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Corporate Partners present mobile education van to UNICEF

Communication entertainment leader Sony Ericsson, sister company Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc. Philippines, and SM Supermalls are jointly presenting a unique mobile education van to UNICEF.

The van presentation culminates the “I-Share Ang Saya” campaign that aimed to support UNICEF’s Mobile Education and Child Protection Program for Children on the streets of Manila, and at the same time, introduce Sony Ericsson handsets like Satio, Aino and Kita as prime devices for enjoying and sharing entertainment. 

“I-Share Ang Saya” comes on the heels of Spread the Smiles, a Sony Ericsson project that had photographed smiles collected online, in shops and in SM Supermalls nationwide.  The campaign was conducted throughout Asia, but only the Philippines yielded over a million smile photos and raised P1 million for the benefit of UNICEF. 

For “I-Share Ang Saya,” Sony Ericsson and Ericsson jointly donated P1 million for the purchase of the special van.  SM Supermalls partnered as the exclusive venue partner for “I-Share Ang Saya” entertainment exhibits that helped raise additional funds for the project.

The brightly colored mobile education van contains teaching materials and is equipped with a laptop and mobile broadband access as well as other communication tools.  Sessions can thus be conducted right where the children and their families can be reached.

As the NGO partner for the UNICEF program, Lingap Pangkabataan, Inc. employed trained street educators and social workers to provide support services like counseling, parenting sessions for adults and caregivers, reintegration or mainstreaming of street children to formal school or referral to Alternative Learning Sessions (ALS) and vocational skills training programs.  This can help prevent violence and abuse, by getting children off the streets and giving parents or caregivers more support.  The project will initially target areas in Quezon City.

For its part, SM Supermalls set up donation bins in “I-Share Ang Saya” exhibits.  The mall exhibit, which also featured a UNICEF booth, toured SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, SM Cebu, SM Davao, SM Baguio, SM Pampanga, SM Bacolod, SM Iloilo, SM Naga and SM Megamall over the three-month campaign period. 

Exhibits showcased the latest communication entertainment handsets from Sony Ericsson:  the 12.1-megapixel Satio with ninth High Definition (HD) gaming; Aino which can remotely access a PLAYSTATION®3; and the Kita, the first gesture and motion gaming phone to be introduced outside the Japanese market. 

“We’re proud of every opportunity that allows Sony Ericsson to be part of making a better world for our children.  We have also been privileged to have Ericsson and SM Supermalls as our partner in making this van a reality.  May it serve to bring hope through education and information to Filipino children and their families,” said Dennis Manzano, Sony Ericsson General Manager.

“Ericsson’s vision has always been to make communication accessible to all.  Now, by working hand in hand with our partners, we are making education available to all – beginning with the children in our local communities who are most in need,” said Rajendra Pangrekar, Ericsson Philippines President and Country Manager. 
“Studies estimate that there are at least 250,000  children on the streets of the Philippines scattered in major cities nationwide. 50,000 are highly visible, spending most of their days and nights on the streets. This situation puts them at risk of many dangers such as substance and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, violence and exploitation, sexually transmitted infections (STI), HIV/AIDs infection, street fights and gang violence.

Our work with partners such as Lingap Pangkabataan is very important as it provides direct assistance to children on the ground where they are most vulnerable. We’d like to thank our corporate partners Sony Ericsson, Ericsson Philippines and SM mall for this mobile van because it can very well spell the difference in children’s futures.” said Vanessa Tobin, UNICEF Country Representative.

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