national agency to develop and field-test a computerisation project aimed at achieving a more effective and efficient system of managing information on children and women, particularly those living in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas.

In the Philippines, the enormous volume of data collected daily in a typical government health centre – for the most part written on paper or cards – poses a significant challenge to a system in need of cohesive, relevant and timely health information critical to decision-making. There are about 42,000 barangays (villages) and about as many rural health units in the country. Typically, health data collection and consolidation is still done manually, thus prone to human error and also often results in delay that renders the generated information almost stale and irrelevant.

Over the last decade, however, information and communication technology (ICT) has grown so much that it has become a vital tool in both social participation and governance.

Recently, UNICEF Philippines released a case study entitled ‘Promoting Effective Real-time Governance for Children and the Disadvantaged’ which covers the many ways in which the Philippines is harnessing today’s new world of data, in the service of their women and children.

To read the case study please click HERE.





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